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Sex Slave Survivor & Author 7 books: Jeffrey Epstein: Predator Spy | Jeffrey Epstein, Unsealed | Bonnie's Clyde *new | Billionaire's Woman: A Memoir & others
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4 Aug
Excerpt 'Bonnie's Clyde: The True Life of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell'

"The three 12-year-old girls arrived in New York from France with the promise from their model scout, Jean Luc Brunel, that they would meet an important man.
"A man who could help them with their new modeling career. Brunel had a sordid past as a modeling scout and was known to fill his apartment with young aspiring models. Sometimes even dropping a pill into the wine and liquor he plied them with, and then raping them.
"Brunel prowled the streets of the poorest neighborhoods in different parts of the world where the children were easy pickings. He made outrageous promises of fame and wealth; the single mothers and poverty-stricken parents eagerly handed him their child with full confidence.
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31 Jul
If your hearts were broken 2 learn about what @VRSVirginia endured at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein & the 'evil vampire' Ghislaine Maxwell, they will now be shattered. They forced her 2 have sex with so many men.

It does not matter they were "powerful men". I know first hand that
"powerful men" have the most deviant sexual preferences.

Epstein & Maxwell taught her to be compliant aka "submissive" to their every twisted request.

No one heals from this type of sexual abuse. It is a miracle Virginia has talked about this at all. We owe our knowledge of
this case 2 Virginia Giuffre.
To Courtney Wild.
To Maria Farmer.
To Annie Farmer.
To the few women, who were children, when their lives were forever changed by what appears 2 be a child sex trafficking ring operated by our government agencies.

May they fly on wings of steel.
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31 Jul
These unsealed documents are damning to the FEDS.

They clearly state the FEDS knew about Ghislaine Maxwell's sexual conduct with the "sex-slaves".

They also clearly state that Alan Dershowitz, who himself was an alleged participant defended Epstein obtained the NPA which
2/ protected him as a "co-conspirator".

3/ This is outrageous as Alan Dershowitz should have been removed from Epstein's case and frankly dis-barred for concealing his alleged part in Epstein's on-going crimes.

4/ The fact that Dershowitz continues to be part of this case
tells me he is still working on behalf of the same people/government/letter agencies for whom Epstein & Maxwell worked. That he is trying to "tie up loose ends".

5/ For Dershowitz who is in his 80s to be actively naming names such as Ehud Barak and Leslie Wexner is in my opinion
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29 Jul
John Kerry's former security head, John Scott Moretti, was arrested in May for sexually sodomizing a 10 year old girl - multiple times. Moretti was a Department of State official.…

John Kerry was a Jeffrey Epstein "associate". But, wait, there's more.
Moretti's brother is a former CIA agent.

And a priest.

His name is "Father John Moretti".…
John Kerry's stepson & Hunter Biden are business associates of Whitey Bulger's nephew, James.

They received $1.5 billion dollars 2 invest in Chinese research companies.

The Heinz family was funded by MELLON. Wexner also received grants from Mellon.

Mellon funds the VATICAN.
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26 Jul
Protecting your child against sexual predators begins at birth.

1. Don't change UR baby in front of people. Treat this as private as you going to the bathroom.

2. Don't allow other people you haven't vetted to change UR baby's diapers.

3. Don't leave UR baby w/random sitters.
4. If you're going to have a guest room and people staying in your home while you have children in the house, consider having a surveillance camera installed showing the door to your children's bedroom and inside their bedroom.

EXAMPLE: When I was a child my mother's boyfriends
and/or overnight guests would sneak into my bedroom.

5. Teach your children from the time they are teeny tiny that if anyone speaks to them about their "private parts" or anyone's private parts - this is wrong and they should tell you about it immediately.
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15 Jul
Ghislaine Maxwell toured the New Hampshire house with a man she referred to as her "husband Scott". She used the alias Jen Marshall & claimed to be a journalist. The FBI interviewed the real estate broker who sold her the house through an LLC and recognized "Jen" as Maxwell.
Ghislaine as Jen Marshall told the real estate agent that her husband Scott, was retired from the UK military & writing a book. They said they wanted to purchase the NH property via wire quickly.

During the court hearing her lawyers argued the house does not belong to Maxwell.
Could "Scott" be Scott Borgerson?

I think so.

Scott Borgerson's ex-wife claims he was verbally and physically abusive throughout their marriage.

Sounds like Ghislaine Maxwell's type of man.…
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14 Jul
The court participants at the hearing for Ghislaine Maxwell are currently behind a one way glass.
Judge Alison Nathan has acknowledged her presence in the courtroom.
8 minutes to start time. Let's hope it begins on time. I will share the info as quickly as I can.
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14 Jul
#JeffreyEpstein #GhislaineMaxwell #lesliewexner

How Jeffrey Epstein's child trafficking operation worked.

