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21 Oct
Court hearing about the selection of jury for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial under way now.

Am listening to the judge now.
The judge is telling the prosecution and defense they will be asking the jury questions.

They cannot assure anyone if they will answer questions honestly.
Deny Ghislaine Maxwell's request to select jury separately.
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21 Oct

Many years ago I came upon some information about Bill Gates. It has since been wiped off the internet.

I will write what I can and send additional via my "Epstein Project".

The information came from an insider whose sister Gates was dating. She said Melinda had
been a "sex worker" and that some of the women Gates hired were not properly educated but used sex as their tool to stay in Microsoft.

Further she claimed Gates was a "sex addict" -- which we now see some proof of even in MSM who has described how he would invite sex workers to
party at his house while he danced on top of tables.

One of the things this woman alleges, is that Melinda "blackmailed" Gates into marrying her. That she told Gates she was going to bring a harassment lawsuit against him + she contacted his mother, Mary, and it was settled w/
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18 Oct
Tomorrow on the "Epstein Project" newsletter it's Part III of “Bill Barr, Leslie Wexner & The CIA".

I share with you some details the CIA would very likely wish for me not to. 🔥
Tagwords for tomorrow's "Epstein Project" newsletter.

#ElChapo #blackmail #SouthernAir #GeraldFord #RichardNixon #sexualblackmail #CIA #GhislaineMaxwell
If U think the CIA doesn't become involved in "gifting" females & in disposing of them afterwards, you're going to get a history lesson in tomorrow's "Epstein Project".

You will never look at the CIA in the same way again. And, you'll realize their role in Epstein/Maxwell case.
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13 Oct
The very first story I worked on undercover was about an Afro-Cuban cult called "Santeria". One of my friends in high school began wearing white every day during a cold winter month and I thought it peculiar. When I asked her about it, she initially brushed me off.
I persisted and after she got me to promise never to tell anyone - that it was a secret she explained she was being initiated and sent up the ranks in a cult her family participated in called Santeria. It was fascinating. She told me they had secret meetings. I asked
if I could go and watch. She invited me to her home - an apartment where she lived with her mother. There were about a dozen or so people there. At some point there was chanting. And then it became clear they were talking about sacrificing different animals. 👇
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6 Oct
🔥On this Tuesday's "Epstein Project" (FREE Tuesday, although pls consider buying a subscription) I step back from my position of Jeffrey Epstein having been murdered. 🔥

I will give U more info on what changed my mind into believing he was walked out.❗️
Did you know, for example, that Robert Maxwell always fantasized about faking his death?

Did you know that Isabel Maxwell's bigamist husband allegedly faked his death?

There is SO much more I want to share with you.
"They" didn't expect us to continue to pull at the loose threads for as long as we have.

And things look a lot different today than they did two plus years ago.

MSM played a huge role.

But it was all planned. I'll explain.
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26 Sep
How spies infiltrate one's life.

Years ago I boarded an airplane going to Florida to meet my boyfriend.

No one had pre-assigned seats in those days (pre-9/11).

Seated next to me was a friendly man with graying hair a the temples. He told me he was a "travel agent" >>
(in those days we had "travel agents"). He gushed about how he could get me "better deals" than I could get for myself.

We talked for the 3 or so hours it took to get to Miami. He asked me if my boyfriend was meeting me at the airport.

"Of course he is."
Paul (his name was Paul) then instructed me to leave the plane before him. He insisted he didn't want to make my boyfriend "jealous".

I was somewhat bewildered b/c I didn't see why that would happen. However I didn't argue and stepped out of the airplane first.
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24 Sep

Leslie Wexner is at his house in the UK for "shooting" season. He invited many wealthy people. It begins on Monday.

He arrived on his private plane and then took a smaller private jet "surrounded" his bodyguards to his property.

Wonder if he's invited Prince Andrew?
A little more about Leslie Wexner's house in the U.K.
'The Foxcote House' was built in 1740 and sits atop a hill close to the honeyed stone village of Ilmington, Warwickshire.

Rumor is that when Wexner is in his home STRANGE things happen. These are decades-long from residents.
However, Wexner is greeted like royalty. His wealth is spoken about. Locals whisper to each other that he is the 104th richest person in the world.

