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18 Oct

Ok, because this platform is playing games, we will have to do this a little differently.

Please read my pinned thread, it’s important background for this one.

Pearson Co was mentioned by certain anonymous person shortly after that thread & it got me thinking 🤔
The recent Biden news and same “anonymous” source got me thinking too.

Pearson has many publishing company subsidiaries

In my last thread you saw that Obama gave Pearson a bunch of cash on the way out and Pearson have him a $60mn book deal
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12 Oct
1/ NOTHING has inspired me or emboldened me more than this article from Mike Flynn Jr.

We have all whined that there hasn’t been justice (myself incl)

Have you seen any of the Flynn family whining?


They are more emboldened, more driven & more resolute than ever before.
2/ If ever a family had good reason to complain, whine or throw a flat out tantrum...they’re due.

It’s not what patriots do in times of crisis & in the face of evil.

They do what both Mike’s have done.

They double down on faith, family & country, a country that betrayed them
3/ They stick together and they fight lies with facts, evil deeds with inspiring words and actions.

This is truly the most important election this country has ever faced.
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5 Oct
Mini Thread

@CBSNews @60Minutes

I saw your puff piece on Cali wildfires & you left some things out of your Anti-Trump climate change story.

I’ll help you out - thank me later

What 60 minutes failed to mention in the drought, major storms without rain, & freak ignition...
When arsonists set fires during drought and high winds, it’s safe to assume massive destruction will result.

The program didn’t mention any of the people recently arrested for setting fires - NOT ONE!

Why wouldn’t they mention...
the climate arsonists who have set fires and been arrested?

Seems an important factor to


He was arrested for starting 6 fires in Mendocino County
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4 Oct

I am just going to toss this out for discussion.

“This may be the last time you see me for a while”

IMHO we were warned and most of you know about what and what the result would be
In Duluth MN

“We caught them cold and it’s about time something happens, it’s about time something happens...ENOUGH!”

Quarantine recommendation was changed by the CDC, to 10 days, from 14”

This happens in July I think.

Coincidence it went to 10 days?…
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2 Oct
1/ I am addressing all black Americans in this thread specifically.

@JoeBiden arguing for HIS crime Bill that gave us mass incarceration of black Americans.

The man hasn’t changed. Remember he wouldn’t denounce Antifa and demand they stop burning and looting YOUR businesses.
2/ Edited out of this video is him bragging that this was his bill & others signed on but this was all him.

Listen to the way he describes black youth.

He has a history of sickening racist remarks & @realDonaldTrump has a RECORD of bringing opportunity zones & funding HBCU
3/ @JoeBiden praising John Stennis, a known segregationist.

Actually and likely one of the people Kamala Harris was referring to when she excoriated him a a racist in their first debate
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20 Sep
1) @SenSusanCollins how in the world can you take this position after #Kavanaugh ?

The left has hired 600 attorneys and plans to contest local, county and state races all over the country, admittedly, in the midst of urged chaos and riots.
2) You CAN NOT have an even number SC when they have foreshadowed their intent to tie this country up in litigation unless @JoeBiden wins a landslide and we all know that is not realistic.

All you have to do is look at the “wargaming” hoax from the Transition Integrity Project
3) They promise to accept no results, not concede, to encourage riots, looting and even civil war.

@SenSusanCollins this is not a time where we can be without a full #SCOTUS and you know it.
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14 Sep
NFL / BLM Thread

@NFL now stands for No Fans Left

The stands may be empty but it wouldn’t take long for them to be that way permanently.

These spoiled athletes don’t care about these causes or they would take them up on their own time
2) I watched 15 min the first game, Thurs, just to see what they would force on the viewer.

What I got was multi millionaires telling me how oppressed they are & that we are all racists.

I saw them disrespecting the flag & the anthem when the system they oppose, made them rich
I also saw that somehow that @NFL has a magic potion for #covid because the players, coaches and front office staff have a .00007 infection (not death) rate based on numbers the NFL provided at the beginning of the broadcast.
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6 Jun
A thread on Ukraine:

You are watching, unfold before you, the Ukrainian trial run that led to events playing out on your TV’s all across America this week.

Same corrupt players, same goal and @realDonaldTrump and we the people UNITED is the last thing standing in their way
Everything in quotes in thread is taken from an article (linked at the end) describing the documentary “Ukraine on Fire”.

