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4 Mar
My 555 #nft batch is an exception, a one time only gift and thank you to the rad community that expressed has about $100 to play with. It is not intended to be a rare collectible its my version of prints or stickers. 99% of my art has always been 1/1 🙌🎨continues in comments👇
I do believe in scarcity and all my other #nfts are 1/1 or max 5/5 . How do we keep art rare and also include everyone to have access to play and be a part of the space. I feel if each artists released 1 big batch for their comm that doesnt take away from the scarcity👇
There is enough room for most of the art to be rare and also have a category of accessible stamp logo sticker print like thank you that comm can hold and be a part of the space. Thoughts? Lets @clubhouse about it 💗🎨🙌👇
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2 Mar
Surprise Drop! 🙌🎨I rarely create big batches of anything but this piece keeps getting requested and as a thank you for your love and support I have made a 555 batch of BTC Balance on the Chain, gracias!🥰❤️ via @rariblecom

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omg 30 sold immediately 🥰😀😍😭🤩😀❤️ thank you! Im so happy i can finally get art to yall! #nft learning curve even if you've been in it for a while. the limited shirts from this collection sold out! so here is a way to own a bit of this piece still <3
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