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I'm working on a project called Cesame (for chickens 🙃).
23 Feb
💠 I think this is the most important difference (and the only thing you need to know about customer business that will change everything for you): 📜
➡️ when you do B2B, B2G you have to be neutral, but when you do B2C neutrality is your enemy, you must choose your group, define yourself - here metal bands are a great example for me and you can learn a lot from them.
➡️ That's why so many founders struggle with B2C SaaS because they are too transparent: "We are your loved ones" vs "We are not your kind" - contrast is the key.
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23 Feb
1) The key to B2C is a low annual price, here retention is the main indicator. You need a good explanation of why paying a subscription. From a software perspective, take a look at how antivirus companies do this.
2) You can offer a one-time fee that has a hidden subscription mechanic like Sketch - they offer a one-time fee but don't offer free updates after 12 months, and with each new upgrade, they change the file specification, so you'll need to purchase a new license to stay updated.
3) And for B2C SaaS: People pay for MS 365 not because they get the apps, but because they get 1 TB of cloud and apps. You need to find the thing; most of the time people are more willing to pay if there is a sync / cloud and Netflix-a-like solution.
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20 Feb

💠#WebDev Time to grow up or wake up!💠

We can't solve the current problems of web app developers with another shiny new framework, it's a crazy road to infinity hell.

What goes around comes around also in #dev #tech; about #CSS: Before CSS, nearly all presentational attributes of HTML doc
and I point to @tailwindcss here, which has a built-in sunk cost, that many developers will discover, when they need to refactor their codebases to use something newer / better / modern / shiny.
I think frameworks can't solve the CSS UI problem with the current approach, because this is a design problem (which @tailwindui is trying to solve, but is based on the wrong approach); this is interesting: Inheritance is a key feature in CSS; it relies on the ancest
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