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10 Mar
Thread geolocating & analyzing Ansar al-Tawhid's #IRAM strikes in Tel Mardikh, #Idlib, #Syria yesterday. Both of their unique IRAM (#Hameem & #Burkan) were used in the strikes.

Will mostly focus on the #Burkan here, see quoted thread for background.

Ansar al-Tawhid first announced the strikes targeting Regime forces in Tel Mardikh on their TG bot at 15:17 local time on 03/09/2021. At 19:40 they released the below announcement claiming the strikes led to seven Tiger Forces and one 5th Corps fighter killed & another 15 wounded
At 22:01 they released an untitled, 00:57 video showing the operation. In addition to new tank technicals & artillery, the video also shows launches of 2 #Burkan & at least 5 #Hameem rockets shown in the frames below numbered in launch order
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29 Jun 20
Thread recording every known #R9X Hellfire (aka #NinjaMissile & #FlyingGinsu) strike.

The AGM-114R-9X is an inert variant of the AGM-114 "Hellfire" developed by #Lockheed that is meant to reduce risk of civilian casualties while using pop-out blades to maintain lethality.
The #R9X has received much attention since a @WSJ article by @glubold & @wstrobel last year where it was said to have been used "about a half-dozen times" against high level terrorist targets in "#Libya #Syria #Iraq #Yemen & #Somalia"…
Its extreme precision, exotic nature, and increasingly visible usage by what is presumed to be #JSOC and #CIA according to a piece by @FranticGoat for @thewarzonewire have kept it in the spotlight though.…
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