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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle/Moynihan); Our Apolitical Efforts Are NOT Right v Left but Right v Wrong; Testified at Congressional Hearing Dec 2018
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23 Jun 20
(1/11) Is Little Rock, AR and Clinton Presidential Library the centerpiece of Clinton Foundation operation? Nope. How about various offices that WJC/CF maintain in NYC (Harlem, Avenue of the Americas or Water Street)? Strike 2. Let's ship up to Boston and 383 Dorchester Avenue
(2/11)… The 2nd floor of this Class C building in a light industrial neighborhood on outskirts of South Boston houses the true centerpiece of our 42nd President's foundation. Really? Oh yes. Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (w/o any proper IRS approval)
(3/11) aka Old CHAI, now known as Clinton Health Access Initiative aka New CHAI, has operated in this unremarkable location going back to 2002-2003. North of $1.5B in revenue ( ~50+% of reported total revenues of CF and CHAI) has run through this office. Why might #42 choose this
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20 Jun 20
Interesting developments overnight in the SDNY. Not our place to speculate on these developments. I will weigh in though that while we did share our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower materials with a number of US Attorneys including @USAttyHuber, we did not share them with
the SDNY. Why you might ask especially given that the CF has a major presence in NYC? On January 5, 2018, US Attorney Berman named Robert Khuzami as Deputy US Attorney in the SDNY. I learned all I needed/wanted to know about Robert Khuzami while writing
my book, In Bed with Wall Street, and more specifically the interaction that Khuzami had while serving as SEC Enforcement Director with then SDNY US Attorney Preet Bharara. In short, Khuzami and Bharara protected Wall Street more than holding them accountable for the frauds
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17 Jun 20
(1/6) Get Dr. Fauci back in here. While, we're at it, get Dr. Chris Elias of @gatesfoundation in here as well. Both Fauci and Elias are on the board of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (…). In a September 2019 report, . . . STICK WITH ME THIS IS HUGE
(2/6) we read about plans that the GPMB is looking to implement. These plans are defined as Progress Indicators by 9/20 and are highlighted on pages 10, 39. This is a quote: "The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises,
(3/6) including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen."

AYFKM . . . if that is not a lead worth pursuing in regard to potential crimes against humanity, then there are no leads. Dr. George Gao, Director-General Chinese CDC is also on the GPMB.
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6 Jun 20
Did somebody say Racism? Did somebody else say Ukraine? Go get a second cup of coffee and let's roll: Clinton Foundation and Ukraine Establish HIV/AIDS Partnership | News | PND
Dated: 11-30-05
- @ClintonFdn, where is the IRS approval for this activity?
Why is link to the HIV/AIDS drug procurement consortium broken? Where is your FARA registration? Which pharmaceutical company was distributing the drugs? Ranbaxy Labs, perhaps of India at which an internal whistleblower had already reported on the production/distribution
of adulterated meds to which a Ranbaxy executive dismissively said, "Who cares? It's just blacks dying." Yes, that is right. That blatantly racist remark was uttered at a 2004 Ranbaxy board meeting. (See more here:…) Concerned about racism at
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5 Jun 20
In regard to transparency on the Clinton Foundation, here is all we need. This is the Clintons legacy.

1. Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library:

2. Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Video Library:
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30 May 20
In February 2019 my partner and I blew the whistle on DC-based 501c3 Public Charity, Population Services International (PSI). This org is largely involved in establishing abortion franchises and selling condoms for profit in developing countries. PSI is largest non-governmental
Recipient of support from WHO-affiliated Global Fund (~$1.2Bln);has also received ~$900mm from USAID. The Global Fund IG Report on PSI is devastating.

