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8 Mar
I'm hearing that the "new immigrants" (illegal aliens) are being DELIBERATELY Infected with COVID 19, they are then dispersed throughout the country so another "COVID" outbreak can happen. Done so the DS can keep us locked down because of another "outbreak".
Testing was suspended for these incoming "weaponized people" to hide just how many are carrying the virus.
Florida, Texas, are a particular Target for these newcomers, they are already being shipped to those States.
In Arizona, Texas, Florida, it will be very easy to introduce these people into predominantly Hispanic areas without notice.
Look for greatly increased covid cases at local hospitals/medical facilities out of proportion to the last few weeks.
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6 Mar
Just came up๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™โ€ฆ
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6 Mar
Biden just scratched his ass, how "presidential"๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
That's one way to get the
"Kamala smell" off your fingers ๐Ÿคฎ
The "memes" are going to be brutal when somebody gets that video clip ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
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26 Feb
Okay, people are dead. An attack has taken place on a sovereign Nation. This attack was not approved by Congress. Bi-den ordered it.
Is this a reckless and costly attempt to bolster their argument that the nuclear code should be removed from his control?
Is this grounds for his impeachment or removal? Now that people have actually died, and retaliation has been threatened against the United States, can Bi-den's mental fitness be questioned?
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22 Feb
You have clear evidence of a crime being planned. Their plans motive and intent was known. (No Standing)After the crime takes place it's "moot" because they got away with it.
How is the doj FBI ever going to argue "intent" again?
The SCOTUS is clearly compromised and part
Of the coup against President Trump and the US. I wrote about this months and months ago. Lin wood submitted evidence corroborating all of this.
At this point we have no more elections in this country. Anything resentment election is just for show. If they remain in power they
Their position daily. 2022, they will bring in more people with their phony elections, gain a supermajority, and they will change the Constitution.
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17 Feb
The DS, politicians, billionaires, hostile countries backing them. They all see their chance to transform the United States and the lives of everyone in it. The US has been cracked finally, as they see it, and they aren't wasting any time.
They're going to push through every new regulation and control they can think of, laughing at how much we'll take the whole way. Already plans to introduce a "cattle covid strain" where beef producers will be forced to destroy their herds.
While Bi-den is still barely mobile they will have him sign every disgusting communist piece of garbage he can as well as blank executive orders with no date. When he is finally removed from that position, they will fill them in
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15 Feb
This Friday, February 19th, SCOTUS we'll hear the first discussions of election fraud cases brought by Lin wood and Sidney Powell.
Information, interviews, and physical evidence I provided, will be on the supreme Court record for the first time.
I have provided the info/intelligence to prove thisโฌ‡๏ธโฌ‡๏ธ
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14 Feb
It's already being set up.
The "Biden admin๐Ÿคฎ", keeps schools, businesses, etc. Closed because "Americans" refuse to take Covid seriously, and get a vaccination, mask etc.
Meanwhile they allow THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants into the country.
The "admin" anticipates people complaining about it. They are already set up to exploit it.
They intend to show, "thousands of honest, hard working, asylum seekers. Escaping violence. Eagerly accepting the Vaccine and Covid restrictions, FOR THE HEALTH OF THEIR NEW
"If they can accept responsibility and protect the Health of the United States, why can't you? Who are the real "Americans"?
Turns my stomach to even quote them.
They've been planning this for a long time.
From April:
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13 Feb
The fencing was always meant to be permanent, they will just keep 'bumping the date back ". They intend to "solidify their win", (steal the rest in 2022)
They want a supermajority, and they will keep this farce, endless charges, investigations going until after they steal in 2022
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9 Feb
This is getting very close and very scary. And before you think the police would never do that, just look at how the Biden admin is trying to purge the military of conservatives.
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2 Feb
We are no longer Patriots, we are considered terrorists. Soon they will move to declare certain conservative groups "terror groups", as was done to pantifa/bLM.
And you can be charged for supporting those groups.
They want to make everything you do, say, or believe illegal.
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1 Feb
Want to see how a false flag is done in real time?
