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You don’t have to believe anything I say, do your own research & make your own minds up. Any 77th brigade will be blocked.
18 Oct
1. 💥Got a business? Want to keep it? 💥This thread advice is crucial. Pls share to help other business
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18 Oct
‼️1. This is flu season, The government from 8/10/20 have decided to combine figures for both the FLU and Covid AS ONE UNIT. Lots catch / die from Flu yearly, this has been done to UP their CV19 figures, frighten some & keep you in FOREVER LOCKDOWN.
2. Why are the Councils given a cash incentive when lockdown in enforced their area, if you go into Tiers 2 & 3 they get a payout, per person. TIER 2 - £1 PER HEAD. TIER 3 IS - £2 PER HEAD. Is this a weekly/ monthly payment?
3. If we move from tier 2 to 3 do they get the payment again? Likewise if we move from tier 3 to 2 do they again get the per person payment ? There is NO CASH incentive given for keeping you in tier 1.
So you know you’ll constantly be on Tier 2/3.
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17 Oct
1. Is this the GESARA NESARA ACT summed up. ? What we were told was that in order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on a international scale, that the federal government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief.
2. This is how it works: the federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program.
3. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever. The individual would also have to agree to partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination schedule,
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15 Oct
1. Notice which towns don’t get locked down ? (These figures are several week old) Yes the places where the politicians live.
Towns Locked down by Westminster -

Bolton 26.7 Covid cases per 100,000
Calderdale 35.94 Covid cases per 100,000
2. Hyndburn 29.61 Covid cases per 100,000
Burnley 46.11 Covid cases per 100,000
Bury 30.37 Covid cases per 100,000

Towns NOT locked down by Westminster

Hillingdon 80.82 Covid cases per 100,000 -MP BORIS JOHNSON, conservative
3. Richmond 74.45 Covid cases per 100,000 - -MP RISHI SUNAK, conservative

South staffs 91.61 Covid cases per 100,000
-MP GAVIN WILLIAMSON, conservative

Newark & Sherwood 182.16 Covid cases per 100,000
-MP ROBERT JENRICK, conservative
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11 Oct
1. For those who haven’t seen you should have a listen to BORIS speech Sept 2019 at the UN Summit.
“A whole movement called the anti-Vaxxers, who refuse to acknowledge the evidence that vaccinations have eradicated smallpox & who by their prejudices are
2. actually endangering the very children they want to protect And I totally reject this anti-scientific pessimism. Will nanotechnology help us to beat disease, or will it leave tiny robots to replicate in the crevices of our cells? Here’s the video of Boris at the summit.
3. At stake is whether we bequeath an Orwellian world, designed for censorship, repression and control,
or a world of emancipation, debate and learning, where technology threatens famine and disease, but not our freedoms.
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2 Oct
1. ‼️Covid 19 The great Reset book”.‼️taken from the reviews. describes a world where you’re watched & monitored everywhere. 24/7 constant surveillance. Everything you do was recorded & monitored, think about the 'Trueman Show'.
2. It also involved killing people, anyone who was old, sick, disabled or older than 30 years old, and another movie shows that plan too, 'Logans Run'. Think of a world where people need to have a license in order to have children and forced abotions are mandatory.
3. LED light bulbs are spy cameras and have microphones, they use the electric wireing in your home to record your activity and conversations in your own home. They are also used in smart lights, where they track your movements and record your conversations too.I asked my council
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22 Sep
1. Do NOT let your child have the HPV Vax without you properly research into the facts. It’s aimed at 11-13 year old boys & girls.
2. The Japanese government stopped giving the Gardasil vaccine in 2013 after health officials recorded nearly 2,000 adverse reactions, according to the Tokyo Times.……/
3. HPV After Gardasil was licensed and three doses recommended for 11-12 year old girls and teenagers, there were thousands of reports of sudden collapse with unconsciousness within 24 hours, seizures, muscle pain and weakness, disabling fatigue, Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS),
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20 Sep
1. Although most wont realise it YET these people were out there fighting for you & your families future freedoms. They are Not conspiracy theorists, they have gathered the evidence & facts & seen what the Government is trying to do. If you think the government cares about you,
2. Think again, you need only go back in history to see some of the dreadful things they’ve done. I would suggest to anyone that doesn’t get this to start thinking outside the box, look up AGENDA 21. ID2030. watch “fall of the cabal - parts 1-10” on YouTube. This whole charade
3. Has NEVER been about a virus it’s been about stealing your freedoms & swapping it for state surveillance, a cashless society, health passports, if you think any of those are for your good, pls go back & research into them I’m depth. How many of you have actually duly READ the
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28 Aug
Issued today on Gvmnt website…
1.if there is a compelling case, on public health grounds,for using a vaccine before it is given a product licence, given the nature of the threat we face, the JCVI may take the very unusual step of advising the UK government to use a tested, unlicensed vaccine against COVID-19,
2. and we need to make sure that the right legislative measures are in place to deal with that scenario A temporary authorisation of the supply of an unlicensed vaccine could be given by the UK’s licensing authority under regulation 174 of the Human Medicines Regulations
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25 Aug
@KrystynaWisson Government “Operations deep freeze 1-3” and “operation high jump” took place there. Both a cover for something else Byrd was instrumental in the Navy's Op Highjump after WWII from 1946–47, which charted most of the Antarctic coastline. In 1948,
@KrystynaWisson 2. Commander Finn Ronne led an expedition that photographed over 450,000 square miles (1.1 million km²) by air. Then in 1954–55, the icebreaker USS Atka (AGB-3) made a scouting expedition for future landing sites and bays. Operation Highjump 26 August 1946 to February 1947.
@KrystynaWisson 3. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft. Operation Deep Freeze I prepared a permanent research station and paved the way for more exhaustive research in later Deep Freeze operations. The expedition transpired over the Antarctic summer of November
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25 Aug
1. Flu mist for the kids anyone ?? Image
2. Image
3. Image
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21 Aug
1.Track and Trace. Be careful with your personal data, the government want to knock your house down if it catches COVID 19 – Also they might want your car. You only have had to be in a building or at work with a colleague for the illegal unlawful rules to be used against you.
2. Tests & Vaccines. Contaminated vaccinations are assault. We know that the tests are very suspect and many have already been contaminated with dangerous pathogens. The IPSOS MORI logo, (THEY DIE) should confirm the attention to detail and the long term planning of this genocide
3. agenda used by the Government. A great deal of people are resistant to the contaminated vaccination and we can help them to stick with their reservations, or die. Credits @SaveusnowF
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14 Aug
SCHOOLS - Straight from government web page “Where an outbreak in a school is confirmed, a mobile testing unit may be dispatched to test others who may have been in contact with the person who has tested positive.
Testing will first focus on the person’s class, followed by their year group, then the whole school, if necessary. Testing will first focus on the person’s class, followed by their year group, then the whole school, if necessary.
If your local area sees a spike in infection rates that is resulting in localised community spread, decisions will be made on what measures to implement to help contain the spread. The government will be involved in decisions and will support schools to follow the health advice.
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14 Aug
As Bayer AG seeks to discount concerns that Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicides cause cancer, several new studies are raising questions about the chemical’s potential impact on reproductive health.

