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Amateur historian documenting the nudism movement; promoting the nudist idea. Opinions are mine. Non-sexual nudity only. Porn creeps get blocked.
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21 Nov 20
Battle of the Ballots! 🗳🇺🇸
A revolutionary nudist election, a litigious sore loser trying desperately to overturn the results, and the fight for democracy in the early nudism movement. #thread Image
At the center of this drama was #IlsleyBoone, aka “Uncle Danny” — the charismatic founder of the #AmericanSunbathingAssociation, and chair of its board. With his majority share of member proxy votes, he could — and frequently did — sway #ASA elections any way he wanted. Image
The backdrop of the revolution was the #AmericanSunbathingAssociation’s 20th Annual Convention at #PennSylvan Health Club in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. Thursday, August 9th, 1951. ImageImage
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8 Sep 20
Sunshine & Health, Vol. XX No. 10; September, 1951. ImageImage
Photo by #EdLange Image
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7 Sep 20
Experimenting with A.I. image enhancement using @ReminiAppStore. Original photo of #RudolphJohnson by #EdLange, 1950.
More AI image enhancement play with this picture of nudism pioneer #IlsleyBoone from the 1950s. Done with @reminiappstore
Nudist leader #EdithChurch image enhanced, colorized, and “painted” using artificial intelligence by @reminiappstore
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31 Aug 20
The adversarial benevolence of Mervin Mounce. #thread
#MervinMounce’s early life was spent as a shopowner in the Spokane, WA area. Here he is pictured smoking a pipe in his store in 1932, courtesy of the Washington Rural Heritage Foundation.
Mounce rose to prominence in American Nudism in the 1940s first as a president of a nudist club known as #SunwayRanch in Spokane. In 1947, he co-founded @aanr_nw (then known as the #ASA). Pictured here with other NW founders, incl. #RudolphJohnson, #RayConnett, & #JimSutherlin
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28 Aug 20
I’m excited to share my first piece for #TheBulletin. Appropriately, it’s about the history of The Bulletin itself, which is integral to the history of the American nudism movement. @AANR_Int members, the whole September issue is history themed. Some great articles to check out!
Three separate publications from January 1952, all claiming to be the official #TheBulletin. Note the different #ASA presidents. Left, #RudolphJohnson in American Nudist Leader; Right, #AloisKnapp in Sunshine & Health. The standalone journal in the middle prevailed.
The evolution of #TheBulletin logo: every logo from 1933-2020. Credit to the @ANR_Library, without whom my research for the above article and this image would not have been possible.
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28 Aug 20
Suntan; Vol 3 No 5; Sep-Oct. 1956. ImageImage
Photo by #EdLange. Wife #JuneLange in the center. Image
Is Nudism Holding the Teen-ager? By #KarenSueDaniels ImageImageImageImage
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17 Aug 20
The short-lived #monokini fad of 1964, explored on the pages of Paradise magazine [No. 8, 1964]. ImageImage
This was a real thing, which you can learn more about it from the excellent blog @MessyNessyChic here:…
#PeggyMoffitt models a #monokini for #LifeMagazine, 1964. Photo by #PaulSchutzer. Image
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13 Aug 20
70 years ago today my great grandfather #RudolphJohnson was elected president of the #AmericanSunbathingAssociation at the 1950 annual convention.

The tradition continues! The 2020 @AANR_Int meetings begin today (in 10 min), and are available by to all #AANR members via @zoom_us
"The stalwart man who who began with only courage, determination and his own two hands..." #RudolphJohnson #CobblestoneSuntanners
The 19th @AANR_Int annual meeting at #CobblestoneSuntanners, 1950.
