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Q #Qanon @AustinSteinbart are part of a left wing Grift AKA PSYOP to try & cost Trump Re-election. @qntmpkts is the original Q from 4Chan
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11 Jul 20
I have said that all of the supposed Leaks that #Qanon have made & just things taken from the Internet & blown up stories from Wikileaks & here this drop came from this video in the Next pic also taken from this video Q claims
that they used some Military access to get this pic from the phones of the people there but in the CNN video that aired 5 years earlier you can see it comes from there it is the exact same shot from the video. #Qanon is a Psyop & it is not pro Trump its goal is to do to Trump
what Wikileaks did to @HillaryClinton in the 2016 election. They are creating videos & movies to air right before the election showing all the crazy domestic Terrorist that they created & pretend to be Trump Supporter. Showing things like 8Kun & 8Chan & fetish sites famous for
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10 Jul 20
Warning To All you are about to Learn just how much control the Liberals have of the Internet & Mobile. To those of you making the Move to Parler don't waste your time. It is an app that means it is 100% controlled by 1 of 2 Monopolies Android or Google they control whether it
works or not. For an app to work it must connect to the apps servers. This is controlled by Apple or Android. The same with any updates. To the user it will look like the app is working but has a lot of bugs when they do not connect it to the server. People will start giving it
bad reviews & pretty soon no one will use it or even down load it. They will lie about the number of downloads, remove positive reviews & add fake reviews. The masses have been so brainwashed to look at those things they will not even bother downloading it. This is why their are
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8 Jul 20
There has been tons of proof that #Qanon is fake I am going to give you iron Clad proof that it is a Deep State Psyop read it if you want or stay in denial if you think it does not matter you could not be more wrong. Starting in Nov Q started posting thing things that count be...
be disproved by any decent researcher & by any MSM outlet but it never was. The MSM does a lot of stories on #Qanon but never disproves it which is easy for them which means #Qanon is not a LARP it is a Psyop because the Media's job is is to push propaganda even bad press is
advertising ask anyone in the field. The MSM brings more people to #Qanon than anyone in it & that is by design. How you might ask. By saying it is crazy people who believe our government is run by Deep State Satanic Pedophiles. These are not conspiracies they are facts proven
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2 Jul 20
My Thread of #Sociopaths, #Liberals #Democrats & #Qanon I won't go into too much on the difference between a Sociopath & Psychopath because the definitions constantly change. But I will say like Autism it has a spectrum & to put it in simple terms it would be how close they..
resemble the father of them all satan & no I am not saying they are his actual children it is just a metaphor. It is not a mental condition as experts claim it is a sign of who they are a window into the soul. It is important in any war to know thy enemy if you ever plan to beat
them as you can not see what is not in you the only way to do that is by experience & study. If you do not know your enemy you can be assured that they will beat you. You need to learn not to judge them by their words but by their fruit. #BlacklivesMatter for example claim to be
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28 Jun 20
The Clintons @BillClinton & @HillaryClinton with #eneskanter Global Terroist fethullah gülen golden boy. Part of #BlackLivesMattters
Fethullah Gülen runs the Terrorist Network known as FETO they receive over $500 million a year in tax subsidies they offer free education to the brightest of our poor they Import teachers to the US from Turkey even to teach English he is @BillClinton
FETO with the Help of the same people trying to over throw our country today were behind the 2016 Fail Coup attempt to over throw Turkey. FETO nytimes.com/2016/08/03/wor…
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25 Jun 20
Hmm Sara I thought you were 1 of the good guys? But I see you playing the NWO game here this so called leaked video gets released every time they they want to distract us yet you are claiming the Navy Just released it so lets look at that & how many times it has happened 1 yr ago

9 Mo Ago
2 yrs ago
& then there is this 1 from 9 months ago where the professor is using the exact same footage as yours & showing it is a drone from a video so
old that he had it on VHS yet you are claiming your video was just released by the US Navy if you put Navy UFO into youtube you will find tons of videos with the same exact footage all saying it was just released by the US Navy & it is the exact same video Exactly the Same. So
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23 Jun 20
@Austinsteinbart an his little band of Grifters have got to be the most stupid sect of all the #Qanon grifters every time they do anything they do is prove that #Qanon is a psyop & has nothing to do with @realDonaldTrump so let see what the Dumbasses are up to now. This Pic put
Out by his group that he is with @POTUS they seem to forget that they don't get to do what the other #Qanon grifters get to do which when they are wrong about something they can just say they guessed & were wrong because
no 1 knows who Q is & they are just trying to decode drops because their story is that @AustinSteinbart is Q & they are in direct contact with him. So they are not guessing he is telling them. So Austin & his banned of grifters is claiming that is him with Trump. Now take the
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13 Jun 20
@AustinSteinbart I love watching sociopaths especially if I can communicate with them because it allows me to set them off & to me the reactions are awesome. It is like my own private war with the devil because I know how to set them off. I will tell you why I like it so much I..
