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21 Jul
Let's talk socialism/communism in action...

Bolivia 🇧🇴

First day in the country and I walk into the grocery stores


I see long, long lines to checkout as I grab my cart

I need my eggs, butter, and bread for breakfast everymorning

So I grab my stuff, see if there's any cute promo girls working in the toothpaste isle, and then head to the checkout
I go to the back of one of the exceptionally long lines, but people kind of look at me funny

I don't exactly look Bolivian, so I didn't think anything of it
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11 Jul
TOP 12 Countries Where Gringos Can Go…

Coronavirus Edition

If 2020 got you looking for an escape, lemme break it down for ya


Subject to change

Do your own research

This is just my mental masturbation
#1. Ukraine

From my understanding, gringos are being allowed in and there is talk of a “self-quarantine” here.

Although a few buddies of mine are heading there this week and doubtful that will be enforced.
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26 Mar
It’s laughable when Americans who have never visited Latin America feel the need to comment on…

USA imposing sanctions and offering rewards for info leading to arrest of #Venezuela “President”

Even though #coronavirus is decidedly more interesting…

Let’s talk about it
First, Venezuelan citizens have been fleeing the country for years

On my first trip to Latin America in 2014, I meet dozens of Venezuelans who had recently left the country to find work in Panama

This was when Venezuela wasn’t “that bad”
Now, there’s nearly 5 million Venezuelans who have fled

A country of 32 million people

If people fled the USA in similar fashion…

That would be 50+ million people saying:

This place fucking sucks, I have to uproot my life, leave my family, and find somewhere else to live
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25 Nov 19
Oyyyeee 🗣

Looking for a sick, fairly inexpensive trip in #LatinAmerica next year?!

Here's one I've been mulling over for years...

- Fly into Cancun, Mexico from USA/Canada/etc.
- Bus down to Tulum, Mexico and spend a few days
- From Tulum, head to Belize


- Check out some sick beaches and ruins in Belize
- Caye Caulker and the 'Great Blue Hole' would be at the top of the list
- Then bus from Belize into Guatemala
- Tikal and Semuc Champey are MUSTs in Guatemala
- After sightseeing, spend a week enjoying Antigua, Guatemala

- From Antigua, take a shuttle down to Copan, Honduras
- Check out the Mayan ruins @ Copan
- Then head to Tegus, the capital of Honduras and spend a week
- Lastly, hit up Roatan for a long weekend before flying to Miami -- and back home

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4 Nov 19
~ Quick Travel Thread ~

How to Travel For FREE

Errr, let’s be real...ain’t sh*t free

But at least how to travel cheaper and save some cold hard cash on the road


Below you’ll find $137+ USD or more in travel savings -- all you have to do is sign up and use the codes

Yes, there’s some affiliate links

It ain’t matter…

You still get DAMN GOOD discounts
#1. Hotels.com

This is a pretty damn good deal

Click this link and enter a BRAND NEW email address for hotels.com


You’ll save $50 USD on your first booking over $200 USD

It’s legit that simple!
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20 Mar 19
~ Quick Thread ~

If you have an America passport/bank account…

You should *NEVER* be paying for flights.

Being from the USA is a massive blessing when it comes to stacking credit card bonuses and flying for free.

Here’s why:
The other day I booked two international flights in South America.

Flights that are normally somewhat expensive for the distance.

But instead of dropping cash…

I used points.

Just look:
I saved nearly $650 USD on these flights.

I did NOT spend a penny on these.

Zip. Zlich. Nada.
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19 Feb 19
Oyyee 🗣

Just launched me first ever info product after making cash online for 5+ years.

About one ting' and one ting' only...

Making money w/ the written word.


Because writing is the crux of damn near all websites, ads, etc.

Check it here:

--> content2cash.net
Inside the course...

You'll find four main modules each filled with 5-10 sections:

--> Part 1 | How to become a better writer
--> Part 2 | Copywriting basics
--> Part 3 | Profitable business models for writers
--> Part 4 | Market research and monetization
The premise is simple...

Teach you how to become a damn good writer in record time.

Then show you how to take this newfound skill and make cash with it. In whatever manner you please.

Be it:

--> Freelancing
--> Blogging
--> Niche sites
--> Email marketing
--> Social media
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9 Jan 19
I deleted Facebook primarily because I had a legit stalker.

Here's what had happened...

When you start messaging a new Whatsapp contact, Facebook automatically connects you with them on the site.

I was single while in Colombia at the time.

Living my best life.

Ya tu sabes.
By best life...

I mean absolute degenerate.

So the women I was seeing would be in my Whatsapp and then request to be my Facebook friend.

I add them, as it seemed rude not to after engaging in coitus.

This is where the creepy fuck comes in.
He was stalking my profile for some reason.

Think it was because he was living in the States and I was adding sexy Colombia girls as friends every week.

Somehow he put two and two together about my lifestyle.

And he started messaging every single girl I'd add using Translate
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17 Dec 18
In Colombia...

In elevator of my Airbnb spot headed out..

Door closed...

Elevator started going down...

Lights started flickering in Twilight Zone fashion...

Elevator started free-falling...

My heart dropped...


We stopped...

Suspended in mid-air in an elevator shaft
The lights are still flickering...

None of the buttons are working...

The "phone" isn't functional...

Estamos en la costa, marika!

My buddy and I are breathing heavy...

The elevator is small...

And we're stuck...

Basically in mid-air.
We start trying to push the ceiling up...

Doesn't work.

We start trying to pry the door open...

There's a little light.

I'm yoked as hell at the time...

Benching 315 for reps.

So I slide my fingers in between the crack in the doors...

And damn near give myself a hernia...
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16 Dec 18
~ Thread ~

My "test subject" just...

