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PARLER: https://t.co/P28MplrY9Q Only Her People can change the course of America’s history. #TRUMP2020 #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #LAWANDORDER
2 Jan 19
1⃣ Let's take a look at how the Senate works. I've spoken to a decent segment of certain political persuasions to warrant a fresh look. At first, specifically be concerning voting procedures. #Senate ⬇️

#SchumerShutdown #SchoolHouseRock #BuildTheWall @DNC #WeThePeople
2⃣ Aside from Revenue(tax) bills, bills can originate either in the House, the Senate or both simultaneously. When the bill has been polished it goes to a vote. There are two primary types of vote & one that is considered a countermeasure. #Senate ⬇️

#SchumerShutdown @DNC
3⃣ Out of Roll Call, Voice Vote & Division Vote, Voice is most used. The bill is brought to a vote & Senators verbally call off 'Yea' or 'Nay'. The presiding officer mentally tallies the verbal vote as best they can & announces the results. #Senate ⬇️

#SchumerShutdown @DNC
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