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11 Nov 20
So Danny Boy contacted me with the biggest work of fiction I have ever seen in my entire life at 3.30am this morning. Lies upon lies about being homeless in Newbridge, how I had bought him coffees and listened to his experiences. He quoted my phone number and everything. ALL LIES
What actually happened was we matched on Tinder, chatted for a bit, I thought he was a bit odd so I blocked and ghosted him on WhatsApp. Then another time I obviously forgot about that, matched again, swapped numbers again, realised he was blocked. Unblocked him, chatted away
Not about anything serious, mostly about dogs. We went on a date. I parked in the car park of his lovely apartment block where he lives with his Mam ( not the squalid bedsit he talks about in his blog, with a glass beside the bed that he pisses in). And we went for a walk
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2 Nov 20
Let's evaluate what we know. We know that @DrZeroCraic was sent a document that said CONFIDENTIAL in BIG LETTERS on the front. We know he was sent this some time between 11th and 16th April. We know @LeoVaradkar sent it cos they've both admitted that. Here he is saying as much
We know on the 17th of April @DrZeroCraic 's colleague @andyjjordan1 was claiming they hadn't seen said contract, cos here he is tweeting as much in a tweet which is now deleted. Yet on the same day here's a text from him telling @DrZeroCraic to scan said document to him
He also seems very keen that nobody knows that they have this CONTRACT as @DrZeroCraic called it in his text
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31 Oct 20
Let's have a little look at some of the scandals we have had over the last 5 months. Just to refresh our memories as to how much failure we have put up with in 138 short days
First up, Barry Cowen, Minister for Agriculture is found to have been caught drink driving. He was in his post 17 days when this was discovered.…
Then 65 days later we had #Golfgate which resulted in a 2 week stand off to make Phil Hogan resign as EU Commissioner, and we still haven't had any answers as to who was on Brian Hayes table, or what is happing with Supreme court Judge Seamus Woulfe…
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28 Oct 20
Thanks for this great article @aoifegracemoore

@HMcEntee I see in the article you're saying that you're leaving the framework open for the legal profession to work out themselves. I don't see much appetite to engage victims as to what they need in this…
@HMcEntee it was stated when the O'Malley report came out that all key stakeholders had asked for legal representation, yet this was not granted. It seems that people seem to think past sexual history is the only way in which to paint an irrelevant negative picture of victims
@HMcEntee if there was proper discourse you would know that a number of other factors are often used in this way. Also legal representation would manage traumatic cross examination of victims, that has no relevance to the case. I draw your attention to the Belfast Rape Trial
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19 Sep 20
Right. We need to have a chat about the doctor. She is not a centrist, she is not looking for balance. She is a problem and a danger to vulnerable people.
When George Hook came out and victim blamed a woman who was gang raped in a hotel in the UK, people rightly called for his resignation. Not Dr Kelly, she instead wrote an essay defending him and refused to sign an internal petition asking for him to be fired.
In 2019 she wrote an article, criticising @PhelanVicky and others who were affected by the cervical check scandal. She said β€œIt is a public health success story, despite its limitations. If it is sued into oblivion, who will benefit?"

Not a good look
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27 Aug 20
Time for our focus to switch to Seamus Woulfe now that #BigPhil is jobless. Let's see what Seamus has done, a thread

πŸ“’ Obviously attended an Oireachtas golf society dinner with 80 other people to start. Why was a Supreme court judge there?

πŸ“’ in his last few weeks as Attorney General he decided to appoint Mary Irvine to president of the high court, so creating a vacancy at the Supreme Court. Traditionally the last AG gets any new vacancies in the high court or supreme court
πŸ“’ was never a sitting judge before he took up his current role in the Supreme court, so leapfrogged all current sitting judges in the district and high courts.
πŸ“’ Helped draft initial Covid legislation but decided later incantations didn't apply to him
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23 Aug 20
So to summarise and I don't want to do so yet, because I'm sure there will be more to add, but @PhilHoganEU has

πŸ“’ Denied travellers housing but sued people who said this may be racist
πŸ“’ Owned a greyhound with other FG heads that was then mistreated
πŸ“’ Attended hare coursing
πŸ“’ golfed in the Netherlands before returning to Ireland and did not quarantine fully
πŸ“’ Drove from Kilkenny to Kildare which was on lockdown
πŸ“’Got stopped in Kildare for driving and using a mobile phone but did not get the standard 3 points
πŸ“’ Drove on to a golf event in Clifden
πŸ“’ Blamed the hotel for not following guidelines
πŸ“’Basically told the government to F off and that they couldn't sack him
πŸ“’ Did not disclose to his party leader that he was in Kildare or stopped by the Gardai
πŸ“’Lied about quarantining
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