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Proudly indoctrinated into the radical left at the University of Georgia in the Deep South
16 Sep
@allinwithchris Regarding the PTSD segment and the polls. The polling is only valid for a free and fair election. The fear of Trump winning is only valid for a stolen election. The theft of this election is in progress. The state run propaganda machine is grooming its civilian militias. Modems…
@allinwithchris have been connected to many electronic voting machines. TBH … the modems aren’t even necessary. Surely you can … at the least … agree that there will be a propaganda sh$t storm hitting us on November 4th. Surely you can agree that this nation has a serious problem with…
@allinwithchris dualing reality information ecosystems and worldview rigidity … which … when combined … leave a very large segment of our population susceptible to the aforementioned propaganda. What I can’t figure out is whether your segment tonight was intended as public soothing…
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9 Sep
@benFranklin2018 I see how using this as the criteria would catch any secret MAGA … however … it floods the results with false positives … unless … literally … everyone but us … secretly wants Trump to win … including Biden.
@benFranklin2018 To me this is a symptom of all the things you have already seen me mention … not something usable as a lemma in such a proof.
@benFranklin2018 Some general prodding to see if we can get closer to a consensus. Are you planning to vote? Wouldn’t you want the greatest number of votes cast for Biden … even in a rigged election? If the answers are both yes … what might be an effective strategy for making this happen?
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