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2 Jul 20
New Q (2 Jul '20): US Atty Berman forced to resign on 20 Jun. Today Epstein's alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, arrested in NH on multiple chgs of grooming young girls for sex.…
Appears Berman was sitting on a MOUNTAIN of evidence.
2. "Ringleader" Charter, arrested for attempt to destroy statues, tied to Antifa.…
POTUS EO addresses violent agitators.…
Barr: Violence by Antifa & others = domestic terrorism & will be treated accordingly.… ImageImageImage
3. In Last of the Mohicans, the character named "Alice" commits suicide by jumping off a cliff at the end of the movie.

LZ = Landing Zone…
Suicide weekend coming soon?

"The month of AUGUST is traditionally a really HOT month." ImageImageImageImage
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1 Jul 20
New Q (1 Jul '20): Last yr we were sickened by pic of aborted fetuses (I blurred the pic).

PP admits their evil practices. Aborted babies = big $$ = big donations to D Party.
Dems block anti-infanticide bill:…
2. If "patriots are in control" & we're "watching a movie", are POTUS & Q forcing MSM & Big Tech to exaggerate usual tactics [described] to "demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?" Q teaching millions to think for ourselves > [their] biggest threat.
3. Tried searching total donations for June but last FEC filing was on 20 June for May 1 - May 31. @Sun_Q_Tzu shared an article showing 99.64% of BLM's ‘Defund the Police’ donations go to Biden via ActBlue > Dem fundraising platform & top donor to Biden.
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30 Jun 20
New Q (30 Jun '20): Not sure if connected, but POTUS tweeted "THE LONE WARRIOR", Q posts music soundtrack for "The Lone Warrior" (interesting plot).…
and in 2017, Putin jokingly called Xi "Lone Warrior".…
2. Forgot link for prev drop:

Pic in "The Lone Warrior" video reminds me of another drop with another instrumental music video entitled "Archangel".

Also reminded me of pic @mikepompeo tweeted w/St Michael.
3. Prisoner release = augment Antifa & BLM. Mandatory masks = excuse to bypass anti-mask laws. Purpose = keep public afraid to go out in public > push mail-in voting.……
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29 Jun 20
New Q (29 Jun '20): Interesting that Q reposted this: "Sleepers [Pro] will shift position [Nay]." We were warned about this & I'm seeing it happen. They all eventually reveal themselves. Looks like we have to put up w/this COVID-19 2nd wave BS til 4 Nov.
2. Great. Just what [they] ordered. Another pandemic. What are WE doing to stop [them]?

"The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak."…
3. ...and the hits keep coming. Another fake DoD (RESIST a**hole) whistleblower coming? Schiff going to push for Impeachment 2.0 over fake Russia-Taliban bounties? Who are the [F]oreign puppet masters? Soros is US citizen. Who does he take his orders from?
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28 Jun 20
New Q (28 Jun '20): 6 corporations behind 90% of MSM. They're to blame for much of the mess we're in. They represent "A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Would be amazing if CEOs for 6 corporations were 1st 6 indictments.
2. More Q proofs: @EricTrump posted American flag w/Q & #WWG1WGA but deleted it; @GenFlynn updated Twitter & Parler bios w/#TakeTheOath & Digital Soldier meme; Q confirmed @Scavino w/3 sec delta btwn Q drop & POTUS tweet.

Q op = POTUS' backchannel to US.
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26 Jun 20
New Q (26 Jun 20): "Would a jury of peers agree their actions were reckless? Would a jury of peers agree their actions were negligent?"
Depends on whether or not jury is made up of Dems.

No executive immunity for these murderers.…
2. @elenochle's been RTing patriots posting their #TakeTheOath videos ever since Q linked to @rn__deplorable's oath video.
Q applauds patriots for rising to the occasion.

Q tells us to "Stand at the ready".
3. @stephersford is one of 1000s of "Digital Soldiers" who have taken the oath inspired by Q's 24 Jun drop encouraging us to do so. Many of us had prev taken this oath or some variation as military members or government employees. This oath never expires.
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25 Jun 20
New Q (25 Jun '20): It's painfully obvious what they did and why they did it. Question is when will they be held accountable? Surely we have intel that proves intent.

"At what point should this be reclassified as murder?"

2. Schiff introduced this bill on 22 Jun. Wouldn't be surprised if [they] are planning more widespread insurrection before election to try to overthrow our gov't. They're following their COIN playbook.……
3. In addition to jacking up death toll, were elderly patients intentionally targeted as a voting block?…
They vote more & vote Republican.

