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3 Oct
This is a fun troll but agreed. There's too much irony poison these days & social media incentivizes clickbait reactions over reading the article. I imagine Young's getting dragged by people over this.
There was a point in time when websites & blogs had a "satire" section. Such articles would be placed in that. Otherwise, this headline could use a "πŸ™ƒ" at the end
If you think I'm making too big a deal outta this, nah seriously. People do not read articles. You can't construct a satire like this & tear the mask off in the last paragraph. Most people will see this & assume it's another lib defense of Trump rather than a dig at those people
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3 Oct
I don't understand the Conway family. I know you shouldn't dictate people's family decisions but in that particular case, divorce is the only acceptable first step at serious defection.
I've never trusted lib-conservative coupled let alone this weird soft conservative "I'm anti-Trump now" shit George is playing. Their daughters growing up to be a Bernie Dem. It's weird & I don't trust George & selling out his wife is the only thing that'd prove he's serious
Otherwise, it's a normalization grift which it clearly is. You can't be married to a chief propagandist & claim to be in opposition. Divorce her. Or better yet leaks her texts, plans, itinerary anything she got. Sell her out, sell out your Nazi wife, you hack buffoon!
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3 Oct
You realize the sociopathy & cruelty of Aimee was always there and you spent the better part of two years defending & promoting that.
What do you think the reaction to Aimee was fueled by, dumbass? They drew first blood. What part of that did you miss? They attacked people with slander, harassment & threats of violence. Those victims responded, as hit dogs do. This response got labelled "wokescolding"
Shamrock Sean gonna act like he dont know the history cuz denying who drew first blood is what keeps the whole charade going. With Aimee, she embraced the conclusions long ago hence why this "post-left" shit is indistinguishable from IDW pro-MAGA fascism at this point
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3 Oct
"Pence will be worse"

As if he isnt also in charge of the govt already. People acting like Cheney didnt run the show 12 years ago
"But the powers of the VP are limited compared to--" blah blah blah. Nope. Cheney changed that. And tbh Bush Sr. changed that. Or Agnew. Or Nixon. In fact VP had the same de facto power as Prez since the centralization of the state in the modern era. Really gonna debate this?
Like folks.. "Trump" or "Trumpism" "MAGA" the post-2016 GOP whatever we call it is a shorthand for the whole thing. You want to remove Trump necessarily implies removal of the regime & all loyalists. I mean, in a true antifascist sense that's what it should mean.
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2 Oct
Look, I get the morbid attitude of nihilistic blood lust but if cheering for the death of the sitting rightwing POTUS offends you, then I don't think you want to win
Or rather we dont have the same goals. As in, do you really wanna "stop fascism"? Are you aware of what that entails? You can't believe things can continue as they are let alone that a "return to normalcy" is possible
I think what tendancies like the Dirtbag Left tried to capture was that no quarter attitude toward evil people (problem was they had a blindspot for GOP). The bullying, the harassment, the violence all that is justified when directed at the fascist death cult. Do you want to win?
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2 Oct
The wildest shit about this is that saying "Michael Brooks would've called Trump a fascist" is considered dragging by everyone involved here. They're so far down the rabbit hole that basic antifascist takes are considered an "own" or "offensive."
The real offensive issue here is believing Brooks SHOULDN'T be antifascist. It's hard to call & speculate but I like to believe that the Reed-Halper moment would've got him to come down on the right side of history. i.e. he was a better person than Sean or Aimee could ever be
Anyway, probably shouldn't ascribe your batshit fascist views to a dead man who can't respond to such characterizations. I guarantee at this moment in time he'd find Sean an insufferable piece of shit.
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2 Oct
These people are not on your side. A thread
The idea that Rachel Maddow is some kind of Resistance icon was concocted by both the far right & embraced by this class of affluent liberal despite not being true in any real terms. It betrays not a liberal mindset but the material incentives to keep the regime in power
Reminder that Trump won in 2016 partly due to the endless free media coverage that surrounded his campaign. The top NBC exec admitted that covering Trump 24/7 is a ratings boost. This whole media apparatus thrives off Trump being president, being the star of a dystopian sitcom
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1 Oct
The problem with replacing traditional media with podcasts, video streams & the like is that none of that shit is fact checked
Thinking about this in the context of just how much Ben Norton lies & makes shit up on his videos. He casually slanders people without a thought & those lies get swallowed up and propagated out. And this isnt just him it's the nature of the medium which allows dipshits like him
to do that shit. Think about a random podcast. Pick an episode. Listen 15 mins. How much is just shooting straight from the id? Do these people really know what they're talking about? No. And for the most part they shouldnt IF they bill themselves as entertainment
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23 Sep
Part II: Grayzone News & the Rise of Left Conspiratism

