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13 Jan
Right now PPA and the City of Portland are negotiating the next Police Union Contract. They have stated observers like me cannot record or blog about this meeting. Instead, let me tell you about the most problematic parts of Portland Police’s current contract:
When an Portland Police officer is under investigation for misconduct, the interrogation location is dictated by PPA. The conduct of investigator is restricted, the duration of the interrogation is limited, and officers under investigation are compensated for their time.
When investigated, Portland police officers are given a copy of the interrogation documentation for personal review. In addition, the officer is furnished with the names of all witnesses and complainants that will appear or make statements against them.
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10 Sep 20
If you think your houselessness will be different than that of people currently living on the streets just because you lost your home in a wildfire I’m sorry but you are wrong. My family became houseless as a result of a natural disaster. People quickly forget the cause, and you.
I was 15 when a flash flood ripped through my home in 2007. We had 20min to get out and move to higher ground. The house we fled to was overcome with river water. We were trapped on the top floor overnight, with no TV or phone, wondering if anyone knew where to find us.
The next morning water had receded. For the following weeks volunteers from other cities helped us clean up the destruction. Of around 800 homes affected, 600 did not have flood insurance. We were one of those families that couldn’t afford coverage
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11 Jun 20
Here’s a thread of visualizations regarding #portlandpolice use of force, arrests and budget. Will add here as I develop.
Portland police general fund is $236M. Shown here are other bureau that interest me. PPB’s general fund is almost more than all of them combined.
The Office of Equity and Human rights general fund is outspent by PPB 118:1.
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