COVID-19 referred to by some as "Boomer Remover"

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24 Jun 20
New Q (24 Jun '20): With the awesome news re: Fed Appeals Court ordering Judge Sullivan to dismiss the case against @GenFlynn, we will soon see him back in action!! Cannot WAIT! Congratulations @GenFlynn & @SidneyPowell1! ⭐⭐⭐…
2. Yesterday @DavidBrodyCBN asked POTUS what crime he's accusing Hussein of committing:
POTUS: "Treason. It’s treason."
Can't believe they were stupid enough to keep records of their coup plans. They KNEW @GenFlynn was innocent.
3. @WarNuse has compiled an extensive thread with all of these treasonous, seditious bastards involved in "The Coup D'état": … Here's the one she did for Biden.
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23 Jun 20
New Q (23 Jun '20): "Full video of the press conference on the topic: “New details in the case of Burisma bribe, as well as new records of conversations testifying to international corruption and the external governance of Ukraine” with English subtitles."
2. So much creativity in this movement! Sadly, Twitter & FB are cracking down on "manipulated media" & "deep fakes". This is being done to get ahead of the damning videos that are likely sitting in that "Insurance" folder on Weiner's laptop & elsewhere.
3. Biden thought running for POTUS would protect him fm his crimes. Berman had exculpatory info that could've ended Dem impeachment of POTUS re: Ukraine phone call. It's no coincidence that right after Berman was removed this video was made public.…
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22 Jun 20
New Q (22 Jun '20): Fake polls (incl Fox) + news of Biden outraising Trump in May (thanks to BLM $ via ActBlue) + fake news re: POTUS will refuse to leave WH in Nov = preemptive fake narrative vs TRUTH re: Ds rigging election w/[F]oreign govt (China) help.
2. Been saying this for a while. I included a link to an Aug 2017 NY Post article re: Orwell's "1984" & "Monument Wars" in my 11 Jun post.
They are literally using it as a How-To guide (in addition to the COIN manual re: insurgencies).
3. This absurd @thehill piece starts with: "President Trump on Monday suggested without evidence that his predecessor, former President Obama, committed treason..."

Oh, there's PLENTY of evidence. Durham's got the goods.

Surrender is NOT an option.
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21 Jun 20
New Q (21 Jun '20): Btwn BLM/Antifa thugs blocking entrances & @AOC's bragging re: CCP's TikTok fans fraudulently registering 1000s of fake rally goers, last night's rally was still a resounding SUCCESS! My friend, Debbie attended & shared a post on FB.…
2. Barr re: Durham investigation, expects to have "some developments hopefully before the end of this summer." MUST happen before election! We know WHY [they] are pushing COVID-2 [C], question is what will POTUS & Barr do to counter?
Video starts at 21:45.
3. Most of us caught on to that last night when POTUS discussed this. Much like "video killed the radio star", social media is neutering the fake news media. Great Q proof to boot!
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20 Jun 20
New Q (20 Jun '20): AG Barr nominates Jay Clayton as US Atty for SDNY.

Control over Weiner laptop, CF, Epstein, U1.
Berman refuses to resign.

Crimes covered up by SDNY > "Will make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show".
"Puppy" = ?
2. Q confirms anon post re: 28 U.S. Code sec. 541(c): POTUS can fire US Atty.…
10 Jun: Do Anons understand what is about to be unleashed?
Thought it was re: these drops:

12 Jun: @mikepompeo posted his (unleashed) puppy pic.
3. House Oversight Nat'l Sec subcmte sent ltr to Haspel re: Pompeo Ext Adv Brd to req unredacted mbr list by 30 Jun. Pompeo (D/CIA Jan '17 - Apr '18) learned which for'n gov'ts Brennan coord with. As SecState, travelled to collect evidence. Barr on board.…
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18 Jun 20
New Q (18 Jun '20): German gov't knew homeless children were placed w/pedophiles. Pedophilia was "accepted, supported, and defended". Q hit pieces deride Q researchers for believing "world govts are controlled by shadowy cabal of pedophiles."

It's TRUE.
2. Vile surveys/policies intended to make us think pedophilia NOT currently allowed. I saw a sickening thread @ a month ago w/actual CP videos/pics on Twitter.……
"Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities."
3. It's sad that this Thin Blue Line Flag, intended to "show solidarity & professional pride within a dangerous, difficult profession & a solemn tribute to fallen police officers" is viewed by the left as controversial. [They] want us divided. #BackTheBlue…
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17 Jun 20
New Q (17 Jun '20): With 96% approval rating in R Party, more Ds walking away fm Dem-Socialist Party every day, attempts by RINO NeverTrump losers forming pro-Biden Super PACs & releasing libelous ads by Lincoln Project, the odds are ever in OUR favor.
2. @AP pushed Nazi propaganda then & in 2012 began pushing NK propaganda.…
Read how Hitler came to power. So many parallels w/today's events. Propaganda is KEY. Sound familiar?…
Palmer Report = total scumbag.
3. Assuming some of these Dem Governors & key Dems in Congress have active FISA warrants (coord COVID release w/China), I'm sure the answer to these questions is YES. Military intel likely has ample proof. My Q: When will the public learn about this?
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13 Jun 20
New Q (13 Jun '20): Video features words from Alan Watts.…
He is a British writer and speaker known for interpreting and popularising Buddhism, 
Taoism, & Hinduism for Western audience.
2. Image here was from a 2016 Memorial Day incident when a Henderson man drove through Central Park's Memorial Day display of crosses.…
Watching what's happening in CHAZ & Dem Mayors elsewhere defunding or disbanding police force SHOULD wake people up.
3. As long as MSM's allowed to push propaganda (Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012) & as long as Big Tech keeps us hidden in an echo chamber, it's not going to be easy to wake people up. Hopefully those experiencing life under Dem tyrants will wake up.
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11 Jun 20
New Q (11 Jun '20): Yesterday Q alerted us re: DECLAS imminent & to "Follow the pen". Assumed > watch @CBS_Herridge's acc.