Popped 150 mg of Waklert.

The premier form of Modafinil's cousin...Armodafinil.

Recently supplied by:

--> nomadichustle.com/buy-moda-recom…

Doing a live thread today on what my "test subject" actually get done and if this shit works.

Stay tuned!
Popped @ 9:31 AM CST.

Hasn't kicked in as of 9:52...
Modafinil/Armodafinil generally take 45-75 minutes to "kick" in.

So this is to be expected.
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27 Nov 18
Dominican Republic is one of my favorite countries on God's green earth.

People have always treated me damn good - minus Chapidoras ;(

And it's truly a tropical paradise.

But the spot isn't for the faint of heart...

I like a lil' rough around the edges shit every now & then.
DR fotos.

Las Terrenas.

These campo kids from outside Las Terrenas thought it was cool my buddy and I were cruising around on ATVs on the beach.

All the kids called the one kid, "El Gordo" - which cracked me up
DR fotos.

Las Terrenas.

The campo kids took a pic of me and my buddy.

Legit chilled with these little dudes all afternoon.

They took us to a swimming spot in the river that we would have never found otherwise.
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26 Nov 18
~ Thread ~

5 Things I’ve Learned about Online Business in 2018…

That I’ll be using to my advantage in the coming year.

Te lo juro.

P.S: You can use them too.

Every online business problem has a solution…

If you’re willing to put in the work.
I’ve had malware installed on my sites, sites going down, emails being sent to spam, verification not working, accounts banned for no reason, affiliate programs not paying out, affiliate programs closing their doors, and a whole lot of other shit.
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23 Nov 18
~ Thread ~

On this lovely Black Friday…

I wanted to breakdown a quick, profitable mindset shift for any and all trying to make money online.

What’s that?

→ How to turn your problems/hardships into cold, hard cash

Here’s the mindset:

→ Every problem you have in life can be converted into cold hard cash on the Internet

Because you are NOT unique.

If you have a problem, there’s thousands of others out there who are having similar issues.
Solve your problem.

Solve their problem.

Make cash.

That’s the equation.
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18 Nov 18
~ Quick Thread ~


→ A Beginner’s Guide to Modafinil

Yesterday I got a handful of questions about the world’s most popular smart drug…

So I figured I’d answer some common questions and concerns here.

P.S.: This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor or medical professional or a lawyer. Always consult a doctor before taking any prescription drugs or nootropic – like Modafinil.
#1. Does Modafinil Work?

Hell yes!

For the vast majority of users, Modafinil offers an impressive cognitive benefit.


-> Work longer
-> Get more done
-> Increase memory retention
-> Heighten focus

...And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
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13 Nov 18
~ Thread ~

Right quick, y'all:

→ 4 Highly Profitable Mindset Shifts

You must make…

Before 2019 rolls in.

Te lo juro.
#1. Awareness

Think about the last item you bought online…

Did you buy from a dropshipping store?

An ecomm brand?

Off Amazon?

Go back to that company’s website.

Look at how they drive sales.

Think about why you bought from them.

Find their ads.

Look at their social media accounts.
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30 Oct 18
~ Thread ~

After continually experimenting with things over the past month…

I’ve figured out:

→ How to Get Better Sleep

Hell, the best sleep of my life.

Te lo juro.

Here’s how:
Now, I’ve talked a little about this before.

But I’m always tweaking things and making improvements.

Finally figured out the exact rhythm that works for me.

Where I can sleep 7-9+ straight hours each and every evening.
It must be noted that…

This is what works for me.

After a whole hell of a lot of experimenting.

What helps you get damn good sleep might be a little different.

But here’s how I did it:
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24 Oct 18
~ Thread ~

Kickin’ it old-school today...

From blogging to branding:

→ How content creators have evolved

And how you can use these tweaks and changes to ya advantage.

But before we begin…

We are living in blessed and profitable times y’all!

So much money to be made these days.
I’ve been working online for years now.

Almost 5 of em’ to be exact.

Been taking things seriously for less than 15 months.
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19 Oct 18
~ Thread ~

A few days back someone brought up a term I hadn’t heard for ages around these parts:

“Lifestyle Business”

I chuckled.

Laughed out loud.


Because back in the day, building a lifestyle business was all I ever wanted.

But things have changed recently…
First and foremost…

WTF is a “Lifestyle Business” anyway?

You can define it however you damn well please.

I view it as this:

--> Building a scalable, passive income generating business that allows you to work less and truly live more
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9 Oct 18
~ Thread ~

A few weeks back...

My site was hacked.

Malware installed.

Site crashed.


Luckily, I learned more than a few things from the ordeal.

Here’s a few of them regarding online security when building assets:
It should be known that I’m no technical genius or security expert.

Just a dude trying to protect his hard work.

So take these tips with a grain of salt.
That being said…

I’m confident the advice below is far better off than doing nothing at all.


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29 Sep 18
~ Thread ~

One simple mindset shift that can make all the difference…

Shifting from consumer to producer.

And trust me when I say, it’s damn simple.

It all starts in the mind.

How you see the world.

But instead of harping on some incessant bullshit about mindset this and that...

I’m going to look at some simple examples.
Example #1:

You order a special type of shirt online.

The order arrives and you love the material.

The style is great, too…

Except for one thing.

There’s one change that could make the shirt so much better.
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22 Sep 18
~ Quick Thread ~

Today, we’re getting back to the basics…

For beginners looking to make cash online, you need two things.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

What are they?

No matter what online business model you want to start with. Be it…

→ Dropshipping
→ Freelance writing
→ Blogging
→ Social media marketing
→ Niche sites
You absolutely have to have two things covered to actually make money.

Without one of these two things, you’re not making cash.

Te lo juro.
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