Sarah Kellen (now Sarah Kellen Vickers) allegedly "took over" Ghislaine Maxwell's role as number 1 procurer and sex teacher.
When a women no longer was deemed "too old" for sexual use, Jeffrey Epstein would allegedly "SELL" them to a wealthy man and marry them off.


By marrying off former sex slaves to wealthy men, the women were then indebted to "the ring" and would not turn against them.

The "marriage" racket was practiced in the same way as the steady supply of sex slaves. A pyramid scheme.

A steady stream of wealthy men who in some way, shape or form "worked" in the world Jeffrey Epstein was servicing.
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10 Jul
#JeffreyEpstein #GhislaineMaxwell #LeslieWexner #Alexacosta

The 'Dish of the Day'

Ghislaine Maxwell is Public Corruption Unit. Meaning there is either a former or current "public official" in the crosshairs that will be "thrown under the bus" w/Maxwell.

2. Alexander Acosta
is a fairly obvious one. Acosta & his staff had “secret” negotiations with Jeffrey Epstein’s high-powered & politically connected legal team.

3. On July 12 - one week after Epstein's arrest - Acosta resigns as Labor Secretary.

4. AUSA A. Marie Villafaña may be added to list.
A. Marie Villafaña was the lead federal prosecutor. She had secret meetings with Epstein's defense team & lied to the victims. She was also involved in a separate case where she did not reveal defendant's child rapist past.…
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6 Jul
Quick Summary:

Why you need to know about Ghislaine Maxwell's attorney, Christian Everdell and why it is important in this case.

1. Everdall was a SDNY attorney. During which time he prosecuted "El Chapo".

2. El Chapo was linked to the CIA - helping them w/drugs 4 the Contras.
3. Everdall left SDNY after working w/ them for 10 years. Attorneys do work on both sides - esp when they are on their own.

4. The CIA connection w/ the El Chapo case Everdall worked is important because Leslie Wexner (the man who created "Jeffrey Epstein") "helped" the CIA.
5. In Bob Fitrakis's excellent reporting, he wrote about Wexner's connection in his article 'Spook Air'.

I urge you all to read it here:…
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3 Jul
After one is a sex slave & manages to "escape" (as I did in 1993 from Ira Riklis - a member of the Rothschild family + son of Meshulam Riklis) - it does not end.

I have been stalked, harassed, threatened online & off for 30+ years

I knew Epstein case had same deep state players
so that although I'd tried every other avenue to pursue justice for myself and a semblance of a normal life - these things were made unavailable to me.

I recognized the patterns in the Jeffrey Epstein case. I knew somes players were spies - since I have been contacted by spies
throughout the past 30+ years.

When Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019 I took the plunge and started tweeting about information that I have known for decades; as well as info I'd discovered while trying to stay alive.

This info fit like a jigsaw puzzle in the Epstein case.
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2 Jul
#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #NYAA #EileenGuggenheim #Dershowitz #Rothschild #LynnsWarriors

1. In '96 Maria Farmer is sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein&Ghislaine Maxwell on Leslie Wexner's Ohio estate.

2. In '96 Dershowitz is "invited" 2 a party by Lynn Forester de Rothschild
3. In '96 Dershowitz (who is already long connected to Israel & Mossad) is introduced by Lynn de Rothschild to Jeffrey Epstein.

4. September 8, 1996 Dershowitz attends Leslie Wexner's 59th birthday party in Ohio. Epstein "invited" him.
These r the newspaper accounts of these "introductions."

Dershowitz "meets" Epstein thru Lynn de Rothschild (who is fronting 4 her husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild); who then introduces Dershowitz to Wexner

Epstein → Evelyn de Rothschild → Dershowitz → Epstein → Wexner
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2 Jul
#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #Rothschild #HowardGutman #embassies #art #pedophilia #satanism #childtrafficking #NYAA

Art, Galleries, human shipments, trafficking, coverups>>

In my book 'Jeffrey Epstein: Predator, Spy' I include a chapter on Howard Gutman a former U.S. Ambassador
to Belgium. Gutman was outed as a child molester by a whistleblower and when I pieced it together it looked like another "Watergate" cover-up.

Break-ins into the whistleblower's attorney's office, harassment by the State Department, with the expected "nothing to see here"
statement, replete with computer hacking of emails, and with applied pressure from Patrick Kennedy (who was the Assistant Secretary of State during the Bill Clinton/George W. Bush White House from 1993 to 2001) who, as per the 2nd whistlebower (YES, there were two), made the
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27 Jun
Jeffrey Epstein belonged 2 a "Satanic/Luciferian" intelligence agency/MKULTRA hierarchical child trafficking ring.

At the top are 13 family dynasties including the Rothschilds & the British Royal Family.

