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20 May
Why BJP has failed to win 2021 Vidhansabha election in WB?
I see that many RW Hindus r blaming only Bengali Hindus for not winning BJP in WB election.
I think they don't know the ground reality.
I'm a karyakarta of HJM
Let me tell u the reasons of BJP's poor performance.

1. Karyakartas with separate ideology made the ground org weak:
BJP had org at almost every booths in WB.
But many of their Karyakartas were ex-CPIM, who joined BJP only to save themselves from TMC not by accepting ideology.
They made BJP's ground org weak in many constituencies.
2. Welcoming & Promoting TMC leaders & ignoring its own dedicated Karyakartas:
BJP thought they r weakening TMC by promoting new joining TMC leaders in party.
But they didn't realize that they r cheating their own Karyakartas who fought against the same TMC leaders in LS election
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11 Dec 20
Shortest Indian Love Story

Muslim boy falls in love with a Hindu Girl. And she ends up in a Bag


Story No. - 1 @_sayema

Man kills woman and daughter in Uttar Pradesh`s Meerut, buries them in house.

Murderer : Shamshad…
Story No. - 2 @_sayema

Shakib and his family members had chopped off Ekta’s body, sister-in-law removed her clothes

Meerut love jihad case: Shakib and his family members had chopped off Ekta’s body, sister-in-law removed her clothes…
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10 Dec 20
Mu$lims r d only growing com in India.
The population of Mus$lims is increasing continuously.
& from central to state every Govt all r helping them to increase their population.
After making a Hindu majority country as SECULAR(Anti-Hindu) they're doing appeasement of a single com
Now d questions are..
1. Why they r appeasing a single community?
2. Have they learnt nothing from the History?
3. R they don't know that what this com did in 1947 when they were just 24.3% of entire population of United Bharat?
4. R they unaware about future planning of Mu$lims?
Now d population on Mu$lims in India is above 25 crores( 18% approx) now.
& the increasing atrocities on Hindus, the cases of LoveJihad, the demolition of the idols of Hindu Lords, Lynching of Hindu Sadhus r d proof that This country is going toward another tragedy.
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16 Aug 20
Today is 16 Aug. But 74 year ago on this day in 1946, Muslim Ledge announced Direct Action against Hindus and 40000 Bengali Hindus were killed, raped by Jihadi Muslims on the streets of Kolkata. Hindus were forced to leave East Bengal( Now Bangladesh)
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That time Kolkata and WB was saved by Gopal Mukherjee. No police no army saved the Bengali Hindus. He built a army with Hindu Youth and saved Kolkata, not only the people but the land also. He is the greatest Warrior of Bengal. But 95% bengali Hindus don't know about him (2/4) Image
The cpim & Congress called him communal.But the truth is that, he is the man for whom today West Bengal is a Integral part of India.
I want to request @narendramodi ji please give him respect by adding his name in NCRT books & make a Statue of him.
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