It's too bad they don't know HUMAN TRAFFICKING of children made him that wealthy.
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10 Sep
I did it again! 📚📚📚🔥📚📚📚

Took my book 'Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography' to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn.

Where I offered several guards copies. More photos to follow.
The first thing that struck me when I first went to the jail the other day was the American flag.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell used the American flag as signs. On their bodies. Draped over their tables. On their clothes, etc.

Here's Ghislaine wearing it as a bikini.
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9 Sep
Book Give-Away 📚📚📚📚 💕

'Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography'
'Jeffrey Epstein Predator Spy'

SIGNED Paperbacks.

I will be giving away 3 signed copies EACH of these two books = 6.

Want one?

Join my book giveaway by telling me which one you prefer below 👇 ImageImage
Six winners will be selected on Sunday, September 12, at noon.

Thank you for participating in my Book Give-Away. 📚❤️📚
The Book Give-Away for signed copies of

Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography
Jeffrey Epstein Predator Spy

Is open to anyone who wishes to participate regardless of where you live.

6 winners will be selected on Sunday, 9/12. 📚📚
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6 Sep
Sarah Ransome, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, contacted the New York Post before the 2016 election claiming to have sex tapes of the two ‘pedophiles’ who were running for president, namely Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Sarah Ransome also alleged she had photos of Richard Branson of having sex with trafficked teens. Branson is in Jeffrey Epstein's black book.

Ransome also alleges she was forced by Epstein to have sex with Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz has been accused by Virginia Giuffre.

Sarah Ransom tried to get help. She feared for her life. She told 'The Post' that the CIA was trying to kill her.

'The Post' never ran any of the information she tried to give them pre the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Alan Dershowitz called her "delusional" and a "liar".
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6 Sep
The little girl on Jeffrey Epstein's lap is 9-year-old Celina Dubin 👇…
Celina Dubin is also the little girl in this photograph that Jeffrey Epstein kept on the wall outside his bedroom. Image
Celina Dubin is also the 16-year-old teenager that was at Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion when Bill Gates "stayed late".…
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5 Sep
This is Marcia Riklis with Hillary Clinton. Marcia is my rapist's sister. 👇


Marcia Riklis's husband was Abe Hirschfeld's wife. Hirschfeld was Steven Hoffenberg's business partner.

Their son, Elie Hirschfeld, worked with Donald Trump.
In September 2019, President Trump appointed Elie Hirschfeld to the United Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. Personal.
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31 Aug
Jeffrey Epstein's friend, David Copperfield. This is an excerpt of a lawsuit against him for rape. He, too, owns a private island where he maintains his primary residence.

This is not the only lawsuit against Copperfield for rape. 👇
Jeffrey Epstein's friend threatening to kill his rape victim while raping her repeatedly.
Jeffrey Epstein and David Copperfield had female assistants who helped them procure the girls they raped.

Jeffrey Epstein and David Copperfield worked for the same intelligence agency.

Copperfield was instructed to teach Epstein "new tricks". He did.
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22 Aug
Bruce McMahan, who worked with Jeffrey Epstein, married his own daughter.

When the media covered this, he had the internet scrubbed.

After his death, some of these articles re-appeared.…
Bruce McMahan worked at Bear Stearns with Jeffrey Epstein.

Was there something in the water at Bear Stearns then located at 55 Water Street?
That's not all of it.

At the time of their wedding at Westminster Abbey (where Kings and Queens are crowned) they were married to OTHER people.
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17 Aug

I dropped these names a while back on reddit.

1. Rick Hilton

The "hotel owner" who Jeffrey Epstein told Virginia to have sex with is Paris Hilton's father, Richard "Rick" Hilton. Hilton offered to pay her three times what Epstein was paying her. She refused.
2. Andres Pastrana

The "Spanish foreign President" is Andres Pastrana who was the 30th President of Colombia from 1998 to 2002. Pastrana flew on the 'Lolita Express' with Jeffrey Epstein to Cuba in 2003.
3. George Mitchell

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell. In 2008 when Epstein signed his NPA, Michelle was on Time's 100 list.

