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10 Jan
💩Meet @AmeenaMatthews.

She is a Dem running for House of Reps in Illinois.

👉🏻Her father is serving LIFE in prison for DOMESTIC TERRORISM.
👉🏻He agreed to take 2.5 million from Libya to commit acts of terrorism on citizens.


Ameena’s father, Jeff Fort, a notorious gang leader, founder of El Rukn, w strong Islmic Influence.

Serving consecutive sentences totaling 168 yrs for agreeing to commit domestic terrorism, ordering his followers to kill a rivals & trafficking drugs.
‼️Jeff Fort was convicted for misusing $1 million in grant funds in which Federal government gave Woodlawn Org Two he was involved in to oversee job training to get others like him out of gang life.

He used the money to fund his own endeavors.
youtube.com/watch?v=B-JyJH… Image
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18 Oct 19

2016 State Dept emails illustrate Clintons priority during her years as Secretary of State: tending to wealthy supporters who backed her campaigns & family foundation.

2004 HRC introduced the destroyer of nations Soros to USA

(2) George Soros creates open societies. That is his goal for the entire globe, as he readily admits.

After ruining other countries, he wanted to disrupt western civilization in USA. So, he officially got involved in Americas dealings thru HRC in 2004.👇🏻
(3)🚨Massive hack of socialist billionaire George Soros Open Society Foundations suggests his various nonprofit organizations are little more than fronts for his many political activities.🚨

His closeness to Hillary Clinton should be a warning to all.
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9 Sep 19
‼️🇺🇸This is what happens when any African-American
Free-Thinker puts people & citizens BEFORE party and pettiness🇺🇸‼️

“The hell I caught, the sheer misery...I was so many coons, Uncle Toms, sellouts - I was stunned at the brutality just4 meeting @POTUS.” @SteveHarveyFM

(2)”My while family had to close their social media accounts... I don’t know why we love destroying each other... they cheer for you on the way up but when you get there, their whole mission is to bring you down...” @SteveHarveyFM

When you deviate from “their“ plan, you’re ovr.
@SteveHarveyFM (3)”I’d like help [from @POTUS & @SecretaryCarson] with my mentoring program Vision Centers where inner city underprivileged children and parents can come and learn life skills...” @SteveHarveyFM

💥Within 2 mins Trump had Carson on the phone - said it was a ‘done deal’. 🙌🏻🔥
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4 Aug 19
‼️Dayton OH Gunman:
Connor Betts, 24. Left 9 dead including his 22 yr old sister‼️

His patch on his shirt shows he’s a satanist @AthiestsAmerica.
He was a registered Democrat and he worked at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

@jaketapper @JoyAnnReid @iamcardib @GOP @PeteButtigieg
‼️Dayton killer compiled “hit list” of those to kill & “rape list” of those to sexually assault.

According to @TheDemocrats @PoppyHarlowCNN @niaCNN, anyone who carry’s out horrendous acts, their political affiliation is to blame. He voted for @SenWarren.
‼️According to @TheDemocrats @PoppyHarlowCNN @niaCNN @BrookeBCNN @BetoORourke, whn a person carry’s out monstrous acts, the political party they support is to blame.

We The People will wait for the outrage in blaming @SenWarren for the Dayton killings.
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3 Aug 19
What happened in #ElPaso:

Only a psychopath evil being could look at an innocent person, then casually shoot them.

The @NRA, @realDonaldTrump, the gun nor ANY OTHR THING OR PERSON is responsible for #walmartshooting - the GUNMEN alone is.

#GunControlNow wont help mentally ill.
Here’s vile @RepEscobar who CANT WAIT to spew junk...

Motivation & manifesto’s DO NOT HELP prevent the next psychotic deranged killer! Mental health is a tremendous issue, tighten soft targets, tech giants/video game makers taking responsibility as to WHAT they’re selling DOES!
💩PERFECT example of gas lighting, pushing & forcing a narrative‼️

Watch @CNN @wolfblitzer & Charles Ramsey spin a False Narrative w “maybes” “might haves” “could be’s”.

NEWS is supposed to report FACTS - not insinuandos or opinions! #FakeNewsMedia
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24 Jul 19
🚨Mueller did not follow DOJ or prosecutorial guidelines. Prosecutors are not supposed to offer extra opinions to sway one way or another.

“Volume 2 of Muellers report was not authorized. Donald Trump is not above the law, but he damn sure should not be undr law.” @RepRatcliffe
🚨Fusion GPS, the ENTIRE Steele Dossier nor Glenn Simpson...were all ‘outside his purview’. 🙄 #Lies

ALL derivative of Hillary Clinton, ALL that STARTED starting an investigation into a sitting @POTUS, were not important to Robert Mueller?? Total incompetence @FBI.

