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8 Apr
L o l
These people need to touch grass ASAP.
It didn’t work btw.
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7 Apr
Firstly. No.

How you are you both the pot and the kettle.
*how are you both
😭 I need that edit button damnit
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7 Apr
Y’all wild.
So we’re introducing our audiences to at best rightwing people at worst a full blown white nationalist why...?
Meh it’s fine have fun with that
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7 Apr
It wasnt a subtweet 😩 for the 50 millionth time this tweet existed first.
The person replied to it saying “I use to be a Nazi until six months ago uwu” and got roasted for it. Then all y’all started whining at me because yall feel I made a white woman cry.
At least get the timeline right.
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6 Apr
I had no idea who this guy was until last week if you have no idea who he is YouTube did this great thing describing him so I don’t have to Image
And I’m not watching that
Lmao he put “Touch grass” in the thumbnail
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6 Apr
Democrats are useless.
Well to be fair to the Democrats just like their counterparts their entire existence is dependent on catering to the corporate class and their interests
I’m better off saying all politicians are useless and eat the rich.
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6 Apr
You randomly @‘d me with some bullshit why do you need my attention anyway? Image
What do you want?
You have the floor @Astro_o7b
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6 Apr
Well that was weird. Idk what that was about. It never happened.
Oh shit forgot the name
People who don’t see my tweets in real time are going to be very confused.
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2 Apr
Stop using gifs and reaction memes that feature Black people if you aren’t Black.
I don’t care about your “Black friend” who said it’s cool for you do so because they probably don’t exist.
No this isn’t going to lead to a disappearance of Black representation. There are millions of Black people on the internet we’ll be fine.
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