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11 Apr 20
#POTUS 4-10-20 News: #LikeaHAMMER- 201/96 201=1+9+1+9+1= 9-1+9= 17 ⚒️
#FEASTofTRUMPETS, #DIVINE, 96=9+3+3 or 3+3+3+2*3= 332 & 93
Evil Called Out!!! FIVE X FIVE!!! (mirroring-cancel extra#'s).
The reason for the Number language, It is an ancient Communication used by Hebrews and perverted by EVIL!!! EVIL turns all upside down; 'Witches' CAST SPELLS Using Numbers Everyday!!!
17 is DECLARATION of #LIGHT #TRUTH #POWER over ALL Lies, curses, & spells. #ArmorOfGod ✝️
#SURGE - 70 7*10= 17!!!
'Invisible Enemy Will soon be in full Retreat' - 549- 9+3+3*2= 17🎺!!!
216- 2+1+3*2= 332 ⚒️🎉 👏🙏✝️
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8 Apr 20
Ok, based on my former calculations plus this thread by @pee_Q_are Here is more confirmation & review: #POTUS began reducing the number of FED Ventilators yesterday from 10k to 9k. Today the # of Ventilators left is 8675! So this is the countdown of present 10 days dark:
Begin on 4/3 evening to 4/13 in am. So today evening of 4/7 is going into the 5th NIGHT. Tomorrow 4/8 is the 5th day, 4/9 is 6th day, 4/10 is 7th day, & 4/11 is the 8th day. This leaves 4/12 as 9th day, & 4/13 as 10th day, final morning of DARK. This matches
Q3115- 3/18/19
1yrD- (+21)(+2)(+4); if you begin this count from 3/18/20 this aligns with the 10 days DARK of 4/3-4/13. *Also:
Q970 3/28/18 & Q1280 4/27/18 2yrD of 'Done in 30' still align. 3/28/20 is USNS COMFORT Declaration of WAR speech. Q970 'House Clean, WH secure. Final stage.' 👉
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3 Apr 20
NO!!! Evil & humans have Free Will - Romans 8:3-11. "Those after the flesh, serve their flesh; their carnal mind is against GOD, They are not filled with Holy SPIRIT of Life; Carnal mind is not subject to God's Laws. 2 realities! GOD/God's children work against EVIL Daily!!!
BUT, Romans 8:11-39- All Mankind waits for the manifestation of the 'Children of GOD' filled with Holy SRIRIT, HOLY LIGHT, GOOD & LIFE!
8:20- "Man is subject to Vanity because GOD gave man CHOICE, but, GOD hoping, waiting for us to choose rightly' ; 8:28-31- "And we know, those
Who Love GOD are helped by GOD in all things; If GOD, the ONE & ONLY "I AM THAT I AM" Original MIND CREATOR FOREVER, is for us, (standing with us) who can be against us?". THESE WORDS ARE SO!!! JEHOVAH 🙏✝️
@dazzy_boy @andweknow 😏
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3 Apr 20
The Navy is surrounding Venezuela, Bolivia & Iran DRUG TRAFFICKING BRIDGE/RING ( images of Navy near Venezuela & Bolivia from GeorgeNewschannel)
Chavez, Amadinejad, El Aissami- Syria, Iran, Venezuela, & Lebanese Hezbollah!
El Aissami, Lebanese Hezbollah Venezuelan
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1 Apr 20
@cjtruth #POTUS had 30 tweets 3/31/20, beginning 7:27.06am.
I have spent all day doing a list by timestamp, past posts, & Gematria- number code for each post time!!!
I'm about to begin posting all the info: very specific, of names; & I believe a timeline.
1st) the time stamp numbers calculate to a single number that has a meaning- the number 40/4 was used in COMFORT speech, & has a very COOL, Powerful meaning. In Italian, quaranta(40) was used for bubonic plague meaning #QUARANTINE!!!, Also on Monopoly Board, 40 spaces to JAIL!!!
40/4 usually means long, trapped struggle, like in a box. 4 tweet timestamps =40 or 120(3X)!
Other Nos: 27= 3X3X3=9X3- Masonic high Royal Arch level- 3 masons spin 3x saying their gods name 3x - jah-buh-lun. DO NOT speak,very evil! This is a 3god combo of yahweh, Baal, & Osirus!
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29 Mar 20
@StormIsUponUs @TheCollectiveQ
#GEORGENews. GEORGE you said the 'COMFORT Words from @realDonaldTrump were EXACTLY Chosen!!! Im transcribing Words.
"4weeks done in 4 days"= 28days is 4 wks, Speech on 3/28/20!!! So 4 days from 3/28= 4/1/20! April FOOLS DAY!!! EVENTS 4/1/20!!!
Also, USNS COMFORT will dock Manhatten Pier 90, 3 wks ahead of schedule=93!!! Thank you GEORGE!!! Ok, Still transcribing.
@cjtruth @andweknow @intheMatrixxx @MajorPatriot @prayingmedic @Mareq16
Also, @TheCollectiveQ, "Our Country is at War with an invisible enemy; We are Marshalling the FULL POWER of the American Nation - Economic, Scientific, Medical, and military to Vanquish the 'VIRUS', and we Will do that!"
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27 Mar 20
RT @patton6966 POTUS CONTINUALLY repeats "Ventilator' which= 'WintheGame', 'Turnto Godbeforetolate'; 'Ventilators'= 'LORDofJESUS', 'HolySpiritSpreaks', 'WARonLies', 'HolyScriptures', 'HouseofMEDECIisExposed'; AND when #Potus spoke to BORIS in UK,
Boris said, 'WeneedVentilators'
'WeneedVentilators' !!! = 'BurningtheSatanicTerroristsAlive', 'ImakeNoDealswithDragonsOr
Serpents', 'LetknowWeaponFormed
AgainstMeProsper'; AND
Pelosi's 'PoisonPills' =Catastrophe,' 'RememberNoCoincidence',
@TheCollectiveQ @andweknow
@prayingmedic @PhillyQ_ @KarluskaP
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26 Aug 19
@LilleyDennese. If we want to know exactly what is happening at G7, then we can watch it. Here is some closing remarks about Iran at G7. This is very educational.
Also, there is a while other side.
I know the severe FEMALE ABUSE IN IRAN.

Recently I found a movement in IRAN, the Resist movement of the Iranian people. You don't know the HX of Iran , in 1979 the "Casualties of the Iranian Revolution" was directed murder of the shah king & queen, entire cabinet & many others. It was COUP assault takeover.
Iran was a friend of USA. The people of IRAN have been hostage since 1979. The Ayatollah came in to reenact 600ad Sharia law & force women in burkahs. A poor girl escaped & is telling her story. With photos. Right now, girls become women @ 9 years of age.
This girl who
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12 Aug 19
@rushlimbaugh I'm sorry, listening to you 12:45 #HellmansMayo.
You are really showing lack #EGO #SpiritInsensitivity & if you continue #Arrogance. The CREATOR LIFE SPIRIT in ALL Knows exactly what it is. Those caged chickens breath their own urine & feces causing their
2) muscles, blood, skin, organs nerves, glands, tissues to be filled with hundreds of toxic acids/aldehydes; lack of mobility, lack of Oxygen, increased CO, makes the muscles cramp, harden, causing the chicken pain. If you have a nervous system, you can feel
3) Pain. All fowl, fish, animals can feel pain or they would not do everything they can to avoid pain, & preserve their life. G-D is the breath of LIFE in ALL of LIFE!!!
I pray @rushlimbaugh do some deep soul searching, & inner sensing & feel the presence of SPIRIT in You.
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