I left off discussing how American Affairs helped fuel RW tendencies in Dirtbag & DSA circles thru their useful idiots. Now I'll discuss how Grayzone, helped normalize fash conspiracies in the scene

The Grayzone Project is an alt new site founded by Max Blumenthal, son of Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal, covering US foreign policy thru a purported anti-imperialist lens. Yet, they often parrot Russian state FP views & host a rogue's gallery of conspiracy & RW voices Image
For background, Max used to have normal intl anti-imp views covering the Syrian refugee crisis & criticizing the Assad regime. This changed 180Β° after a Dec. 2015 gala hosted by RT, the same gala that included Mike Flynn & Jill Stein.…
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22 Sep
So is Qiao gonna acknowledge that the CCP wants Biden to win cuz they absolutely despise Trump & can't work with him?
Like they do this thing ranting about US agression, & US imperialism without acknowledging whose responsible for the trade war & political escalations. Very few if any criticisms of Trump, the GOP or the far right in the US.
Not implying anything with this, its just they're leaving a huge door open for Grayzone to exploit them with & turn them into Trump apologists. Like dealing with the Russian nationalists was one thing, but you think with China, you'd at least get some anti-Trumper tankies
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22 Sep
Seeing replies to this saying "4chan wasn't always a place for Nazis."

Yeah before that it was known as the child porn website. Seriously, wtf is wrong you internet-brained weirdos?
Raise your hand if you were radicalized into politics OFFLINE. Anyone?
I didnt even know what Something Awful was until 2009 & that's only cuz a friend showed me a Slenderman video. My roommate in 2010 was a reddit nerd & I remember telling him that website was passΓ©. Wild this shit's "cool" now.
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22 Sep
LRT transwomen are some on the best trolls. And they're viciously mean to their haters & that's awesome.
"Chipmunk looking ass" --> Anna Slatz

"Romulan looking bitch" --> Anna Khachiyan

"Skeletor ass ghoul" --> Aimee Terese

These are a few of the names I've seen flung out πŸ˜‚
"Wow. But some of these are rather problematic."

No shit. But you also can't accuse these transwomen of being crybully wokescolds now, can you? Being mean is fine when its directed at people who deserve it. I know there's comrades who disagree with me on that point but oh well
Do you want to win? If the answer is yes, then you gotta turn a blind eye to the really nasty behavior that marginalized people defensively employ to grind these evil pieces of shit into dust. You can hold your accountability tribunal after the class war.
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22 Sep
I think its funny that the unhinged rightwing fucks that stalk me on here think I'm some kind of wokescold or w/e. I'm one of the most un-PC people in the wrecker network. I'm not doing this for "wokeness" I'm doing this cuz you 4chan-brained dweebs are anti-antifa. That's it.
But go ahead & keep projecting your anti-queer, anti-homeless, anti-poor beliefs on people. You're just proving how deeply reactionary you are, that you think all your enemies share the same qualities
Also, just stop lying & making shit up and debate on issues. The reason you can't do that is cuz you know you're wrong. So you resort to fake ad hominem to distract that you a lonely, bitter scold wasting your middle ages in your plantation mansion you call a "corrugated shack."
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20 Sep
Bellows dipshit:
"See, radlibs dont actually care about identity politics. They'll happily attack women, black people, & queer people who happen to be conservative"

