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“Ignorance is bliss is so cliche these days. Humans, like other animals are inherently wired to follow the path of least resistance, with the least effort.”
23 Feb
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“I've had my vaccine and I feel fine."

This is the uneducated and ignorant defence from anyone that has taken the vaccine and uses it as proof that the vaccine works, when confronting anyone who questions it. If that's your defence, then you haven't 1/15
listened to a single word anyone has said, including science itself.

It's an mRNA vaccine. Innovative medicine. Completely untested. Unlike any other vaccine. In fact, it steps out of medicine and firmly into genetics. Let me explain.

What is RNA? RNA is Ribonucleic Acid. 2/15
And if you actually went to school, you will have heard of DNA. This is deoxyribonucleic Acid. And if you know anything about DNA, it contains the genetic makeup of any organism.

Both are very similar, yet have their differences also. But, more importantly, lets talk about 3/15
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