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Mom to @lzakraysek ❤️~ Daughter to #USAF Vet 🇺🇸#God #Family #Country ~ #Honor #Integrity #Loyalty #Trust ~ Backup Acct @mhudson4242 ~ Support @codeofvets
5 Sep 19
Mr President @realDonaldTrump In 2017 Gretchen Smith @cov_Gretchen founded @codeofvets in honor of her dad. She has given her blood, sweat & tears for this cause & has not profited 1 cent. Along comes @pulte #TwitterPhilanthropy who donates & helps by sharing his fortune .....
To further assist more veterans in need & expands that into other means of assisting those in need. The reality is he used Gretchen to increase his following & has now blocked @codeofvets accusing her of “unauthorized” use of his Twitter account. It’s not “unauthorized use
When that individual give the information to use as a platform to live stream as in the case of the veteran who received a brand new vehicle that @pulte donated. @DailyMailUK posted an article that is completely inaccurate as @codeofvets is the one who made this happen.
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