Its hilarious they projected these views onto us that we never held. Yeah, we don't give a fuck about tokenizing bullshit. Ideology matters, and if you're rightwing that more or less makes whatever marginalized identity you have moot
Anti-gay gay people, sexist women, anti-black black folks. These are all collaboraters. If you push the ideology that oppresses others in your idnetity group then it don't mean shit for you to wave that around like its on equal footing with being a pro-black black person.
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20 Sep
Is the squirrel lady ok?
Every other week she alternates between being disillusioned with her heroes (Greenwald, Taibbi etc) & repeating their Trump apologist talking points. Idk what the deal is or how one could be so confused as to flail like this
but I think the problem is that she stanned these pple in the first place. If you're critique of the professional media class doesnt include Matt Taibbi (legacy), Max Blumenthal (legacy), or Greenwald (not legacy, but still billionaire funded) then it's not an anti-cap critique
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20 Sep
The Lincoln Project is Nagleism for liberals
"Despite our stark policy differences with the Democrats, we..."

Bitch, what? You didnt change two shits about your politics? What kinda defection is that? Seems more like Operation Paperclip
So guys uh explain your political views. What are your policy proposals?

"We love America & want to vote out Trump."

That's not a political program. The Lincoln thing, does that mean you're neo-abolitionists?

"No, we want more prisons & a return to rule of law"

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20 Sep
Cuz of this guy, I learned New Hartford, Iowa is a place that actually exists. Curiosity got the best of me & so I confirmed this place is from colonial times when all the New England states were claiming territory as far west as the fucking Rockies lol. Btw it has 516 people
To people who dont know what I'm talking about, this is what the map looked like pre-independence Image
Timeline of cessions to the feds Image
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19 Sep
Imagine actually there's a meaningful difference between social conservatism & fiscal conservatism LOL
Social exclusion necessarily translates into financial exclusion cuz all this shit is intertwined. When has a social conservative ever made good on their supposed welfare economic promises? Think about it, theres not one historical case of such a thing actually occurring
Which is why herrenvolk social democracy hasnt actually ever been a thing...or rather social democracy itself doesnt solve inequality or distribution problems. Even just for white folks. Point to a racist welfare state where the entire (100%) white population got welfare support
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18 Sep
This been the most interesting aspect of Russiagate, yet so much ink was wasted on bot farms, Facebook & election hacking. If you wanna know why that story failed is cuz y'all focused way too much on meaningless bullshit. RT, by far, had way more influence than the IRA ever could
Instead of treating this like a James Bond spy story, the media could have honed in specifically on how the far right in the US, in conjunction with various media networks, was being amplified & enabled by Russian media types. The key was understanding how this nationalist turn
was in fact international, that there was a growing cooperation between Russian & US elites. Instead, mistakes were made, narratives run wild & you let the disinfo brigade capitalize off that. Trump is not a Putin agent. His ascension was his own but yes it aligns perfectly with
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18 Sep
What's weird about this post is that this account is firmly within the stupidpol/Dirtbag camp. As in, most of their followers are cumtown fans.

Aka this guy's just as "degenerate" but for dudes only. When queers, women, & gay people joke about this shit, it becomes a crisis.
You can chalk this up alongside dirtbags getting mad at 9/11 shitposts, vulgar humor, PMC bashing, & dragging people but *only when "wokies" do it!*

'Transgressive humor for me not for thee'
Seriously, they dont like it when people they want exterminated have fun on here. This also shows how the "you hate jokes" & "Forbidden Words!" narrative is bullshit. Much of the humor is the same, the difference is ideology.
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17 Sep
In my naivety, I thought libs learning this marked a change to them understanding the nuances of the left, but no. It tracked right along with my theory about populism & concept dilution & now the word's almost completely lost all meaning
Used to describe everyone from Bernie Sanders to Ben Norton. To Putin stans, to anti-Putin USSR stans, to pro-Putin pro-USSR stans. It describes everything & nothing simultaneously. It begs the question of what the point was in using this word.
If the issue is vulgar campist geopolitical positions, team rooting & the like, that's valid. Say that.

If it means "people who like bombs," yeah you're gonna need to elaborate on that & probably should use a different word.
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