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11 Jul 20
(1) Elementary series, season 3, episode 10.

They talk about disguising the object you are really selling:

(2) Elementary series, season 3, episode 10.
(3) Elementary series, season 3, episode 10.

Disguised online sales, of "flowers" (children).
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8 Jul 20
(0) Q op and the Cognitive Biases.

A #QAnon thread.
(1) Brothers and sisters in the #GreatAwakening and the #InformationWarfare: below are a few comments on some of the tools for the ideological debate against deranged people.
(2) It is not enough that we have the best logical and/or rational arguments, we also have to take people's cognitive biases into consideration, and try and learn to navigate them.
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29 Jun 20
(0) #QAnon #QAlert #GreatAwakening #InformationWarfare

Beware The Fear Mongers
(1) Fear itself may not be - like in Roosevelt's words - all we have to fear, but it sure ranks pretty high up the list. The fear mongers are out in such force that I felt I had to share this with you.
(2) It is a vital part of the enemy's strategy to dishearten us with a barrage of fake news and fake polling.
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9 May 20
1) a #QAnon thread about "DON & DAN".
#GreatAwakening #InformationWarfare
2) The question of "what is Q?" was once a big mystery, but no more.
3) The same can be said about the identity of Q and Q+, in my opinion. A former mystery.
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3 May 20
1) a #QAnon thread about "DIRTY COP JAMES COMEY GOT CAUGHT!"


2) In the last days POTUS and his administration have been ramping up the rhetoric in pace with the revelations on the Spygate scandal.
3) James Comey has every reason to be worried about the release of previously classified intel on his misdeeds, building momentum to what appears to be imminent criminal indictments for the coup plotters.
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