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14 Jun
Historical parallels to current covid situation in Ontario, Canada, California, USA; United Kingdom.

The present "situation" is arguably one of martial law and widespread panic in response to an objectively minor pandemic.

Parallels to World War Two have been drawn...
...inasmuch as medical atrocities of World War Two which brought about Nuremberg Trials and Nuremberg code are reflected in the baseless push to administer vaccines of uncertain safety first to the elderly, and now to children.
However, there is an "insane" flavour to laws...
...which was not a strong feature of World War Two. Atrocities aplenty, and horrendous genocides on the part of the Nazi Party, but not insanity - there are no instances of prohibiting parks and schools, of leaders gathering while the masses are prohibiting from doing so...
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11 Jun
Leadership, logic, and brevity - Health Canada style:
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1 Jun
Health Canada swiftly replies on June 1 to May 10 inquiry regarding *quantitative* risk-benefit analysis for the use of child vaccines.
There is a quantity of words, to be sure. But no actual numbers.
Original question: Q1. On what basis is emergency interim authorization given for Covid-19 vaccination of children? What is the quantitative evidence of morbidity and mortality in Canadian children aged 12 to 17?
Reply from Health Canada:
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20 May
Myocarditis, Europe, Pfizer-BioNTech, up to May 15. Six deaths. A few points to bring out, so a little thread follows. Image
Many American critics say "but these adverse effect reports can be made by anyone" implying either fraud, ignorance, or some combination of the two.

Not Eudravigilance. 181 of 233 of its myocarditis reports are from health care professionals Image
Some people will say "but side effects from vaccines only happen to really old people." Not myocarditis Image
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3 May
Dr Thomas McKeown was a physician and epidemiologist who during the 20th century, best known for his writings regarding the impact of hygiene and nutrition on the decline of infectious disease. Since his work appears to be unknown to some, here is a thread 1/n
Tuberculosis was among the diseases that McKeown observed was little affected by vaccination.
Measles was another disease that McKeown observed was largely under control by the time vaccination was introduced in 1976
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7 Mar
A friend pointed out that much was askew in the world prior to covid. So here is a partial list:
Long-term care quality
Pharmaceutical company manipulation of science and public policy
Overburdened health care system
Self interested politicians
...friction between parents and teachers re curriculum, methods
Big box stores outcompeting small businesses
A public that complains about poor governance but does not act
Media outlets that amplify fearful news
Media outlets that have blatant political skew...
...loss of " health self-efficacy"
Physicians whose self interest exceeds their patient interest
Low numeracy (math literacy)
Ongoing automation of society
Loss of meaning /anomie
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5 Mar
Transparency in funding for medical research: NEJM disclosure forms. This article reviews efficacy and safety data in Israel. The abstract does not mention funding source, and the disclosure at the end of the article appears in order…
Disclosure. Note that disclosure forms are also available. Image
The study has ten authors. Here are their disclosure forms: Image
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29 Jan
One potential explanation for differing outlook when exploring CCSO data and Science Table data is that they define ICU beds differently.
Trying to match both datasets is further complicated by the non-LHIN ordering system used by the Science Table. Also, a number of vented ICU beds are also not included in the Science Table dataset, numbering 30 beds in total
From the various discrepancies between the Science Table and CCSO ICU datasets, I would hypothesize that they are not relying on the same source material. Perhaps someone could explain @ccso @SteiniBrown
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24 Dec 20
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana
This can also be rephrased as "history is cyclical," in the sense that as a society forgets a piece of wisdom, it will recreate the same problematic conditions that lead to rediscovering that wisdom
"Western" medicine has a strongly progressive historical self-history, often derisive or insulting to the work of past physicians. And so we see portrayals of medieval medicine as leeching, battlefield amputation without anesthetic, bird-like plague masks
In this process of medicine's scorched-earth self-retellings, an unknown quantum of wisdom is lost. Those writings which are retained (Osler, Harvey, Avicenna, Galen, Hippocrates) are seldom studied, and even more rarely sought for useful information
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27 Nov 20
CIHI lockdown report:"What we didn’t expect to see during Wave 1 was a 17% to 21% decline in life-saving and urgent surgeries (procedures in this category include things like pacemaker insertions, bypass surgeries and cancer surgeries)."
"We don’t know exactly what led to this decline or its impact on the patients who didn’t receive those procedures."

This is the premiere health data analysis organization in Canada...
It would be helpful to include coroner data for deaths out of hospital during these periods
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