It is the same globalist criminals all working together to achieve what they did in Ukraine. Ukriane was their trial run & became their money laundering OP
“The attacks escalated from torch marches similar to Nazi days to hurling Molotov cocktails at police to driving large tractors into police lines”

Antifa anyone? 🤔
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30 May
A shorter (less in depth) thread I did on Soros & how he uses these petty thug groups who are told they are revolutionaries.

They may be, but GS believes they are expendable collateral damage and yes I am talking to you Antifa & BLM.

He used the same tactics in Ukriane...
Take 90 mins and watch the documentary Ukraine on Fire and remember he used snipers to set off the violence in those “protests” which ended with the presidential palace on fire and the president of Ukraine seeking asylum in Russia.

You will see torch marches (Charlottesville)...
Bricks, Molotov cocktails, rock throwing & fires being set (pick a city last night)

It will look very similar to what they are trying to achieve here. I don’t think they can pull that off but it doesn’t mean they won’t try. Read the old thread, you will know ALL of the names.
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15 May
@johngloroberts (Chief Justice Roberts),

We the people would like answers!

The FISC (FOREIGN Intelligence Surveillance Court) is overseen by you...correct?

Why did the FISC “knowingly” allow fraudulent warrants on Carter Page to be renewed or even enacted?
When the judges learned they were lied to, why didn’t they immediately haul the offenders in and demand answers?

Why did Judge Rudy Contreras recuse himself and Judge Emmitt Sullivan not?

Judge Sullivan showed clear bias against @GenFlynn with an outburst where he accused...
@GenFlynn of being a FARA agent while in the White House (he was not) and went on to call a General with a 33 year, stellar military career, a traitor.

That day, you should have stepped in and asked him to remove himself and if he declined, it should have been forced.
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9 May
.@RichardGrenell thank you for getting @RepAdamSchiff to release the transcripts.

While this is a nice start, it is not all of them!

Why does @RepDWStweets get the benefit of keeping hers hidden when @DonaldJTrumpJr , DNI Coats Hope Hicks all had to take part...
In the, now obvious witch hunts of @Comey Mueller Hoax, Ukraine Hoax , Impeachment Hoax, all cheerleaded or directed by @RepAdamSchiff were scams!

He is a #LIAR

There is evidence of real crimes by @RepDWStweets in her work with the Awan family & their info heist
from congressional computers sent to Pakistan and others in real time.

It is clear @GenFlynn was targeted, setup and silenced after being bankrupted and his son threatened.

@RepAdamSchiff claimed to have Trump team of “more than circumstantial evidence of Russian collusion”.
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8 Feb

For those freaking about the New Way Forward Act, I challenge you to read the equally as frightening and utterly disgusting bills the House has put forward they claim Mitch McConnell is sitting on. Each would fundamentally change this country forever.

I’ll help...
HR1 “For the People Act” 🙄

“The bill provides for states to establish independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions.”

Specifically, the bill expands voter registration and voting access, makes Election Day a federal holiday, and limits removing voters from voter rolls.
“The bill also requires candidates for President and Vice President to submit 10 years of tax returns.”…
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9 Jan
1)I am not sure what part of the JCPOA you read but I suggest you grab Hooked on Phonics and have another crack at it.

That deal was an appeasement deal and NOT a peace deal.

It actually reads as if Iranian 3rd graders wrote it. It had no teeth, by design.
2) If it’s so great then why the need for all of the side deals which have not been published but are obvious who took part in them b/c of the rabid reactions of former Obama admin officials.

Rouhani has threatened to expose the side deals and all of the corrupt politicians
3) Politicians here and abroad. There must be some pretty heinous things attached to it b/c John Kerry is “knowingly” committing treason in broad daylight to keep it hidden from seeing the light of day. He will fail, as usual.
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6 Jan
It’s the same people saying the same things & somehow people still listen, read or watch

@realDonaldTrump has told us that Fake News is the enemy of the people.

Notice how butthurt they got? He didn’t say the entire press or all media. The guilty ones let us know who they were
Look at an hysterical media and how dangerous they are. The American people are not the only people that hear or see this gas lighting.

We are looking at a very corrupt apparatus who have picked a side and doubled and tripled down on the lies they continue to tell us
The following is just a small sample of what they have been doing to @POTUS since he won.

