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2 May
So here's the f***ing thing-

Republicans becoming unhinged over Biden picking a dandelion for his wife IS their brand. If it's not a show of "strength", or a naked power grab, they can't understand its purpose.

"Republican" ideology just means "take as much as you can".
Growing up, it was always confusing to listen or read Republican missives on things like healthcare, taxes, the role of government- because they always seemed to be in direct conflict with the reality of the situation.

Less is more, for you- but more is more, for them.
Worse, the constant crowing about "entitlement"- so, the concept of lowering taxes on businesses and the rich isn't a form of entitlement? They state, nakedly, that these entities are ENTITLED to pay less because somehow, which they've yet to prove, their existence is beneficial-
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