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24 Jul
Tottenham Hotspur, 21/22.

As promised, here’s the first part of a thread detailing how Tottenham could look under Nuno Espírito Santo. My findings were shaped by the following: Nuno’s period at Wolves, Tottenham’s transfer links & the opening pre-season games.
As established, Nuno utilised two systems at Wolves; a 343 and 352. The success of these automatism heavy systems were largely predicated off three things: discipline, athleticism and synergy. The pre-season game suggest a formation change but the core of the philosophy won’t.
Nuno used variants of a 4231 and 4141 systems against Orient & Colchester respectively. Heavy emphasis on quick circulation, negative movements during the build up phase & counter-pressing, amongst other things. I’ll analyse how this translates to the current & projected squad.
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21 Jul
Bryan Gil. He’s a player I’ve followed for a while now, his recent transfer to Tottenham could be described as a marriage of convenience. I’ll put a few words together, dissecting his profile, providing my opinion on the transfer and how both parties can benefit, tactically.
The transfer in itself is very well constructed. €25M for a player of that calibre is top business, especially given the apparent ‘financial constraints.’ Lamela’s sale is another plus, he’s a tactical nightmare, Gil’s skillset is far more maleable.
Tottenham’s necessity for a right-winger dates back to 2015. Pochettino’s system didn’t require an orthodox right winger, hence the lack of emphasis on recruiting one. I described Lamela as a tactical havoc due to his limited skillset.
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21 Jul
White goes to ground very easily, he seems to lack control in that regard. This clip, a bad one in this general context, really magnifies his flaws. Body shape is completely wrong even when sliding, doesn’t close any angles, hands Rashford total control.
The second attempted challenge hands Rashford initiative, allows him to cut back onto his left at a favourable angle. Maintaining a compact, standing position would’ve delayed Rashford. Now, combine that with the presence of a runner retreating near Rashford.
Even the first challenge, it’s cheating almost. He jumps away from Rashford & doesn’t even control his movement. If you’re going to fly into blocks/challenges, you have to engage touch-tight with the ball handler.
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