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22 Sep
1. This mini thread will explore slavery during the dark ages as well as the semi autonomous Jevvish Principate in Southern France, “Septimania.” … Let the learning begin!
2. The Jevvish Encyclopedia states:

By the late 6th century “Jevvs had become the chief traders in this class of traffic [slavery].”
Islam’s rise expanded the slave markets.
“Many of the Spanish Jevvs owed their wealth to the trade in Slavonian slaves brought from Andalusia.”
3. Having established the existence of extensive and long standing slave trading networks linking Europe with the middle East and North Africa we see a connection between Babylon and Barcelona. Additionally, Pirenne’s book highlights Verdun’s role in the slave trade.
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14 Jul
1. A preliminary investigation into the Roosevelt (aka van Rosenvelt, aka Geldersman) clan.

Many know about the Roosevelt connection to slavery and the Delano connection to the Opium trade – but this thread will provide an angle of immorality I have yet to see explored. Image
2. Looking at Nicholas Van Rosenvelt (direct ancestor of both Teddy Roosevelt and FDR) we see that both his parents died while he was a baby.

Young Nicholas was adopted by Metje Andries Grevenraet (not a relative) of New Amsterdam. Image
3. Metje Grevenraet was married to Anthony Janszoon. – Janszoon was a pirate thought to be the first “Muslim” in the New World.

He was a boisterous and trouble making mulatto nicknamed “The Turk.” His notable descendants include Jackie Kennedy and Warren G. Harding. Image
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10 Jul
1. Looking at the Frankist link to America (via Dr. Phil) we see the Frankist lineage married with Dorothy Harmon Dawson. Dorothy connects us to a few dynastic families in America. Lets look at some of these American families.
2. The LeComptes were early plantation owners in Maryland who fled France for England during the Huguenot conflict. In London Anthony LeCompte married Hester Dottantte (of Normandy) then set sail for America. Pres. Hoover considered LeCompte’s castle for a summer residence.
3. The LeCompte line married with the dynastic Baylor family who owned plantations & merchant ships. This fortune went on to fund the Baylor family of Texas & Kentucky (including Baylor University.)
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2 Jul
1. This thread will explore the lineage of Jacob Leibowitz Frank. Frank proclaimed himself to be the messiah and the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi.

📺 Here is a 5 minute video to Frankists & Zevi; these are two of history’s most sick & evil people.
2. Taking a look a Jacob Frank’s children (he likely had more) it looks like some of the family lines have been scrubbed. However, a little genealogical sleuthing may provide some answers.

Did Jacob Frank's family spread his disturbing philosophy all over the world? Lets see!
3. Looking at Ruth Dinah Frank, we see she married a Sabbatian teacher, Rabbi Berechiah Russo, and was herself a Tzadikess of Scotland.

It is also interesting that the cult spread to England and then Scotland. It is unpleasant to see the Frankist immorality spread so quickly.
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25 Jun
1. This thread will examine the history of the New York Times and its editors Arthur Hays Sulzberger & Adolph Ochs.

NYT has been one of the most widely read newspapers in the world for over 100 years; let’s dive deeper into who was controlling mainstream narrative for decades.
2. The NYT was first published in 1851 by journalist / politician Henry Jarvis Raymond & former banker George Jones. Early investors included the Morgan family (yep, those Morgans.) However after a few decades the paper was struggling particularly after the panic of 1893.
3. In 1896, The Ochs Era of the NYT began when Adolph Simon Ochs, publisher of the Chattanooga Times paid $75,000 for control of the struggling paper.

Under Ochs leadership the struggling paper expanded to an International news powerhouse. But who was Adolph Ochs?
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22 Jun
1. This thread will explore the crypto lineage of Venezuelan ruler, Nicholas Maduro.

The dictator is descended from the Maduros of Curacao (connected to the Dutch West India Company) who previously settled in Holland and earlier Portugal. Lets dig in.
2. While tracing a line of rabbinic scholars I came across the name Maduro several times in Curacao and Aruba. Curacao & Aruba are very close to Venezuela; so I wondered was there a connection to Nicholas Maduro? … Sure enough EthnicCelebs lists David Maduro as his Grandfather.
3. So who are these Maduros and what were they doing in Curacao & Aruba?

The Dutch West Indies produced sugar and imported slaves. The land was less conducive to plantations than surrounding islands so Curacao became specialized in the importation of African slaves.
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9 May
🧶 Thread: Statistical data by county with graphics.