would even say I actually love it. To be smarter than people who believe they are smarter than anyone even God, is something I am very grateful for because most people can't see them & that is their only power. The reason most people can not see them is that you can not see what
is not in you meaning you need to be evil yourself. I should be the last person to be able to see them as I am an empath. There is a test you can take to see how susceptible you are to them. I scored 38 out of 40 that is off the charts & frankly I think I probably just miss read
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11 Jun 20
When it comes to Trolling @realDonaldTrump is in a class by himself. Most Trollers are just hoping for a bite but with Trump the hole damn lake jumps on to the boat. This 1 was awesome. Trending at #2 right now on twitter. Do you think for 1 sec that any normal person thought or
will think that @realDonaldTrump meant the Nazi S.S when he wrote S.S? no they won't. It is twitter there is a character limit & we all know that the Nazi S.S was not there & nothing that even slightly resembled it happened. It is very clear he meant the Secret Service. So lets
brake down this awesome Tweet from the Trolling Twitter Master @realDonaldTrump 1st it is a Twoosh & which is a direct hit at 1 of the Deep State Leaders @BarackObama who once falsely claimed to be the Twoosh master. Why would he try & brag about that? Because it is really hard
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11 Jun 20
Well based on your username you likely are not going to like the answer but you asked so I will tell you. Prior to the 2016 Wikileaks released a mountain of Intel on...Whatever name you want to call them NWO, Deep state, shadow government, satans minions this amounted to the
modern day equivalent of what happened in 1700 which you can read about in the image below. An act of God caused their even plan to be relieved. Now Wikileaks only leaked the documents they never said what it all meant but they new there were people like me for example who would
& there were lots of us but even more people who know that something just is not right about the world we live it people hungry for the answer. When that event happened these people were rounded up, tortured to get names of their evil brothers & a killed. They have been much more
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8 Jun 20
I think people who believe there is no 1 conspiring to commit evil in the world are far worse than those who believe every crazy theory & that those who spread that lie actually work for those very same people conspiring to do it. Unless all the Prophets of God were liars? If you
check you will find that Rothschild is a made up name for the most evil family in the world. You don't have that name if you are not part of that evil family it is not like Smith or Jones. Every Prophet of God had 1 thing in common they were warners. & according to Mike & this
article if God sent one today they would be a Conspiracy Theorist & phrase they have branded to mean crazy. In any language when you put 2 words together it does not change the meaning of either word but this is what they would have you believe with these 2. So why not just use
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8 Jun 20
Only Truly evil people will ever claim to work with God directly because lying & saying God said something with having proof from God is a mortal sin. The Grifters over at the Fetish site #8Kun took this video & froze it on this image they are trying to
get their brainwashed sheep to not only believe that #Qanon works with @realDonaldTrump but God almighty himself which is kind of funny when you consider they claim they have a time machine. I mean seriously wouldn't the need for that be stupid if you are working with God himself
nothing is off limits to these grifters. Anyone can say whatever they want & some people are really good liars but God has taught us how to know. The site were they drop now & prior are known for Child Porn as well as other things in fact Jim Watkins is known as the Porn King
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5 Jun 20
By #Seals you mean 1s like videos.extremesealexperience.com/movie_Phony-Se… the 1 who started the #ProjectLookingGlass #Psyop the very 1 that the #Qanon grifters claim allows them to see into the future? Psyop feed off Ignorance. They keep you busy to keep people who know something is wrong from actually
finding the real enemies of the people. If you had a serial rapist in your neighborhood all he would need to do is go to a national pedophile registry find a Pedophile close by show it to you, something you likely did not know & organize the community to follow that person day &
night feeding them crumbs about the guy making up stories that can't really be disproved & that would keep them all busy so he could continue his raping unencumbered by any of the people. It is black magic watch what this hand does so you don't see what the other 1 is doing.
