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14 Nov
All of the REAL NEWS is happening behind the scenes. The remaining Deep State swamp rats have been forced to come out of hiding in their last ditch effort to stop the destruction of the democrats and ds cabal by Stealing the Election and getting rid of President @realDonaldTrump
The swamp rats find themselves unable (unwilling) to obey the President's orders and should be brought up on charges and escorted from the premises by US Marshalls.
Furiously fighting against President Trump as he tries to end all wars and keep the socialist-globalists from...
destroying America, is the Deep State buried within his own government—who as the Security Council documented yesterday, caused to be released a lying document claiming that the Department of Homeland Security had found no evidence of fraud in the election—the Deep State....
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12 Nov
Democrats Are Running Psyop Against Trump but may be Walking Into “Directive 51” Trap

shockingly the 2020 Election was turned into a psyop operation commanded by disgraced former US Army General Stanley McChrystal through his socialist Democrat Party funded Defeat DisInfo Org. Image
note that story about War Mongering disgraced Gen.McChrystal was by Michael Hastings the Rolling Stones Reporter who was supposedly about to break a bombshell story about the Obama Admin when his car mysteriously exploded after he confided to friends that he felt he was in danger Image
The Defeat DisInfo organization— uses a military grade artificial intelligence algorithm to discover pro-Trump and pro-America social media messages, videos and postings, and when found, are immediately set upon by an army of over 3.5-million highly paid “influencers” Image
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18 Aug
If you have not seen Millie Weaver's Documentary called "ShadowGate" it is a must see. It so exposes the Deep State that right when she was about to publish it they came and arrested her and her husband on a phony burglary charge.
They are still in jail, and now they are....
...trying to take her children. They have a juvenile court hearing today. Family and friends say they are good parents, but we know why they are going after her so hard. The video is dynamite and exposes the real puppet masters behind #SpyGate #ObamaGate #SethRich and more....
...To understand what "bogus excuse" they are using as a reason to arrest her & her husband, I am going to tweet out a statement by @Millie__Weaver's mother. Please pray for Millie and her family. Child protective services is dangerous. Children are abused, & fostered w/pedos....
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10 Apr
BOMBSHELL: @RepAdamSchiff has a child sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by a 19 year old male. Is this one of the sexual harassment claims Congress paid off with our money?
What makes this even worse, is he is running a foundation that specializes in massaging babies.
Sources are saying that he actually worked for/with Jeffrey Epstein. Several sources over the years have stated that @RepAdamSchiff is CIA/Mossad, which would explain his tie into Epstein. But it is really disturbing that someone with a child sex charge is massaging babies.
It has not been verified that @RepAdamSchiff is a CIA and/or Mossad asset or agent. But, it has been verified through sources that he had a child sexual abuse allegation lodged against him. I have not been able to verify the date of the charge yet. That may be b/c the victim....
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24 Mar
Amazing Polly is doing what she does best, research and connecting the dots. In her research on the members of the 'Corona Virus Task Force' she has found some Booms!

Did you know that Dr. Deborah Birx gave fired Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch lots of money in 2019?.... Image
Dr. Deborah Brix gave former Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch lots of money just when impeachment was beginning to start. And isn't it ironic that three of the Corona Virus Task Force members where all part of Pepfar. @VP Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Brix and Dr. Fauci. Brix was the...
...overseer of Pepfar, she was the US global ambassador on Aids and HIV. @CoreysDigs is completely a book about the $90 billion slush fund under the guise of Aids/HIV funding where the money is then sent to fund many other things. And, this all circles back to the DS @StateDept. Image
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14 Feb
@Strandjunker A. Because he is part of the Executive Branch and the President is the head of the Exec Branch not Congress

B. He has to show Congress he does not kowtow to their endless hyperventilations either.

C. The President has full Constitutional power to commute
pardon, order an....
@Strandjunker ...investigation into something, or request the @TheJusticeDept drop a case. He is the Executive of the Executive Branch so he has ultimate power over the DOJ.

D. It is absolutely silly to try to say he can commute or pardon a sentence, but not voice his opinion if he thinks....
@Strandjunker @TheJusticeDept ....a sentence is too harsh. By giving the President the power to commute or pardon, that is the ultimate power over any case.

E. This independent Justice Dept just started in the last few Presidents admin ever since Bush #1 pardoned everyone in his cabinet the night before....
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13 Jul 19
Yesterday I tweeted a story about how Germany's hospitals are in a state of crisis because of immigrants. They go crazy when they find out they have to pay for prescriptions, leave their kids and tell the pharmacists to pay for their medicine. Throw aids infected urine on nurses
Germans immigrants refuse to let women doctors treat them, they come in with diseases they haven't seen in Europe since the middle ages. Scabies, syphilis, typhoid fever, measles, you name it. They demand everything free, and are overwhelming the system. Many are violent and....
the police have had to post officers at emergency rooms and even major pharmacies b/c when they find out they have to pay for prescriptions they become violent and start throwing things. A female doctor is warning the world…
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12 Jul 19
In all seriousness, it is pretty bad when state run Russian TV is way more honest and unbiased than the #FakeStream #PropagandaMedia like @CNN's @chrislhayes and @voxdotcom's total biased hack Aaron Rupar @atrupar…
RT was the only outlet to tell both sides of the story, and more importantly showing the outrageous hatred of the #RadicalLeftist media with extreme radical Aaron Rupar @atrupar of @voxdotcom going so far as to call @SebGorka a fascist and editing the video to favor @BrianKaram.
No one else that I have seen other than Russia's RT TV reported that the argument between @SebGorka and @BrianKarem started with him calling the social media influencers “prone to demonic possession,” b/c he and other mainstream media were angry they had to stand while they sat.
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14 Jun 19
I can never quite figure out why President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration always cover for the deep state and their false flags they use to try and start war. I know they have a reason, and they won't allow a war, but I don't understand why they don't just call them out?
President Putin’s grave warning that situations “in and with” the United States are not just getting bad, “they are in fact deteriorating, getting worse by the hour”, this grim reality is driving the world towards total war as best exampled by yesterday’s “false flag” attack.
yesterday’s “false flag” attack against two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman—that came a day after socialist Democrats in the US Congress shockingly voted for the “unilateral disarmament” of the US military in refusing their urgent request for low-yield defensive nuclear weapons.
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3 Jun 19
BREAKING: Man shot down by U.S. Secret Service agents near White House

A man was taken down near the White House on Sunday night after U.S. Secret Service agents opened fire, according to a Xinhua reporter on site.

The man was entering a lockdown area north of the White House
Secret Service agents gave verbal warnings before opening fire. The condition of the man is unclear yet.
The shooting occurred around the time President @realDonaldTrump was departing for the U.K. on the South Lawn or shortly thereafter.
Snapshot 1 taken from a video shows Secret Service agents outside the White House in Washington D.C., the United States, on June 2, 2019. A man was taken down near the White House on Sunday after U.S. Secret Service agents opened fire, according to a Xinhua reporter on site.
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