The media prey on lazy people. They write terribly misleading headlines and the lazy person reads the headline and doesn’t catch the partial truth which was buried in last paragraph
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15 Dec 19
A short thread on the issues with the OIG report, FBI & Schitty explanations
& my thoughts on some of that.

You now know, just ask yourself WHY, our FBI, foreign Intel agencies, almost all media & Democrat congressman would lie & commit crimes to protect those lies about FISA
The answer is easy & now it is public. They were spying on a candidate, a president elect & a presidency. [They] took illegal actions to effect the outcome of that election & involved allies in the plot.

This is sedition & treason & explains the nonsensical posts by bad actors
@realDonaldTrump officially secured the nomination 7/20/16.

Some time in August 2016, according to Pg 6 of the IG Report Executive Summary, the FBI “opened individual investigations on four US persons - G-Pop, C Page, P Manafort & Gen Flynn”
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25 Nov 19
Follow the money / funnel through “institutions/foundations” a both sides


Laundry Disruptor – Rudy Giuliani Sends Letter to Senator Graham Outlining Ambassador Bill Taylor Efforts to Block Witnesses… – The Last Refuge…
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13 Nov 19
@AlexandraChalup you can’t be serious? I am willing to bet all that I have that you want NO PART of this impeachment hearing if Republicans are allowed to ask you questions under oath. There is PLENTY in the public square that shows you & your sisters are likely Ukrainian assets
Not only that - likely western assets too. I think Isikoff needs to be on the witness list as well. Do you think a reporter wouldn’t flip on you to save his own ass?

Note - Isikoff was also the reporter who helped UK Spy Christopher Steele to circularly “validate” the dossier
Can you explain why Andriel Theizhenk (Ukranian Embassy) says you were advocating for HRC & ONLY her campaign, Alex? They threatened to fire him because he told you & Ukrainian Govt that embassy had to remain neutral. He quit instead..


That’s Lee Stranahan (“reporter”)
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2 Oct 19
1) There is more than one Chalupa that worked against @realDonaldTrump

As evidenced by HER thread, Andrea planned to “stop Trump from taking office”

Her sister, Irene, is honorary fellow with the Atlantic Council with...wait for it...Dmitri Aperovitch (Crowdstrike)
2) Her most famous sister, Alexandra worked in the Clinton White House and later for the DNC.

This Ukraine story is so much bigger than a phone call from @realDonaldTrump to their leader.

Ukraine actively tried to help Hillary get elected and admitted to doing so.
2a) From Politico - no less…
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3 Aug 19
Thread on the “Coming Ice Age”, “Manmade Global Warming” & then “Climate Change”

Many of the same people have been paid to push these false alarming, apocalyptic warnings & the scientists aren’t paid nearly as well as the elites but they ARE PAID to produce desired results
The following article discusses the coming man caused Ice Age & potential catastrophic global cooling. It was pushed by then NASA scientist James Hansen, who conveniently has been behind the cooling & warming “scares”.

The article from 2007 & the “scare” came in the early 70’s.
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20 Apr 19
1) Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at Obama’s last 60 days in office. Mostly the time between @realDonaldTrump being elected and his inauguration in January. This is something a real media would have covered and investigated & it puts things into perspective.
2) First, Hussein claims his administration was the most scandal free in history.

I submit that his “illegal” administration was the most scandalous ever!

The last 60 days are plenty on their own and here’s why
3) All of the following are things Hussein did on the way out the door.

At the end of the thread I will list actions taken that are equally as disturbing, during entire tenure, with hopes that you will fill in anything I forget

Let’s go!
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2 Feb 19
Thread - the first part of this thread deals with the money coming into, and going out of PP. For those that are unfamiliar, you will recognize PP immediately but spelling it out here will likely get this censored.

The second part deals with their disgusting practices.
Anyone who thinks that Va Gov’s photo release wasn’t a Dem hit job, needs to rethink it. He slipped up by calling the - about to be aborted baby - “an infant”. He broke the Dems golden rule. They decided he has to go…
All of this material is open source. You can easily find this and more. This just scratches the surface. PP is a tax exempt org that has received $1.5 bn the last 3 years and WE need to demand that NOT a single tax dollar is ever given to them again.…
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