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1 Aug 20
“Silverstein in a Nudist Camp” by #ShelSilverstein. Your favorite whimsical poet bared all at #SunnyRestLodge with nudist pioneer #ZeldaSuplee for Playboy, Aug 1963. [#thread]
#ShelSilverstein in a Nudist Camp
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23 Jul 20
A #thread of the surrealist nudist photography of #JosefBreitenbach (1896-1984)
#JosefBreitenbach; Portrait, Paris; c. 1933-39
Left: Girl on the Steps, Nudist Camp, NJ, 1948
Right: Untitled, c. 1950s
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12 Jul 20
Sun Lore, Vol. 2 Nos. 8-12, 1965
Calling All Teenagers by #PatWarren
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20 Jun 20
A #thread to celebrate #ZeldaSuplee, nudist leader, LGBTQ advocate, activist, writer, publisher, and occasional actor—seen here in the #DorisWishman film #DiaryOfANudist (1961). #PrideMonth
Born Zelda Roth in NYC in 1908 (pictured here age 2), she grew up in NJ. After high school she moved to Greenwich Village and in 1930 began working as a researcher for “Physical Culture” proponent #BernarrMacfadden, known for his controversial writing on health and sexuality.
She continued working for #BernarrMacfadden through her first marriage, which ended in 1946. It was not long after this divorce that she married the recently divorced #JReedSuplee, an engineer, former Quaker, and owner of Pennsylvania’s popular #SunnyRestLodge.
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15 Jun 20
American Nudist Leader, Issue #34. 1954 ImageImage
Nudists at the Fair ImageImageImage
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12 Jun 20
This “educational” documentary was filmed at #SwallowsClub, San Diego, CA. It was one of the first nudist films to show uncensored genitals and public hair. #VintageNudistFilms
While previous nudist films maintained a strict family friendly focus, #TheRawOnes featured mostly young, fit adults engaging in bouncy athletics, making it controversial among textiles and nudists alike.
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1 Jun 20
#JanGay (born Helen Reitman) was an author, nudist, and gay rights activist in the 1920s and 30s, best known for her 1932 book On Going Naked, which was one of the earliest written works to explore the rising nudism movement around the world. #PrideMonth ImageImage
#JanGay also wrote one of the earliest documentary films on the subject of nudism, This Nude World (1933)
Years before Alfred Kinsey published his reports, #JanGay (pictured on the left) conducted interviews with hundreds of gay men and women around the world as a study into the nature of homosexuality. She faced intense backlash by the medical community as a result of her work. Image
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30 May 20
Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene
Vol 24 No 10; Oct 1954 ImageImage
All We Need is Vision!
By #JohnGarrison ImageImage
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22 May 20
American Sunbather & Nudist Leader
Vol. 10 No. 9; Sep. 1958
Edited by #MervinMounce
Cover photograph by #AndreDeDienes
#MargueriteHamrick and daughter. Photo by #AndreDeDienes
The Nudist Newsletter
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17 May 20
#EvelynWest and the ever long push and pull between nudism and sex. #threadstorytime Image
During the golden age of Nudism in the 50s and 60s, there were several controversial women who straddled the line between the nudism movement and a career in burlesque/pinup. Perhaps the first of these figures was #EvelynWest, whose career began in the 1940s. ImageImage
As a burlesque star, #EvelynWest became known for her PR antics. Probably most famously, she insured her breasts for $50k, leading to her nickname “The $50,000 Treasure Chest”. She’d later double down on the stunt, legally changing her name to “Evelyn $50,000 Treasure Chest West” ImageImage
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15 May 20
Nudist Sun, Vol. 1 No. 4, March 1965 ImageImage
Home is Where the Park is (1/2) ImageImageImageImage
Home is Where the Park is (2/2) ImageImageImage
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8 May 20
Suntan; May-June, 1957 ImageImage
Vol. 4 No. 3
Publisher and Editor #ReedSuplee ImageImage
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6 May 20
#Elysia: Valley of the Nudes (1933) in GIFs! #ElysiaGIFs #VintageNudistFilms #VintageNudistGIFs
I’ll be sharing more of these #Elysia GIFs all day using the hashtag 👉#ElysiaGIFs👈
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