Two levels below sit Leslie Wexner, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell.
They can never attain higher status because they lack the desired bloodline. It is from these lower level people they obtain ‘breeders’ – women who are forced to breed unregistered babies for sacrifice and sex trafficking.
Their behavior is barbaric and without constant scrutiny their actions expose the "cult". These people, like Jeffrey Epstein, have no respect for the blood line people above them, i.e., Prince Andrew a good example. They are jealous of the "blood-liners".
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26 Jun
#Epstein #Wexner #Maxwell #Rothschild #CIA #Mossad #MI6 #IranContra #RobertFuller

Jeffrey Epstein DID NOT "inherit" Robert Maxwell's "spy business".

There r multiple "spies" working 4 same Psyop. Anyone claiming Epstein inherited Maxwell is either disinfo agent or misinformed.
This path ultimately REMOVES Leslie Wexner's role in an operation that began decades b4 Robert Maxwell was in the military.

Leslie Wexner was Max Fisher's "Protegy".

Max Fisher is an outgrowth of CHIQUITA Bananas (Eli Black, Leon Black) drug smuggling that began 100+ yrs ago
Chiquita’s history in Colombia is more than a century old. Its roots grow out of the United Fruit Company, notorious in Latin America as a U.S. Army backed opponent to agrarian reform and agricultural workers’ unions. Later known as United Brands in 1970, & then Chiquita in 1989.
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24 Jun
.@dougvalentine77's book 'The Phoenix Program' goes into the MKUltra-based project used in the Vietnam War.

For many of you this is new territory and I see from some of your comments you are quick to disbelieve historical facts.

CIA program Slave/Master…
Dr. Paul Hoch worked at Columbia University. Remember Donald and Bill Barr's connection to Columbia? I will get to this in this thread.

Paul Hoch was a Nazi scientist (i.e., war criminal) and one of the many scientists taken out of Germany and placed into different places like the US, UK, Canada, Buenos Aires.
He worked for the CIA and conducted experiments on MLUltra victims.

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23 Jun
GETTY's underground castle

Did you know there is an underground "castle" deep beneath the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California?

It is believed there are 'Eyes Wide Open' themed parties underground with underage children.
The Getty underground “castle” is the most luxurious of all the other underground homes. (There r others in other countries).

It was built 4 Queen Elizabeth. Most of the art, jewelry, etc stolen by the Nazis (kept under the Vatican) was stored in the Getty underground castle.
In 1998 J Paul Getty was knighted by the Queen. (Remember Jeffrey Epstein was also knighted by the Queen as per what he told his “friends”).…
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20 Jun
#Epstein #Wexner #Maxwell #Rothschild #Saville #MargaretThatcher #truecrime

This is a note written by Jimmy Savile to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after a luncheon. He writes about how his "girl patients pretended to be madly jealous".
Margaret Thatcher was the first (and only) woman to be prime minister of Britain.

Thatcher was a scientist and graduated from Oxford in 1947 with an undergraduate degree in chemistry.

She then worked as an industrial chemist at British Xylonite Plastics which made Celluloid.
Celluloid was used 2 make Agent Orange (among other herbicides used 4 chemical warfare).

Up to four million ppl in Vietnam were exposed 2 the defoliant. The gov of Vietnam says as many as three million people have suffered illness because of Agent Orange.…
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18 Jun
What does Stanley Kubrick's film and Jeffrey Epstein's death have in common?

Larry Celona

On left "Larry Celona" writes a story in Post showing Jeffrey Epstein's body.

On right "Larry Celona" a story inside movie by Stanley Kubrick re: woman who "overdoses" in Eyes Wide Shut.
Larry Celona = Royal Lancers (LETTERS. Ever play Scrabble?)

British Army = Royal Lancer = Prince Andrew.
It gets weirder.

Larry Celona *also* wrote an article about Stanley Kubrick when he died. 'Kubrick Happy Joking Just Before Death' in 1999.
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10 Jun
Ronald Eppinger the man who first raped Virginia Roberts when she was a child was arrested after fleeing the country in 2001.

He was extradited from Germany and sentenced to 21 months in prison. He was fined only $6,000 for recruiting Czech women for a prostitution ring
with promises of modeling work. Ronald Eppinger had faced up to 10 years after pleading guilty to charges of alien smuggling for prostitution, interstate travel for prostitution and money laundering.

Eppinger worked with two Czech women (GIRLS) to get tourist visas for
the future prostitutes (aka TRAFFICKED GIRLS) and kept nearly half of their earnings from operations in Miami, New York, Texas and the Bahamas. Women (read GIRLS) were brought to the United States illegally from 1997 to 1999.
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8 Jun
I have spent a couple of decades researching my own case and I have arrived at a point where I no longer see the difference between Israel's Mossad and the CIA.

Therefore I will let you in on a highly kept secret not known until today.
William Colby, Director of the CIA from 1973 to 1976 (who worked for its predecessor OSS during WWII) was also:

D.B. Cooper.


On November 24, 1971 an unidentified man hijacked a Boeing 727.
He purchased his ticket using the alias of Dan Cooper. Because of a miscommunication he became known as D.B. Cooper. He extorted $200,000 in ransom money (equivalent to $1.3 million today) and parachuted out of the airplane.
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