1. Looking at the national picture we see that only a few states have death numbers higher than last year's Flu:
- New York,
- New Jersey,
- Connecticut,
- Mass,
- Michigan,
- Louisiana,
- perhaps Rhode Island & Colorado.
2. New York State provides has the most deaths of any state in the USA.

However, When we examine the data more closely we see that deaths are primarily confined to the NYC metro area. (Connecticut's most affected county is Fairfield which is part of NYC metro.)
3. As we look into the NY data more we see are large percentage of deaths (39%) come from over age 80 and 95% of deaths come from people over 50 years old.
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20 Apr
1. Wandering around the Dutch Reform Cemetery several things caught my eye.

There are many Masonic gravestones but more curious was the Skull & Bones grave of Gerardus Duyckinck. Even more interesting Gerardus grave is next to Gilbert Livingston’s, ancestor to the Bush Dynasty. Image
2. Here is a close-up of Gerardus Duyckinck's grave featuring the Skull & Bones. Image
3. Let’s first look at Gerardus Duycknick. We can trace his family back to Westphalia and they have noble connections dating to 1230.

Furthermore, we see his ancestor was responsible for the “Baptist Pilgrim” movement which looks like it morphed into the Dutch Reformed Church. Image
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17 Apr
A thread of relevant rap songs. (Language warning)

1. 🔊 Immortal Technique. "The Fourth Estate" Read the lyrics on the screen if having trouble keeping up.
2. Immortal Technique. "Point of No Return"

Genetically engineered sickness, Solomon's Temple, Knights Templar, Patriot Act, Microchips, "If I turn back now there can never be peace" "the place that Im from doesnt exist anymore." computerized humanity etc.
3. Immortal Technique. "Cause of Death."

Military industrial complex. 9/11 & Bush. bombs on GW bridge. Bush - Bin laden connection. Middle East Wars, Wolfowitz Doctrine, etc.
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8 Apr
Recent Helicopter Activity Thread (please add any unusual helicopter activity to the thread; with the date, time & location.)

1. There has been some unusual helicopter activity around the country the past week.

April 1st Southern California
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4 Apr
1. Unusual notes from the NYC / Brooklyn scanner traffic.

Out of dozens of feeds, only 2 NYC scanner feeds are offline:
- NYPD Zone 20; comprising the 67th & 71st precincts
- Hatzolah Volunteer Ambulance - Staten Island Image
2. Taking a closer look at NYPD zone 20. We see that it is comprised of the 67th precinct and the 71st precinct. Image
3. Zooming in on the two precincts we can see the neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Flatbush. Image
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3 Apr
1. Why are milk producers in Pennsylvania being ordered to dump milk down the drain? Image
2. Why is there a federal milk authority mandating producers dump milk?

It seems an odd time dump milk rather than the normal process of donating it to food pantries. It seems especially odd to dump food at a time of record unemployment. Image
3. Why are shoppers at BigBox stores in Vermont prohibited from purchasing seeds and other "non-essential" items. Who decides what is essential? And are all people's essential needs the same now!?
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30 Mar
1. This thread will provide video links from NYC (and other municipal) hospitals provided by independent journalists.

📺 March 24, Jason Goodman NYU Langone and Bellvue (long video)
2. 📺 March 25, Jason Goodman Javits Center, Manhattan (Long Video)
3. 📺 March 27, Jason Goodman. Is Elmhurst a Simulation. Who is Dr. Colene Smith? (Long video)
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29 Mar
1. Some more notes from NYC:

I watched the main entrance to Lenox Hill Hospital for 15 minutes tonight. There were ZERO sick people trying to get in, there were ZERO cars parked in front, and ZERO sick people walking in. Image
2. Looking into the hospital waiting room there was not one single patient or family member. The lone person in the photo was a hospital employee watching CNN. (Watching CNN, or any TV is a sickness but not a cause for global concern.) Image
3. Looking at the main entrance there were no patients; only a few very casual hospital employees! One attractive nurse smiled wryly as she noticed me taking pictures of the empty hospital in disbelief. Image
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27 Mar
Why has the Gov recently purchased millions of dollars of Long Range Acoustical Devices? (GNSS formerly known as LRAD)

These acoustical devices are designed to enable sound waves to travel miles, however the primary usage of the tech is as a non-lethal weapon for crowd control. Image
5 months ago Ly Tran was appointed as Strategic Adviser to GNSS. Tran has some eclectic connections to Big Tech, Healthcare, Council of Foreign Relations, CNEX (Huawei lawsuit), US Army War College, Princeton, Harvard, etc. Image
Note: 1-2 million dollar orders are big sales for GNSS but are not disproportionately huge from the company's track record.

