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“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."—George Washington 🐸🧚
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22 Feb
Fascism isn’t an ideology; the movement itself is not conservatism; it is revolutionary.

Here’s a quote from Stanley Payne’s book, The History of Fascism:
”The nucleus that founded fascism did not stem from the right-wing nationalists, but from the transformation of part of the revolutionary left.”
#Communists #TheBigLie

Isn't it stunning? The history books leave out the why, the who, and how deadly the Marxist ideology truly is.
People correlate fascism with the right-wing because “history” left out the entire truth about Marxism.

It has been pointed out before: the left dominates the education, publishing, and historical sectors.
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8 Feb
We need to understand the tactics of present-day warfare.

•Information warfare
•Psychological warfare
•Cyber warfare
•Biological warfare
•Cancel culture
•Political correctness
•Strategic shocks
•Fifth generation warfare
•Weaponizing institutions
Link 1: Fifth Generation Warfare…

Link 2: Strategic Shocks

Link3: Psychological Warfare (psyop)…

Link 4: CIA-Project Monarch…
Link 5: Cloward-Piven Strategy…

Link 6: Color Revolutions…

Link 7: Extended-Color Revolution…
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7 Feb
After Karl Marx failed, his disciples dreamt up a new idea on how to dominate the world.

Restless in prison, Antonio Gramsci wrote up a series of plans, now known as the Prison Notebooks.

It states that the world's workers will only unite once the “long march” is fulfilled.
The long march identifies as cultural and ideological subversion.

In other words, the parasite that is known as Marxism has to seep into the minds of an entire society and thus changing the entire culture.
If the culture covets patriotism, God, the nuclear family, country, and freedom, those ideas need to be eroded and eradicated.

People who live by a set of principles can not be controlled, brainwashed, or subverted.
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6 Feb
“Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot--all of these institutional murderers believed at least in part that they killed people for their own good, or at least, for the better good, and in order to realize some better state upon earth in the near future.
While we still live under a soft totalitarianism, those who ruin, cancel, call for the re-education, or even the drone-bombing of the "enemy within" believe that they undertake such ruination for the good of the enemy, or, at least, for the better good.
This is because totalitarianism is abstract at base. The concrete particular human is not the object of concern but rather the abstraction to which these concrete particular humans are to be sacrificed.
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