This is Cole Bridges, a young man who joined the military then converted to Islam. He had some bad ideas of his own but was contacted secretly by an FB-I employee. Who focused his interest in terrorism
And even suggested targets for terror strikes.
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29 Jan
This is already begun. Microphones that you place in your home recording everything you do and say. Did you argue about bills? Did you say something negative about a political party? You just demonstrated intent, or probable cause. All they need to invade ur home and charge you.
And everyone can thank Mr. "Land that plane, I was only kidding about wearing a wire, I kept myself in the dark, RR" for writing up all the legal paperwork to violate our privacy like this.
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28 Jan
There's a lot of talk about the fencing being permanent around DC. This was discussed from the very beginning I mentioned it days ago. What's not being discussed is the Deep State end game with the fencing.
It is meant to keep the common people, us, away from the special powerful people in DC. They don't want us to see what they're doing. They don't want us to see who is visiting our capital.
The other part no one is mentioned yet. DC is locked down, no one has considered all of the foreign embassies within that lockdown. Those are sovereign territories, foreign soil. The Dems, once the fencing and everything is permanent
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28 Jan
I was just told that there are two possibly three signed executive orders, undated until the appropriate time, SERIOUSLY restricting firearms and ammunition. Part of the EO includes restrictions within MILES of government or federal lands, creating huge gun free zones
That encompass entire towns, cities, counties, including YOUR OWN HOME. Firearms kept in your home would then be illegal and subject to confiscation and additional licensure and fees.
Prohibitive taxes on arms and ammunition are proposed
As well as making all firearm transactions non-transferable. Meaning you can never sell a firearm, it has to be turned in to the government if you want to buy another one, because they intend to limit the amount you can own.
I am told Pelosi helped write these.
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27 Jan
Joe B.
In your desperate attempt to gain wealth and power, and to hide yours and others crimes, You and your comrades have made many deals with a hostile foreign government.
Now that you have stolen power you have given them access to our intelligence infrastructure.
They have already moved beyond your imagined control. Your pathetic and naive belief that you were partners, that you would be in charge and they would be your silent backup, the strength behind your voice was wrong.
The original projection of approximately 6 months is way off. Moved up to March, is now too long. They have thousands of people 24/7 infiltrating our intelligence Network and agencies. Your own staff now sees the writing on the wall.
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27 Jan
I'm praying, but I feel it's a VERY dangerous strategy, control is easily lost. Beyeden stole elecshun, everyone knows this. Everyone knew what they would do once in power. But to allow them to destroy the country, in the hopes the "majority" will wake up, courts will
accept the evidence of f-raud, and lawmakers will do what's right, is dangerous. Relying on their "track record" is foolhardy. They have clearly demonstrated they are motivated by hate and greed, are plainly disloyal to the United States, and follow a different faith.
The longer decisive action is delayed the more likely the damage is permanent and recovery impossible. Already access has been given to foreign governments, and they are not as slow and unfocused as Joe.
They are moving very fast to solidify their position.
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24 Jan
If the U.S. is attacked, say by power grid, and all communications are down. How would biden be able to respond without his earpiece? Does it work in a secure bunker?๐Ÿ™„
Obama had his "blackberry" so he could be given orders,which was easily hacked by Shaun Bridges
Biden is worse than incompetent, he is dangerous, his Obvious deficiencies are emboldening our enemies around the world. Biden will set a record for wars and hostilities started around the globe.
The framers of the Constitution envisioned a need for the 25th amendment, removal of a incapacitated president. The DS argument that Biden is fine and even if he wasn't there's a competent VP to put out the fires he starts is ridiculous and dangerous.
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18 Jan
Absolute insanity is being discussed, paperwork being drafted. Evil is riding high in Our Country and those that follow it are doing so proudly.

Here just a few of the items being discussed.

Patriots are actually terrorists, identical to the way terrorists think and act
They merely call themselves by another name.

Patriots and Trump supporters will need re-education. At every level, until they think correctly their jobs will be held by others who are "right-minded".
If you're lucky enough to have a job you only have that job because of white privilege not because of hard work training or experience. You will be requred to give up your job to a POC if they want it. They will then be paid to do your job, and trained to do it if they can't.
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