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Gender critical, pragmatic, rational feminists here to defend science when talking politics, sex, & gender. #GenderFree­čĆü #ChooseReality #StopFemaleErasure
3 Jul 19
Women and girls are a marginalized group oppressed by males and require single-sex protections and accomodations. This is a sex based right we intend to fight for and uphold. Absolutely nothing fundamentalist TRAs say or do will stop women from protecting ourselves from men.
Anyone wishing to take single-sex spaces and inclusive opportunities away from female people is a misogynist with an agenda. You can hate feminists all you want, but this has always been our fight- and we will never give up. #SexNotGender #StopFemaleErasure #AbolishGender
We fight to liberate all women and girls from the patriarchy. And when we are liberated, we will continue to fight to uphold our liberation. We. Will. Never. Stop. #feminism #RadFem #GenderCritical #DamnRight
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30 Oct 18
When I see an application for a women's program and it says "open to all female-identifying people," I don't submit because: 1. It means I'm competing against men for spots that should be for women, & 2. I have a problem with this choice of words used to describe my sex. [more]
I am female and I do not "identify" as my sex, in the same way that I don't let sexist stereotypes limit the choices that I make. I will not identify with my oppression because it's not possible for anyone to "identify" out of oppression. #SexNotGender #WomanMeansSomething
You can fight oppression, but you cannot deny that it exists. As a woman, I can call myself a man and force everyone to call me a man- but it won't stop the misogyny against me just because I attempted to "identify" out of my sex class. #WomenWontBeErased
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