🚨Robert Mueller is a deep state puppet. He is a dirty cop put on display to push a narrative.

👏🏻MUELLER leaked a document👏🏻 (HE didn’t even write) because the narrative was not going as democrats wanted.

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8 Jul 19
🚨Trump Was 'Only One' To Help Prosecutor In 2009 Epstein Case🚨

Important information that needs to be shared & talked about around the kitchen table.

Get TRUTH out.

THREAD #Epstein
(2) From Mark Epstein (Brother of Jeffrey Epstein) Deposition - Sept 21, 2009

Q: Have you ever met Donald Trump?

A: Yes.

Q: Was that through your brother?

A: Yes.

Q: Where was that?

A: We flew up on my brother's plane from Florida together.
(3) Q: When?

A: Somewhere between 5 and 10 years ago...It's either late 90's or early 2000. Probably more like the late '90's.

Q: Was that the only time you've met Donald Trump?

A: Yes.
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22 Jun 19
Liar accusing Trump of rape!

@ejeancarroll 1995:
-I am not an intellectual
-Women need men
-Women love to be treated rough
-Women should have more than one man
-Waking up without a bf is the worst thing women live through
@JaySekulow @GOP
📚Loon @ejeancarroll & the deep state operatives:

🤡She lives in the woods in New York...yes, the woods
🤡Says if she lived in the city, she would have at least 16 boyfriends
🤡Works for leftist democrat publications

@JaySekulow @RudyGiuliani Watch👇🏻
💩Low ratings @MSNBC conveniently has @ejeancarroll locked, loaded & ready to discuss her zero-proof allegations against @POTUS.

- Wont press charges because she wouldn’t ‘feel right’ about doing it.
- Says she is a ‘completely happy woman’.
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20 May 19
🙌🏻Open Your Ears & Listen🙌🏻

1958 - 10 Steps How Insider's Plan to Destroy America.

(Robert Welch was a self-made wealthy American businessman & founder of John Birch Society. He tried educating pple regarding ‘who’ it was behind the curtain.)

(2) Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, provides proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite and being thrust upon the (American) people.

MUST listen to this entire continued 8 minute speech.
After you listen - MUST share!👇🏻
(3) Knowledge is Power. Humans are not stupid, When evidence & info is available, some of us will seek it out. It’s past time relying on our TV screens & Fake News programs to tell us ‘what is’! It’s high time we look, investigate, and find out for ourselves!

1958 predictions👇🏻
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18 May 19
👹8 @GOP RINOS join @HouseDemocrats & Pass All-Out Assault on Faith👹

This ‘Equality Act’ Bill would obliterate the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, effectively putting a bullseye on every person of faith in this nation.

(Thread) @senatemajldr
👆🏻The ‘Equality Act’ Bill @HouseDemocrats passed would force religious hospitals to perform abortions, Christian led churches to host events contrary to Bible’s teachings & Christian schools to accommodate preferences of transgender students regarding athletic teams & bathrooms.
👆🏻The eight RINO @GOP’s that voted against rights for Christians👇🏻

⚫️@SusanWBrooks (IN)
⚪️@HurdOnTheHill (TX)
⚫️@RepJohnKatko (NY)
⚪️@RepTomReed (NY)
⚫️@RepStefanik (NY)
⚫️RepGregWalden (OR)
⚪️Rep. Diaz-Balart (FL)
⚫️Rep. Fitzpatrick (PA)
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11 May 19
🗣Heres Obama’s Former FBI General, James Baker, who signed for FISA:🗣

"We have a jaundiced eye w respect to the information we get. We vet it. We dont assume it's correct.”

Lying POS. I PRAY TO GOD the IG puts this clown underneath a prison! Criminal!
👆🏻Criminal James Baker who typed,signed & filed FISA on fake info:

“The Papadopoulos info is wht triggered us going down this path. It would have been a dereliction of our duty not 2investigate."

Baker says he’s ‘nervous’ about IG report...he should be!
💩🗣Here’s some projection from Obama’s @FBI General, James Baker, who illegally typed up a FISA warrant...

Here, he is referring to Lisa Page and Peter Strozk...but CLEARLY he’s thinking about the IG report he says he’s ‘nervous’ about, thinking if his OWN family.👇🏻
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9 May 19
📚When a school shooting doesnt fit @TheDemocrats MSM narrative or agenda, you dont hear about it.

Shooter1: Devon Erickson, 18, social media footprint: hated Christians, Trump, supported Obama, called himself a grunge fan 'addicted to pain'.

