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5 Aug
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"Bizarre forms of sexual abuse..Often paired with: sacrificing animals, drinking blood, killing babies, burying infant corpses in the woods"

Argos Investigates Satanic Ritual Abuse

"Marinke wrote down that she would be taken away in a car. From a very young age. She was often under the influence of drugs, so that she wouldn’t know where she was brought to...teachers, lawyers, and ‘even people working within the Dutch government...' "
"We’re talking dozens of overlapping testimonies. Over a hundred people mention abuse on specific holidays. Two thirds mention men and women in robes - black, purple, red or white"
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27 Jul
Foster Parent Charged with Deviate Sexual Intercourse with a Child, Other Offenses

"One child said they had been molested by Thomas repeatedly between the ages of 5 and 10...another said Thomas had molested her when she was 5"…
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13 Jul
"Cops Say Sex Traffickers Sell Foster Kids on the Weekends "

The #FosterCare system is not a safe place for children

See recent 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report @JTIP_State (attchd)


@flynn_neill @DanScavino…
Trafficking in Persons Report 2020 @StateDept

"Individuals in the United States vulnerable to human trafficking include: children in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, including foster care" p.523…
“We could’ve been very bad people. We could’ve done harm to her. We could have claimed she ran away, they wouldn’t have known "

Full report:…
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29 Jun
"Each boy said their DFS caseworker told them to make up a story...They said their caseworker promised they could go home to their parents – and they’d get...$10 each"

"Even after testifying, the boys didn’t get to go home"

#LetOurChildrenGo 👶…
"Attorney Matt Radefeld then made a shocking discovery that appears to explain more about this social worker.

'When I saw the name of the social worker who had been on that case, it was a name that I had heard before,' he said...
'There’s some cases that you just kind of remember & that name when I heard it, it stuck out. I put two & two together of who he was and how he was a convicted child molester.'

This man—a convicted child molester—had been working for the state?

'That’s correct,' Radefeld said"
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