(Do not be overly alarmed by this singular data point it is not that unusual. My concern is the timing of the purchase & potential additional purchases.)
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26 Mar
Some notes from NYC region:

1. Ran into an old pal who is a teacher at a private school in NYC. She said the school board was WAY AHEAD of the outbreak and actually held the last 2 days (march 13& 14) before spring break entirely online on their new system! How prescient!
2. This school has been in the news for firing long-time teacher, Joel Doerfler, for expressing anti-lsrael views. For decades Doerfler expressed rabid pro-communist (anti-USA) rhetoric, yet only lost his position after questioning the aggression of lsrael…
3. Conveniently private schools are on Spring Break from March 13-30.

The timing of the break is perhaps relevant because all the wealthy NYC people planned to be on Holiday for the second half of March months ago.
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16 Mar
1. This reliquary of St. Fiacre (~600-670) caught my attention because of the deliberate finger position.

Fiacre was likely born in Ireland and then moved to France where he successfully propositioned Burgundofaro to help him establish a monastery in Breuil, France. Image
2. St Faro, Burgundofaro (translated “he who moves the Burgundians”) was the son of Chagnoric who was the Chancellor to the last powerful Merovingian king Dagobert I. He gave up the toils of aristocratic life to help establish the cult of St. Fiacre on his remote family land. Image
3. Fiacre is the patron Saint of Hemorrhoids, Venereal Disease, & herbalism etc. Members of St. Fiacre’s cult include Vincent de Paul & Anne of Austria.

Anne is flashing a gang sign & is the mother of Louis XIV, the “sun king.” This was enough for me to dig deeper. Lets dig in! Image
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24 Feb
Part 2/2: The Corruption of Colonial Colleges in America (exploring the origins of America’s first 25 US colleges.)
22. In 1769 Dartmouth opened its doors under the oppressive guidance of slave master, Rev. Eleazer Wheelock, who is noted to have owned 19 slaves. His mother was a Huntington of St. Simon & Jude Parish England. (She is related to Skull & Bones founder William Huntington Russell.)
23. The area around Dartmouth shows the religious fanaticism of the founders with town names like Jericho, Lebanon, and Canaan. Hyrum Smith, brother of the Mormon leader, and George Bush (Hebrew lit Professor at NYU) both lived in the area and attended in the late 1810s.
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21 Feb
1. We recently dug into the shady origins of Harvard’s foundation:

We will get back to Harvard and the Puritans, but lets peek at a few of the other indoctrination centers known as colleges that operated in Colonial America.
2. In 1693 William & Mary was the second College established in the British Colonies. The school was closely connected to slavery as slave labor was a constant source of income for the school which remained pro-slavery all the way up until the civil war. Image
3. William & Mary was headed by James Blair (looks like he flashing a gang sign) who was supported by King William & Queen Mary II.

Blair married Sarah Harrison of the powerful Harrison family that produced 3 Presidents: William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, & Abe Lincoln. Image
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19 Feb
1. This thread will explore little known origin of Harvard University as well as the introduction of the printing press to British North America. Lets start by looking at the first headmaster of Harvard. Reverend Nathaniel Eaton. Image
2. Right off the bat we see something appears tremendously wrong with the Eaton family. Nathaniel Eaton was charged (albeit not in normal court) with severely beating Harvard students and his wife, Anne, was charged lacing the student’s food with livestock feces! Image
3. Looking into the Eaton family we see the early coordination between education (Rev. Eaton) and government his brother Theophilus Eaton the first Governor of the New Haven Colony who instituted Connecticut’s Blue Laws which are heavily Mosaic.
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7 Feb
1. William the Conqueror was an alien invader of England.
But have you ever considered that William was perhaps part of a larger cult intent upon enacting a long term plan of enslaving humanity?

Let’s consider it now. Image
2. Looking at the portraits, William certainly has a very long pronounced nose and dark curly hair. In the profile portrait the “dorsal hump” is prominently featured whereas the standard view features the unusually long nose to face ratio. Image
3. Looking into William the Conqueror’s Genealogy produces some more interesting anomolies. William’s mother, Herleva (pictured below) was married to Herluin, Count of Conteville; yet she produced William with her partner, Robert the Magnificent. Image
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