She broke news re: DECLAS IC Asmt, Annex A showing FBI knew dossier fake but used to justify FISA renewals.
2. Declas Annex provides "most definitive proof to date" US IC in Dec 2016, as Hussein was leaving office, "was wary of a dossier that was essential to the FBI probe into now-disproven Trump-Russia collusion." They used it anyway to spy on Trump campaign.
3. "States that never locked down at all -- where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower indoors alone -- in the end turned out no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines."…
If it's safe to protest, it's safe to VOTE in person.
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11 Jun 20
New Q (10 Jun '20): Praise Jesus! Keep your heads on a swivel. [They] will need another big distraction to tie up the news cycle. Guessing we'll see some highlighted key points on @CBS_Herridge's timeline.
2. Rigging voting machines didn't work in 2016 & won't work in 2020; POTUS-endorsed candidates winning primaries/spec elections; Russia hoax, impeachment, pandemic & insurrection failed. They actually think they can STEAL the election via mail-in voting.
3. Here's the article ref'd in previous drop.…
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9 Jun 20
New Q (9 Jun '20): I mused on 4 Jun re: EAM drop may've been to let [them] know POTUS & mil intel were aware of [their] plans & countermeasures were in place. By posting as Q drop w/our massive WW reach, it made [them] scrap their plans for Fri or Sat.
2. Was Antifa planning to show up in DC dressed as National Guardsmen and shoot protesters on Sat? Did Esper's order for NG to go unarmed and with soft caps on instead of helmets make it impossible for [them] to go forward w/their sick plan?
3. As AG Barr prev said: "These things take time."

"The wheels of justice grind slow."

"There can be no mistakes.
Good things sometimes take time.
Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail."

We're almost there.
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6 Jun 20
New Q (6 Jun '20): Q has told us 4x it's going to be "BIBLICAL". Carlo Maria Viganò uses the same word.

This powerful letter lays out the war btwn DARK & LIGHT.

Q has posted re: "Put on the full armor of God" 11x. If you haven't yet done so, it's time.
2. Several active & retired mil officers violated Art 88. Clapper, Hayden, Mattis, McChrystal + those planning mutiny if POTUS invokes Insurrection Act. 18 U.S. Code § 2387 - Activities Affecting Armed Forces Generally also applies.

3. @TuckerCarlson did segment re: 1932, Soviets began promoting 13-year-old peasant boy, Pavlik Morozov who denounced his own father to the secret police for committing counter-revolutionary acts. They executed him by firing squad.…
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5 Jun 20
New Q (5 Jun '20): Homeland Security Cmte voted 8-6 on Thurs to give Chairman Ron Johnson auth to send subpoenas as part of investigation into origins of Russia probe & process of “unmasking.”…
2. Re: pen placement in @CBS_Herridge's pics, always thought it was just her signature style. Only thing I noted beside yellow pen open & pink closed was pink = FBI (some cooperating witnesses); yellow = State Dept; circled/underlined = other depts (Treasury, Energy, & WH CoS).
3. If I didn't loathe public speaking, I'd run for office. Looking forward to seeing @GenFlynn back in Trump admin. A great PATRIOT once told me "Our country is at risk to this dangerous shift and WTP must fight for our republic if we want to remain free."
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4 Jun 20
New Q (4 Jun '20): Dems desperately need black votes & intentionally stoke flames of racial division. No coincidence BLM protests/riots happened WW summer of '16 before the Nov '16 election & happening now. MSM/Dems coordinating w/Soros' army then & now.…
2. This clip is from Soros' speech @ World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (Jan '18):…
@RealJamesWoods accurately described him as "satanic".

"When [GS] calls, D's always answer."
3. 29 Mar, 1st night of protests, incl near WH. Protesters fought w/USSS to remove temp barricades.

USSS moved POTUS to bunker.…
WH heavily guarded. Ds know & hoped to capture USSS shooting black protesters. POTUS tweet was warning.
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