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20 Jul
HIGHLIGHTS from Zack Scott:

1. Jacob deGrom has mild forearm tightness. He is not too concerned long-term, he could be back pretty quick depending on the symptoms

2. Francisco Lindor is doing better at this point than other guys on the team who have had similar injuries

3. Between Peraza, Guillorme, and Villar, he thinks they can piece together a short-term solution at SS

4. The kind of player they are looking for offensively is someone with versatility

5. Acquiring Starting Pitching is definitely a focus. As of today, it is the top priority
6. He's very happy with the work Megill has done and he feels good about him

7. He still believes in Edwin Diaz and his stuff as the closer

8. He doesn't necessarily think it has to be a closer if they add to the bullpen, it would be a good quality arm to help in high leverage
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19 Jul
Just how unpredictable is this 2021 #Mets team?

@fangraphs gives them a 66.2% chance of making the playoffs.

@baseball_ref gives them a 18.4% chance of making the playoffs.

That is the largest disparity between the two models out of all 30 MLB teams.

@fangraphs @baseball_ref What's one potential reason for this huge difference?

According to Baseball-Reference, the Mets had the 13th easiest schedule so far in the 2021 season while they now have the HARDEST remaining schedule in the majors.
@fangraphs @baseball_ref @DSzymborski would love to get your take on if you have any idea as to why the Mets team is so polarizing for different models.

Seems like Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference agree on the majority of teams, but not the Mets.
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