Former U.S. Senator George Mitchell was accused by Virginia Giuffre of being one of the men
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15 Aug
George W. Bush's 'Enemies of the State'

Shortly After September 11, 2001: Senior National Security Analyst Sees Main Core Database in Use at White House

“According to a former senior Justice Department official, a high-level former national security official working as a
senior intelligence analyst for a large domestic law enforcement agency inside the White House accidentally walks into a restricted room, where he finds a computer system logged on to what he recognizes to be the Main Core database.
Main Core contains a list of potential enemies of the state for use by the Continuity of Government program. He will refuse to be interviewed about the matter, but will tell the senior Justice Department official about it.
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14 Aug
EXCERPT, ‘Jeffrey Epstein Predator Spy’ | Third Edition (Book One in the “Epstein Series”)

The three 12-year-old girls arrived in New York from Paris, France with a promise from their model scout, Jean Luc Brunel, that they would meet an important man.
A man who could help them with their new modeling career. Brunel had a sordid past as a modeling scout and was known to fill his apartment with young aspiring models. It was whispered Brunel would often drop a pill into the wine and liquor he plied them with, and then
when they passed out, he’d rape the girls.

Brunel’s method of finding new talent was to prowl the streets in the poorest neighborhoods throughout different parts of the world where the children were easy pickings. When he spotted a pretty little girl, he
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3 Aug
BREAKING! Ghislaine Maxwell’s hidden Instagram account found.

Ghislaine’s Instagram is le.ah254

Her last post was April 26, 2019.

Here is a run down of the accounts Ghislaine followed:
She is following Eloise Maxwell, her niece, and daughter of Kevin Maxwell (her brother).
The Royal Family.

Her former sister-in-law, Pandora Maxwell, former wife of Ian Maxwell.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Prince William and Catherine aka Kate Middleton.

As well as Chloe Maxwell, another daughter of her brother Kevin Maxwell.

>>>more on 3 >>

Leah Saffian, who took the staged photos of her at the Inn-N-Out Burger the day after Jeffrey Epstein died.

And among other interesting accounts, Ghislaine followed the Mayflower Inn & Spa locating in Connecticut. Probably one of the places where she hid away.
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23 Jul
NOTICE. We are under attack.

The Maxwell family among others, with deep pockets, are controlling the internet. They've hired firms to silence us on the Epstein/Maxwell case.

One of my followers: "A military friend of mine says if you're taking flak you must be over the target."
I've personally been "under attack" for decades. During my Ask Me Anything on Reddit, I had about 6-8 fake accounts start trying to derail the event. Later there were HUNDREDS of these accounts.

Both Ryan Dawson and Shaun Attwood's YouTube channels have been DELETED.
Julie K. Brown was attacked when she began getting notice by Conchita Sarnoff. I devote an entire chapter in my book 'Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography' on Sarnoff.

She was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell. Ran in their circle and had Victor Ostrovsky
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19 Jul
Leon Black, Michael Milken's right hand man at Drexel (and like Jeffrey Epstein avoided jail), has been attempting to buy back his reputation in the same way as Milken did.

Buying it. In the press.

Milken was taught about "Junk Bonds" by Meshulam Riklis - my abuser's father.
James B. Stewart wrote 'Den of Thieves' and a slew of other books followed including 'Barbarians at the Gate'.

Everyone knew the men at Drexel were thieves.

There are obvious parallels with the Jeffrey Epstein story.

And yet as with the Drexel scandal which also involved
illicit activities which financially helped Israel and made several U.S. politicians wealthy -- no one is talking about the "spy" angle.

Not with Leon Black. And not with Jeffrey Epstein.

At least with Epstein we have Alexander Acosta's shocking declaration:
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4 Jul
Excerpt, 'Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography'

As with the debutantes of days long gone Ghislaine would murmur, “Take me to Bel’s” to the man of the moment. And, one of her men in the 1980s was David Faber – a future MP.
Annabel’s was the sort of place where anything went and where smooching in one of dozens of its nooks and crannies was as much a part of the experience as kicking off one’s shoes or one’s clothes and losing oneself to the pulsating euphoria of the music
on the infamous wooden dancefloor.

David Faber is a descendent of several British politicians. He also happens to be the great-grandson of the founder of MacMillan Publishing.

More tidbits about David include his that uncle, Maurice Macmillan, worked with Sir Edward Heath
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