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4 Jun 20
@realDonaldTrump I just got my report from Twitter after turning this account in please look at the rules that he was guilty of violating & of course the results which was absolutely not thing because if you are a #Conservative you better not say boo on Twitter but if you are a
Liberal you have free reign to do whatever the hell you want including posting content on a platform that has a minimum age of 13 for those who are +18, abuse and harassment, & encouraging people to break the law, cause civil unrest. I said before that the EO will do nothing
on its own they are sociopaths & the only way they will stop is for the government to shut them down. Because these are platforms of propaganda & brainwashing part of a long plan that they will not give up with out a fight. #Freespeech #Shadowban @GenFlynn @NSAGov @VP @POTUS
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3 Jun 20
I am here to tell everyone why America will never FALL, Why try as they might they can never destroy us about why is meant by #AmericanExceptionalism it does not mean we are better than you. We are the best of you & we know that there are other like us who are not American's our
Ancestors from All over the world their hard work even made it possible for some of ours to get here but ours are the ones who actually had the strength & faith in God to make the long hard journey to build it with our own sweat & Blood. The Game is Over Now we won &
#whiteoutwednesday #WhiteLivesMatter trending after their counter parts were yesterday Twitter is a Deep State propaganda platform to stupid to know that we see their attempt to start a race war. Get the rest of the people on the street? Anything to stop the #Trump2020Landslide
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31 May 20
So about this time last years I got in a big war with #Anonymous on Twitter I was trolling them all actually seeking them out through the search feature. They threatened to destroy me, to doxx me to hack my twitter & every thing else an I kept saying
I mocked them & Mocked them saying if they truly were hackers that could do it with ease. Twitter itself is easy to hack. I even mocked all their official accounts calling the Mommy's basement dwelling, unemployed losers who could not hack their way out of a wet paper bags.
I mocked & mocked & laughed & laughed at every single threat they made to me repeating over & over Bring it you losers it went on for several days & you know what happened? They blocked me & stopped replying to me stopped threatening me & you know why because everything I was
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30 May 20
Oh Sweetie you didn't need to go their to do that for us to know that. The irony of this is that is probably the safest place for a black person to be, they probably treat then real well & laugh inside thinking look we fooled another 1, no danger from the police. #FilmIt #Truth
I have a Question though. Was #Biden there with a bull horn yelling #YouaintBlack is you don't loot & burn things down? #BlackLivesMatter as much as any others but #AwokenBlacks will change this Nation faster than anything when the pawns rise up & Stand up its Game Over. We have
all seen what the enemy of the people Hollywood & MSM have done to @realDonaldTrump since he stepped out & proved he was not 1 of them isn't time we looked at how they have always portrayed Blacks? Typically people hate what they fear. If you go to a country that has few blacks
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29 May 20
Promises made Promises. Now that is the Kind of Nuke I am talking about Sir You the Man as they say. This tiny little paragraph won't mean much to many but it is so huge & literally changes everything It is one powerful major Nuclear Bomb on a global enemy that will set the
Internet Free that will give it back to the people & I am going to explain to you how in this thread. In 2004 I did a a video for a company that asked me to explain the Future of the Internet & How it would change the world. A new frontier of wealth a prosperity for everyone
willing to do the work. Like those who went out West in the old days to find gold & strike it rich. At the time I made many prediction to which the experts of the time all told me I was crazy & would never happen & all of them did every last one except the big one which I even
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28 May 20
Won of the players in the Qanon Psyop @rothschildmd
made this tweet his Job is the Psyop is controlled opposition for a Grift to work you need to have good guys & bad guys & that is what Mike does. He an many others have been here since day 1 of #Qanon spending all day every day
attacking it all with out providing a single bit of proof to disprove it which is actually quite easy & the way he follows Q on Twitter he would not be able to miss a single proof in all this time that proves it is a Psyop. Nope not Mike just like the MSM his job is to be a Q
nemesis & that is why he uses his real name. See Rothschild is a made up name it is not like Jones or Smith you can have that name if you are not related to them & there is not a single one that does not serve satan. But that is the cool thing for him he gets to use his real name
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28 May 20
According to Google the Biggest pushers of the #Qanon deep state Psyop is the enemy of the People #FAKENews MSM & you thought the big 1s were the Q influences. It proves only 1 of 2 things if you understand how the Google algorithm works. Let me explain. What shows up 1st in
search are the sites that talk about something the most & have the most backlinks to it you will rarely see the MSM on the first page unless it is Braking News which we all know Qanon is not. That means that the MSM are the biggest pushers of it. The only other option is that
Google is manipulating in an artificially placing them there. Either way it proves that #Qanon is a deep state psyop designed to paint anyone who supports Trump as Crazy Domestic Terrorists. Test it yourself. Then go to Youtube who is also owned by Google & do a search for
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22 May 20
Facebook,Google Take down the #Qanon grifters apps & videos. Now you are probably wondering why these Mullt-Billion dollar platforms are not afraid that the Grifters will see them for interfering with their #FreeSpeech It is because it is not, they violated the Terms of Service &
While I am not about to tell them exactly what their videos & Apps need to say to prevent them from being band I will explain in Details what terms of Service they violated to get them banded. How do I know so much about it? I have made games & apps for Google Play & iphones for
the last 5 years. It is because #Qanon is a Psyop it is not real & if someone complains they can get sued for not removing them but it has to be someone big & important not just a person. Like the government of a consumer protection organization because remember they have allowed
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