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Historian / Feminist / Asst Prof @gender_ucd / #irishwmnhist #feminism #twitterstorians / North Kerry woman / @ManelWatchIre / views mine / she/her
19 Apr 20
1/Sunday, 1916, Dublin, Royal College of Surgeons outpost, Margaret Skinnider eyewitness account, #doingmybit1916 Cut off from the leaders at the GPO, the RCSI garrison had no idea that rebel leaders had surrendered on Saturday. They were still waiting for orders #irishwmnhist
2/"Sunday morning one of the despatch-girls, white and scared [it was Elizabeth O’Farrell] because she had been escorted to our "fort" by British soldiers, came from headquarters to inform Commandant Mallin that a general surrender had been decided on.
3/ The Commandant [Mallin] & Madam [Markievicz] were in my room at the time, & Madam instantly grew pale. "Surrender?" she cried. "We'll never surrender!" Then she begged the Commandant not to think of giving in. It would be better,she said,for all of us to be killed at our posts
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4 Mar 20
1/ Thinking again of how those who are powerless or regarded as 2nd class citizens always have to tell & retell their stories to gain rights or justice. The privileged rarely recognise the humanity of those seeking justice without being forced or shamed into it. #Redress
2/ women had to tell stories to violence, abuse,coercive control, lack of proper & full healthcare to gain rights over last 40 years, LGBT communities had to tell stories to prove their right to basic equality, Travellers has to tell stories to show their right to exist, migrants
3/ have to tell stories of trauma to prove they are really worth asylum and over 4 decades now we, as a state & society, have listened to survivors of institutional abuse tell their stories ... again and again. On our behalf our political masters sometimes refused to listen,
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13 Oct 19
1/ #warcrimes #sexualassault I teach a module on ‘Gender, War & Violence’ at @gender_ucd where we look at sexual violence against women & rape as a weapon of war. We are seeing rape used as that horrifying weapon of war by the Turkish & their allies, as they invade northern Syria
2/ use of sexual violence against women, children and men is a tactic used in all recent wars, it is considered a war crime, Erdogan is a war criminal as the instigator of this violence, and indeed we can consider Trump his accomplice! #warcrimes
3/ unfortunately enforcement is weak, authoritarian, strong men and their armies use it widely - there are resolutions at Geneva and the UN against this but enforcement needs to be enhanced. peacemaker.un.org/sites/peacemak…
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