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17 Oct
Did Dopey Joe kill his wife & child??
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16 Oct
How far could China spread COMMUNISM/VIRUS if they were blackmailing TOP BRASS?👨‍🏭🇨🇳

How far could Israel gain leverage over GLOBAL ELITE using leisure time surveillance footage? 🌴🇮🇱

Could Iran act with impunity from US retribution if they could prove US were criminals? 🇮🇷
How far could China spread its doctrine through MEDICAL MARSHALL LAW by blackmailing the WHO/Gates? 🤓

How far could SOCIAL MEDIA be controlled using blackmail of pedophile CEOs? 🦅👁
How far could NETWORK MEDIA be controlled if it was run by CIA APPOINTED criminals/Satanists? 😈 🤓

If you had total control over GLOBAL ELITE/HOLLYWOOD member, would you let them retire? 🦉⭐️
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