An assortment of animal studies released this summer indicate that glyphosate
exposures impact reproductive organs and could threaten fertility, adding fresh evidence that the weed killing agent might be an endocrine disruptor. Endocrine disrupting chemicals may mimic or interfere with the body’s hormones
and are linked with developmental and reproductive problems as well as brain and immune system dysfunction.
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3 Aug
HAARP & 5G, forget the vaccinations concentrate on these. Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been
completed before the end of the war, it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb. Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.”
Electromagnetic weapons … pack an invisible wallop hundreds of times more powerful than the electrical current in a lightning bolt. One can blast enemy missiles out of the sky, another could be used to blind soldiers on the battlefield, still another to control an unruly crowd
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10 Jul
1. What is Magna Carta? It's people's security clause. It's been created before any constituation in 1215. & it can not be removed or nulified.

When do we use Article 61 Magna Carta?

In the sitution when the government commits High Treason and Genocide against it's own people
2. And it is happening right now Taking the oath under article 61 Magna Carta is our Constitutional Duty so we can protect ourselves, our children, the Earth and all it's life!

Magna Carta article 61 is our Security clause and once we go under the oath all treasonous laws and
3. acts of the government become null and void. This is the way of a Peacful Lawful Dissent, Lawful Standing.This is how we declare our sovereignty and express our Peaceful Lawful Dissent and non consent as well as acts of High Treason committed by the government when it comes to
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9 Jul
1. Statements from A&E workers. Learn the TRUTH about the scamdemic.
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8 Jul
**RUDOLPH STEINER gave us many WARNINGS** - more than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote the following:

**"In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a 'healthy point of view', there will be a vaccine by which the human body will
will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.**
To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity
As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or disease, so in the future children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination,will be immune to being subjected to the "madness" of spiritual life
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7 Jul
1.‼️Alert‼️The spot where they are "getting a sample" for the Covid-19 test is called your Blood-Brain Barrier. It is a single layer of cells that protect your brain from heavy metals, pesticides & other toxic substances that are usually kept out. It is the way vital nutrients,
2. like oxygen, reach the brain.
If, in some way, your Blood-Brain Barrier is compromised, it becomes a "Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier" which is an inflamed brain! It then allows bacteria & other toxins to enter your brain & infect the brain tissue which can lead to inflammation &
3. sometimes death. More symptoms (long & short term) include autism, ADD, ADHD, heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, stroke, liver damage, chronic fatigue that isn't resolved with rest, hypoxia, anxiety, mood disorders, depression & other
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