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何しに夢にてあるべきぞ、現の因果を晴らさんために、 これまであらはれ来たりたり This is a backup of Japanese feudalist @atsumori5834
3 Nov
❶To be honest, I know very little about American history beyond what I learned in school. The US Admiral Matthew Perry (he was a Freemason), to very our long national history of the Japanese, suddenly appears in 1853 as a threat to peaceful Japan and force "opening" the country.
❷ From this point on, Japan is slammed into a nearly 20-year raging 'anti-Samurai system Revolution' (including civil wars by the last Samurai) called the "Meiji Restoration" and is subjected to uninterrupted crypto-Judaization and wars until the defeat of 1945,
❸ so we have little time to pay attention to American history.
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31 Oct
【西洋】を贔屓しろと言ってるのではない。ユーラシア大陸ではない、大陸とは異なる歴史・文明・文化を持つ日本という列島国家がもう一度、14世紀のような真の独立国家になるために、ユダヤの発明品である【西洋 vs 東洋】という19世紀型モデルの無間地獄から抜けださなければならない。日本は日本だ。
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31 Oct
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29 Oct
Some Japan's self-proclaimed patriots say, "CCP and China are different. China has always been a moral country".
Well...the Chinese tradition of eating human flesh had been around for a long time, and Confucius was a big fan of salted human flesh.
There is also a story about human internal organs in Lu Xun's work.
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29 Oct
1/2 Exactly. They are (((fake elites))). They never do 'Noblesse Oblige'. E.g, in Japan, the feudal era of Samurai continued for about 700 years.
2/2 Their spiritual pillar was 'Japanese Buddhism' (that is, the belief in Mahayana Buddhism & Shinto at the same time), so even the early Samurai were willing to act to save folk. They knew without it couldn't made flourish countries. 'Noblesse Oblige' is the must for elites.
additional: In Japan's long history, some survivors with 'Noblesse oblige'were often lived as ordinary people after the ancient regime was overthrown. That is, the ancient 'Noblesse oblige' and elegance are scattered among Japan. #NobleLoser
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25 Oct
I'm really tired of #plandemia. 🥱🥱🥱
The "second wave" of plandemics against the Westerns has been reported, but for now, Japan has a huge amount of money as the carrot-and-stick for the new Suga administration to enforce economic globalism policies,
saying "Let's travel all over Japan with all Japanese" and subsidies are being issued to stimulate travel demand. The immigration restrictions for foreigners in business have also been officially relaxed, so it may be 'natural' a "second wave" occurs.
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24 Oct
1. Hi Fuheng. It's just a rough sketch. I'm a descendant of the remnants of the Medieval Kamakura Samurai who defend with the motherland. And I'm basically opposed / skeptical of 'Revolution' and 'Reform'.
2. I do support the 'Regain' of the organic traditional values. I respect Emperor Komei of the Northern Court. So I'm skeptical of the (((Meiji Revolution))).
3. 'Reforms' of ISHIN type in Japanese History
① Taika Reform in 645 (Chinese worship)
② Kenmu Restoration in 1333 (Anti-Samurai & Chinese worship)
③ 1867 Meiji Restoration (Anti-Samurai & Crypto-Judaization)
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24 Oct
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22 Oct
読み手の🧠の照準機能ってのは、批判力といってもいいけど、ツイッターで飯食ってるんじゃなければ、誇大といってもいいような長大なスレッドを連日増産できる? もちろん、たとえば史実を伝達するとか、知られていない情報を伝えるとかの場合は、ある程度のボリュームになるのは合理的理由があるが。
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18 Oct
Are you Korean? Can you tell us specifically what is wrong with Japan's recognition of historical facts? At least, we Japanese attach great importance to evidence-based verification, NOT EMOTION, regarding history.
#AntiJapanese #Propaganda #psyops
I'm basically not aggressive in nature, but sometimes my blood pressure rises because of my anger and depression at something. And when that happens, gastritis also gets worse. So I try not to touch it. But, there are times when it is unavoidable. E.g.
❶ International anti-Japanese propaganda based on hoaxes by Koreans and covert Communists
❷ It's often seen that some Japanese patriots who develop "anti-German" and "anti-Whites" claims because they have little JQ, when they oppose ❶'s people. In short, their ignorance.
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