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1 Aug
Honestly, I knew most of the shit inside the Maxwell documents already b/c I've been reading Vicky Ward re: Epstein for years - I'm just glad we can all talk about it now.

A short thread:
First of all, a lot of folks are in shock right now b/c they never quite accepted it but reading the testimony and what evidence the FBI had is a mask off moment - they know they're not staring at fairly indisputable evidence of something horrible, but precisely what is elusive
I've been through this whole process, because I've been following this case for years and years, way back when even mentioning that you were concerned about it in polite company was a bit of a social faux pas
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21 Jul
Seems to me the question of whether or not this is a truly popular movement representative of the poor and working class in America, is being answered right before your very eyes in Portland and the "we need to be more racist" voices should never speak again.
You're wrong.

And you're wrong for the reasons I told you that you would be wrong - you don't know the labor class, you aren't really "regular" people, you're mythologizing something you don't understand every bit as much as the shitlibs demonize that same class.
Somewhere along the line you decided "the working class" was Archie Bunker, probably because you internalized shitlib propaganda, but the reality is that the labor class, today, is your uber driver, and the guy who made your Big Mac, and the lady working the counter at Staples.
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5 Jul
Here's my only caveat - the CIA is not going to let Israel hold pedo blackmail shit over a US President; so we, or at least our intelligence community, are in on it.

The UK might not be - they seemed pretty fucking mad at Israel over implicating Prince Andy
I mean, just look at who is implicated and how their behavior has changed since the 90's?
Would an intelligence agency allow a foreign power to have that kinda blackmail over its leaders? Probably not. But would an intelligence agency, perhaps concerned about their new President/Prime Minister's anti-Intelligence sympathies want to keep insurance, put them in pocket?
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15 Jun
Ok, so how does whiteness work in practice as a system of social control or the upper classes? Let's look at an example from after the Civil War, literally during the Reconstruction period that highlights how this system functioned and continued to function after slavery:
Let's briefly look at the Free Soil movement, the Homestead Act and the ultimate result of this entire process.
Ok, so in a nutshell the Free Soil movement is a populist political force predicated on the idea that laboring class Americans (white ofc) cannot escape wretchedness and poverty without the ability to own land - which, in a semi-agrarian society is probably not entirely untrue
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14 Jun
And I will say this - there have always been anarchists. There have always been people who looked around and said "this whole society thing is not built to help the most people" - that's why people don't think there's an "anarchist intellectual tradition"
We are not intellectuals. We are not scholars. We are the screaming demand for equality, justice and sharing from the angry peasant passed down through time.

Anarchism isn't complicated because it's what the poor serving class has ALWAYS THOUGHT and KNOWN.
That tradition existed in Ancient Greece, throughout the Roman empire, in every colonized & oppressed people, in every slum and workhouse; everywhere SOMEONE was getting exploited, someone ELSE was saying "why is this?"

We have always been here; anarchism is the peasant politics
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