We’re in it to win it on behalf of ALL American taxpayers. The chase is ‘simply the best’ and so worthy. God Bless America!! 🇺🇸
We thank all those who follow @LWDoyleUSA and share our efforts.
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27 May 20
(1/4) Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle, Moynihan): Is this blatant misrepresentation aka charity fraud? Let's go to Clinton Health Access Initiative page for India ( and we read as of today: "Since 2004, CHAI has worked with the Indian government
(2/4) to expand access to treatment and care for patients across critical health needs including HIV/AIDS . . . " Ok, hold that thought and now let's go to the USAID/PEPFAR Country Operational Plan for India dated March 2017 (…) and we read on page 10/35:
(3/4) "However, the outside resources available to the GOI (Government of India) will lessen. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has closed their site level interventions and is phasing out of HIV/AIDS, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative is also closing." Among the . .
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21 May 20
(1/3) Think the Clinton Foundation is operating above board due to the fact that it was originated two plus decades ago and has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator? Well, let me remind folks that Bernie Madoff ran the largest Ponzi scam on Wall Street over multiple decades.
(2/3) In regard to the rating, a former Clinton Fdn executive whom we interviewed laughed out loud when we inquired about the Charity Navigator rating. This individual said, “I’ve worked in many charitable organizations. I know what a 4-star charity looks like. The Clinton
(3/3) Foundation is the furthest thing from a 4-star charity.” I testified under oath to that statement being shared with us. I’d do so again. How did Madoff get away with his scam for so long? Regulators (SEC and FINRA) were ineffectual at best, no doubt captured, also corrupt.
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21 May 20
(1/3) @CharlesOrtel @csthetruth We wholeheartedly agree regarding the need to properly police the Not-for-Profit industry. We provided context in re "Foundations" at 93 to 95 minute mark of the 12-13-18 Congressional hearing at which we testified:
(2/3) I highlighted the following: 1.75mm not-for-profits in nation today; 90% are in 501c subset; 2/3rds are 501c3 public charities; they generate $1.74Trillion in annual revenue, a 250% increase over last 20 years, representing 9% of our nation's GDP; on a standalone basis
(3/3) the N-f-P industry is the 10th largest economy in the world; "All of which beg the questions: "Who's minding the store?" Who's looking out for the donors?" "Who's upholding the Rule of Law?"

#BountyHunters #WhoAreTheseGuys #WeAintStopping
#America #USA #Freedom #Liberty
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18 May 20
In an attempt to have our past, present + future efforts as impactful as possible, we welcome compiling ongoing series of videos speaking 'Truth to Power' and 'Transparency is Best Disinfectant'. PLEASE SHARE. Let's roll:
(2/13) March 24: "We're not Republicans or Democrats. We're Americans and fighting for American taxpayers every single day":
(3/13) April 16: A message to President Trump in re WHO, the Global Fund, State Department under HRC and Clinton Foundation. Supporting referenced documents included below:

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16 May 20
Get the high waders as we go to the center of The Swamp here.
#RuleOfLaw #Truth #Justice 🇺🇸
Here are the docs sourced from US State Department (December 2009) and our own report produced from our review of USAID In Country and Regional Operational Plans:
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22 Apr 20
#ClintonFoundation (Clinton HIV/AIDS) - #WorldHealthOrganization Partnership (October 22, 2004) to access ‘CHAI-brokered agreements’. With #WHO ? Yes and with Indian and Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Let’s roll.
References made in video clip dated April 22, 2020:
Clinton HIV/AIDS - #WorldHealthOrganization Partner:…
House Oversight/Government Reform Hearing on Clinton Foundation: 'Acting as Agent':…
#ClintonFoundation #Whistleblowers #WHO
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15 Apr 20
Why might @realDonaldTrump call for #DefundingtheWHO? Let's quickly revisit our #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowerLibrary and learn how #WHO failed us miserably while #GatesFoundation, #ClintonFoundation and WHO-affiliates #GlobalFund and #UNITAID were central to the effort (1/7 ):
Book 3: 'Follow the Drugs': where was #WHO to stop the flow of Clinton, Gates partner Ranbaxy Pharma 'garbage drugs'?
Book 4: 'The Perils of Drug Resistance': . . the huge ticking time bomb . . . . . . . . . (2/7)
Book 5: "Let's Follow the Money": learn about #USAID/#PEPFAR, #WHO-affiliates Geneva-based #GlobalFund & #UNITAID (Clinton Fdn largest donor) (#GatesFoundation on boards), flows of $, HRC State Dept interaction w/#GlobalFund 'tantamount to #fraud': (3/7)
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11 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation/CHAI Largest Reported Donor > UNITAID, 'hosted' by World Health Organization. Let's 'keep punching': Who is UNITAID ( A Geneva-based organization founded in 2006 by Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and a host of others.
How much $$ has UNITAID donated to the CF/CHAI? A LOT as in ~$700mm > (page12/33:…)
Of specific note, "UNITAID is supported mainly (70%) through the airline ticket tax" >>… and here:
(page 7/33:…) so, simple multiplication informs us that ~$500mm of ordinary everyday consumers' money has gone to the Clintons via this airline tax. How do you like that? The #YellowVests may want to take special note. Well, how effectively has the #WHO
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10 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): "I know where all the bodies are buried": Clinton Foundation CFO made that statement to my partner and I on November 30, 2016 at a breakfast meeting in NYC. (details in this 5-minute clip @CSPAN…
We testified under oath to that statement and others that both the CFO provided and another former senior executive at Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative made to us in mid-2017 prior to our making our formal Whistleblower Submission to the IRS. We provided written reviews of
these interviews to the DOJ, FBI and selected state AG offices as well. Coverage of these interviews specifically and our Congressional testimony generated significant attention via social media and online (1.4mm views at #ZeroHedge:…) yet limited coverage
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9 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): Given @realDonaldTrump recent statements re US need to look into funding of @WHO and other organizations receiving $$ via @USAID, I STRONGLY recommend he start w/review of @PSIimpact (Population Services International) > OH MY
Who is @PSIimpact? A DC-based 501c3 that w/operations in ~70 nations worldwide under a variety of corporate structures both for-profit and not-for-profit. What? For-profit? Yep, PSI is largely in the 'family planning/aka 'abortion' franchising business (,…).
PSI is the largest non-governmental recipient of funding (~$1B) from the WHO-affiliated @GlobalFund while having also received near ~$900mm in funds from USAID and significant funding from @gatesfoundation. Aside from its' franchised abortion practices (,…)
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8 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) Given the now daily presence of the President's Coronavirus Task Force in our lives inc. our lead representative to PEPFAR and US rep to the board of the Global Fund, let's navigate these paths in re Clinton Fdn(stick w/me)
A review of PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) In Country Operational Plans:… from 2007-2018 indicates that there were 1,511 references to CFdn and/or CHAI (Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative; Clinton Health Access Initiative) in those plans.
Lots of engagement. By year, the numbers look as follows: '07/68x; '08/293x; '09/474x; '10/237x; '11/55x; '12/147x; '13/160x; '14/4x; '15/26x; '16/36x; '17/16x. So what do we see here? During #HillaryClinton tenure as Secretary of State, (recall that she controlled the
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7 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) Given the now daily presence of Dr. Birx & Dr. Fauci in our lives and the fact that Dr. Birx is US head of PEPFAR and US representative to the board of the Global Fund, let's navigate these paths in re Clinton Fdn (stick with me)
A review of PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) In Country Operational Plans:… from 2007-2018 indicates that there were 1,511 references to the CFdn and/or CHAI (Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative; Clinton Health Access Initiative) in those plans.
Lots of engagement. By year, the numbers look as follows: '07/68x; '08/293x; '09/474x; '10/237x; '11/55x; '12/147x; '13/160x; '14/4x; '15/26x; '16/36x; '17/16x. So what do we see here? During #HillaryClinton tenure as Secretary of State, (recall that she controlled the
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5 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers: Some Random Thoughts on a Sunday morning with special blessings/prayers on this Palm Sunday and esp for those impacted by coronavirus. Let's review Data from Coronavirus site, Worldometer:
We are told that higher temps
during summer months will slow the spread of the virus. Ok, let's roll.
Total Death Count
Brazil #13 at 445 deaths; Average temperature between Jan-March of 80 degrees.
Ecuador #20 at 172 deaths; Average temps between Jan-March of 70-72 degrees. Given the fact that those
two South American nations are in the Top 20 as far as Total Deaths, what about these nations that are in very close proximity and with similar weather and average temps?
Peru #31 with 73 deaths
Argentina #44 with 43 deaths
Colombia #47 with 32 deaths
Bolivia #72 with 10 deaths
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3 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan): Let's take harder look at individual and organization whom many in US and around the world hold out as 'the smartest guy(s) in the room' along with having the biggest wallet to back it up. Who? #BillGates and #GatesFoundation
Background: The #Covid19 model used primarily by #DrFauci and #DrBirx (…) is largely sponsored/funded by the #GatesFoundation:… I will dispense on commenting on model itself given that UN & WHO are already making a 'run for the $$>
UN Calls for $2.5 Trillion Coronavirus Crisis Package:… to in large measure 'save the world.' How admirable but let's hold on and take a harder look at when #BillGates and #GatesFoundation wanted to help these developing nations in re HIV/AIDS crisis >>
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2 Apr 20
Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library: As our following grows, we welcome maintaining this ongoing 'library' at which you'll find much info/extensive links. Our only request? Please retweet/share this library far and wide. Armed with info, we can't/won't be beat. Let's roll:
Book 1: "US House Oversight and Government Reform Congressional Hearing (December 13, 2018) on Not-for-Profits w/Specific Case Study on Clinton Foundation". We enter at the 90-minute mark:
#FBH #DigitalArmy #DigitalSoldier
Book 2: "Appeal to US Tax Court": Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers (Doyle-Moynihan) v IRS. In early '19 we receive final denial from IRS to our whistleblower submission. In 3/'19, we appeal to USTC. Case is ongoing:…
#FBH #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers
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