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8 Apr
Here we have another attack on democracy from someone who doesn't even begin to understand its most basic precepts let alone wrestle with the difficult aspects of it. Ironically, he's making an argument of why he shouldn't be allowed to vote.
His argument that the intelligence of the electorate should determine whether they have a right to vote is preposterous.
Hanania might be dumb as a brick but that doesn't mean I can take his house and car or punch him.
He has rights, autonomy and human dignity.
Democracy isn't an argument for efficiency or expertise. It's one of moral authority. The people as a whole and the individuals and groups that make up the Demos are sovereign. It's dependent on equality and fidelity between people rather than a claim to expertise or might.
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7 Apr
What @EPoe187 doesn't reflect on is that all those issues deal directly with what bell hooks described as
"“white supremacist capitalist patriarchy" and that academia is one of the only places where challenging the status quo and caring about the marginalized is normalized.
@EPoe187 complaining about "redefining words" and obscurism when academic texts analyze ignored or marginalized sources, use words with greater specificity and create new ones.
The far right and IDW love mentioning 1984 but they obviously never read it.
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7 Apr
1. What problem does X policy aim to solve?
2. Does this policy reduce harm or increase it?
3. Are there better alternatives?

Voter ID aims to solve a problem that doesn't exist, increases harm by reducing the power of the electorate, and there are better alternatives.
Immunity or vaccine passports aim to stop the spread of an illness. It may actually increase harm by pushing people to get sick and it's potentially unfair. Better alternatives are actually lockdowns and mask mandates.…
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6 Apr
#RayaAndTheLastDragon is a movie worth looking at for theory alone. It needed to be sold worldwide and thus avoided schizophrenia by philosophically saying absolutely nothing Imho. @alisonwillmore wrote a review of it that says it did.( I was agog and aghast at her intro😂)
If I recall correctly the tribalism came after the plague, which has no cause or blame meaning that the tribalism already existed. The causes of this lack of unity is blamed on human nature. A natural failing rather than say oppression or inequality.
There's a environmental disaster but that's because of the tribalism/ a little girl trusted her new friend rather than a product of something like the way of life people are living. The return to the status quo both in terms of the plague and the drought is 'juat chillax.'
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