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23 Feb
(translation of an old post by a Gwangju army who had a crush on pre-debut hoseok)
"Hello, friends. I’m a Gwangju army. 😅😅I was writing comments on the post about how ppl got into the fandom earlier and wanted to share how I felt about pre-debut hoseok. I started to dance in+
my 4th grade as well. So, I saw some dance performances by other teenage dancers and knew some of the names. I don’t remember exactly when, but it was around the time I started my middle school. There’s this street called Geumnam-ro where ppl used to show dance performances. +
There, I happened to see a dance performance at the front row and fell in love with this really good-looking, skinny but amazing dancer. Since then, I had a crush on him.😭😭I saw the name on his school uniform and found out that he was jung hoseok oppa. I asked around about his+
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21 Feb
it was always a mystery for me why hobi's member video and fancams get the minimum views and likes while his MVs and songs are widely loved. Today I think i got the answer that brings peace to my mind. Maybe, hobi is more GP-friendly artist that goes beyond this fandom, which +
is pretty cool, too. 🌱🌱🌱
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