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13 Sep
@ashishkjha I wouldn’t be so optimistic. Immune compromised patients may not be protected even after 3 doses, especially those who can’t carry a memory of the vaccine. They have no choice but to rely on OTHERS. That’s why boosters should actually be given to those who CAN make antibodies…
@ashishkjha Circulating antibodies of the general public have to be high, they are our first line of response. It’s what will restore high levels of protection against infection/transmission, the only thing that can protect the most vulnerable from exposure. Antibodies are waning, and…
@ashishkjha … while low levels could have been sufficient to prevent infection from older variants (and onwards transmission), with Delta we are exposed to a lot more virus.
As for memory cells, they play a major role in individual protection against severe disease, but it takes a few…
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11 Sep
Natural vs vaccine induced immunity🧵
This preprint study from 🇮🇱 does NOT prove that natural immunity 'confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant'.…
It has a major selection bias.
The sample of participants doesn't seem to be representative of the 🇮🇱 pop. The event rate in the study is much lower than that of the baseline pop in 🇮🇱  where > 1,200 infections per 100K were reported among the unvaxxed at the time.
Participants in this study doesn’t appear to be randomly selected. There was little adjustment and confidence intervals are too large. ➡️ we can’t rely on the results.
Besides it’s a RETROSPECTIVE observational study ➡️ a lot of infections can be missed
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2 Sep
I see a lot of misinformation about immunity conferred by prior infection vs vaccination, most notably because of a recent preprint study from Israel. But this study does NOT prove that natural immunity 'confers longer lasting & stronger protection’ against Delta
The level of protection from infection can vary a lot. Besides, ONE outlying study with lots of caveats CANNOT negate all other data we have so far! There are well conducted studies that demonstrated the exact opposite, including this one 👇
First of all, immunity through infection - also referred to as natural immunity - means you have to get infected to have that protection !
Letting people get infected has no public health benefit 🤷‍♀️
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