(2) Shooter 2: Maya McKinney, identifies as a boy, Alec, transitioning from female to male. McKinney was upset some didnt ‘accept’ the sexuality choice. Twitter profile pic shows the two of them. Posts show McKinney’s mother did not like the ‘new’ Alec.
(3) Car towed from #STEMshooting suspect had graffiti spray painted on the side: ‘F*** SOCIETY’, ‘666’ and a pentagram sprayed on the hood.

Friends say it was known the two had ‘mental issues’.

@ananavarro @IlhanMN @jaketapper @RepSwalwell @AC360
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8 May 19
🚨The information disclosed by @nytimes re @POTUS tax items could only be illegally leaked by IRS personnel🚨

The info leaked comes from @IRS "tax transcripts" printed out on IRS computers summarizing tax info by social security & EIN numbers, by tax yr. 26 USC 6103.

👆🏻We already know MSM outlet @nytimes was given money & gifts by @FBI to help run #WrapUpSmears on @realDonaldTrump.

Release a lie/leak to a media outlet, give way for other MSM like trash @VanityFair wings to spin it.

The IRS tax leak CAN be found @TheJusticeDept @StateDept.
👆🏻Leaking frm ANY government agency is illegal. This type of leak from our IRS institution on @realDonaldTrump is completely inexcusable.

This should be investigated & the pple responsible put in prison.

@TheJusticeDept @hogangidley45 @RudyGiuliani @GOPLeader @senjudiciary @GOP
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29 Apr 19
🗣@SenGillibrand wants to talk about sexual assault...let’s do.

Her father Doug Rutnick, who was a D state capitol politician in Albany, NY, was a lobbyist for Keith Raniere who ran sex cult #Nxivm. He got pd $25k a mth AND met his current wife at the ‘establishment’

(2)Former NXIVM membrs were forced 2be sex slaves & were branded like cattle w Raniere’s initials. The cult kept nude photos of membrs in case thy disobeyed & were forced to perform manual labor. One women was locked in a room for 2 yrs transcripts show!
(3)‼️@SenGillibrand sat at NXIVM table with NXIVM founder Nancy Salzman at Hillary Clinton event‼️

The front 3 tables had been purchased by NXIVM and were full of NXIVM members.

(Salzman also contributed to Gillibrands campaigns in the past.)
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27 Mar 19
After we witnessed such flagrant display of corruption in Chicago w the #JussieSmolett hoax, we asked ourselves...

Does Prosecutor @SAKimFoxx have any connection to @DNC?

The answer is not surprising.

@KwameRaoul @senjudiciary @TheJusticeDept
Does #JussieSmollettHoax Prosecutor @SAKimFoxx @KimFoxxforSA have any connection to @DNC?


This corruption is why @realDonaldTrump won 2016 & why he will win 2020. Drain The Swamp is more than a slogan...it’s a TO-DO LIST!

Does Prosecutor @SAKimFoxx @KimFoxxforSA in Chicago who let #JussieSmollettHoax off the hook for 16 FELONY COUNTS of faking a hate crime, have any connections to @DNC?

“It’s not what you know but who you know.”

Corruption is alive & well. The elite live above the law...
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10 Mar 19
‼️There is a reason certain politicians & police do not want permanent border security solutions.

Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord & narcoterrorist. His cartel supplied 80% of the cocaine smuggled into USA at the height of his career.

Narcos: FACTUAL events...
(2) Javier Peña was the American DEA agent who was a part of Search Bloc sent to Colombia to hunt down Escobar Medellín & Cali Cartel.
After realizing the War on Drugs cannot be won, he broke protocols and revealed the deep corruption embroiled within the Colombian government....
(3)...corruption embroiled Columbian President Ernesto Samper's connection to Cali Cartel & the fact the USA, despite being AWARE of this, didn't act on it. His announcement caused a scandal in both Colombia & the United States, & to avoid repercussions, he resigned frm the DEA.
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27 Feb 19
Hello @DonaldJTrumpJr,

We are #The200. The American citizens who were targeted by a @politico @POLITICOPress hit piece slandering us claiming we are Russian Agents who influenced 2016 election & now set to do the same for the 2020 election.

Their article is total💩. Can u help?
👆🏻 It is happening right here at home, in the USA @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump @LaraLeaTrump @parscale @Barnes_Law...

Slandering, defamatory, pure propaganda hit pieces.

WE...are #The200 the left are targeting. WE are real, live, red blooded Americans!👇🏻
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19 Apr 18
Yes @RBReich. Let’s fire @seanhannity because he spoke to a lawyer.

ATTN: All those who have spoken to a lawyer in your lifetime; please do not show up to work tnrw because according to @RBReich, merely speaking to an attorney demands you get fired.


👆🏻👆🏻 80% of Americans will have no job in the morning according to @RBReich.

Cc: @FoxNews, well, and every other person, business and/or enterprise. 👍🏻👍🏻

🙄 #LiberalIndoctrination
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