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Observer of fourth generation warfare (also known as hybrid warfare). All views my own (except for the ones personally sent to me by the Kremlin).
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18 Jul
THREAD on what’s going on in Russia’s Khabarovsk.

1. The @BBC is, predictably, following its usual policy of presenting absolutely any protest in Russia as some anti-govt uprising.

The British Brainwashing Corporation deliberately shirks from telling key facts about Khabarovsk.
2. The governor of Khabarovsk, Sergey Furgal, was detained under suspicion of him being involved in many murders. One of such murders is that of businessman Roman Sandalov in 2004. At the time, Furgal headed LLC "Mif-Khabarovsk".
3. For more than a decade and a half, the mother of Sandalov tried to achieve justice. She wrote letters to all sorts of authorities, but it was all in vain. Among these letters was an appeal to the head of the LDPR party, which Furgal is a member of.
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10 Jul

1. Putin is starting the much-needed purging process after the adoption of the constitution amendments.

All crooks who previously enjoyed US protection during 90s and 2000s will be swept aside, but through the judicial system, as assassinations are what the CIA does.
2. Zhirinovsky blackmailed the Duma by threatening to leave the commissions.

So, goodbye Sir. Both he and Zyuganov were part of the USSR liquidation team working in US interests. There’s no place for traitors like them in 2020 Russia.
3. Sergey Furgal, governor of Khabarovsk and fellow LDPR member, was detained for ordering murders.

Liberal mouthpieces like @meduza_en immediately started chirping in his defence.

Bye bye, Furgal! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!
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28 Feb
THREAD: As soon as Erdogan predictably moved to the next phase of exiting the Syrian theatre (pretending to fight “the regime”), and the USA/NATO predictably interfered and fanned the flames, Moscow (also predictably) started to flirt with the Kurds.
99% (no exaggeration) of what I am seeing on s/ media is truly facepalm worthy. Apparently, WW3 is going to break out (yes, again, because for some “strange” reason it didn’t break out the last time the cyber pant-poopers promised it would) and Ankara is going to nuke Damascus 😂
The latest example of idiocy: Russia is in a bad position because it has obligations before Ankara, and thus Assad may be thrown under the bus.


Yes, yes, of course! Putin is really that weak and can capitulate as soon as the kitchen warms by 1℃

[/sarc off]
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3 Nov 19
THREAD about “the oil” in Syria, which @realDonaldTrump is deliberately pushing on social media.

1. As I have alluded to a few times, I don’t believe the thesis that the US political system is some unitary block, and that the US just wants oil and that’s it.
2. @ejmalrai has stated many times that a group of US troops cannot stay for long in the middle of the desert. Especially within the framework of a general pullout. Moreover, the US does not have an aim in Syria anymore. Looting some oil is hardly going to bring any fruits.
3. Let’s pick the timeline up at the moment when Trump, Putin, and Erdogan reach an agreement over throwing the Kurds under the bus. It doesn’t matter what he said on Twitter during this operation, the fact remains that he green-lighted Operation Peace Spring.
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16 Oct 19
THREAD on some very interesting remarks made by @realDonaldTrump during this conference:

*Paraphrased to save space.*

1. "Why are we protecting Syria's land, Assad's not a friend of ours why are we protecting his land?”

An overt admission that the land belongs to Syria. I.e., US has been occupying Syrian land illegally all this time.
2. "Are we supposed to fight a NATO member so that Syria keeps their land? It makes no sense”

Again, he affirms that it is Syrian land. I.e., recognition of Assad as the leader. But he purposefully doesn’t touch on what a NATO member is doing on Syrian land in the first place.
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12 Oct 19
THREAD on the reaction of the “international community’s" to Turkey’s incursion.

1. Just when you think that the “civilised” West and allies couldn’t be any more hypocritical, they all open their mouths and prove you wrong. Some of the reactions ought to be parodies.
2. Let us be honest here - there is no “civil war” in Syria. Every single UNSC member is involved in one way or another. But Russia, for example, did not violate international law. The collective West simply cannot afford to abide by int law (they would lose/be outsmarted).
3. What’s remarkable is that the West is still losing despite the fact that they have spat on the UN charter (the UN being HQd in the USA is not a coincidence; it is biased in favour of the West). And this happened without Moscow violating international law. A masterclass.
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10 Oct 19
THREAD on the Turkish incursion into Northern Syria.

1. Before I start, read the thread below, where @ejmalrai has outlined the situation very nicely. I will simply use it as the foundation of my explanation of Russia’s position.

2. First thing’s first: there is a big difference between overt diplomatic statements and behind the curtain agreements. This doesn’t mean an official tells lies or deceives. It’s just that there are different tiers of international relations.
3. Second important preliminary statement: I am not “pro” this or that. And I certainly am not boxed in to any specific “ideology” or “school of thinking”. I call it as I see it, simply. But yes, I don’t adhere to the US/Western mentality of thinking with fists.
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25 Sep 19
Thread - a reminder of what Joe Biden did during the West's 2014 coup in Kiev:

1. Biden insisted on capturing governmental & administrative buildings in the most violent way, preferably with victims. In order to do this, there had to already be some “symbolic” deaths.
2. He cooked up and coordinated a scenario with other foreign embassies. In addition, Maidan was dying and it needed extra fuel in order to remain alive. The scenario involved “protestors” being shot by snipers. Biden’s guys (Parubiy, Pashinsky, Parasyuk) organised the massacre.
3. In his memoirs Biden says:

"I called the then President of Ukraine Yanukovych and ordered him to leave his post. I made the last of many urgent calls to Yanukovych in late February of 2014, when his snipers were assassinating Ukrainian citizens”.

Spot the lie(s).
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12 Sep 19
Thread on the @BBC's latest (12.09.19) edition of propaganda designed to mask the UK's role in arming and financing Al Qaeda in Syria. A BBC broadcast was imposed on me, but I recorded this segment anticipating that a pack of lies was coming. Here is part 1/3 of the skit:
@BBC Here is part 2/3:
@BBC And here is part 3/3. Watch all parts and only then proceed.
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27 Aug 19
Mini thread on the topic of the @annanews_info video below and the ensuing burning questions concerning who sponsors terrorism and who liquidates terrorists:

@annanews_info 1. At the 10:36 mark we are shown a newspaper that was discovered in the underground tunnels of Khan Shaykhun.

Q: Why is the so-called “flag” of the “Syrian revolution” (and so-called “Free Syrian Army) seen along with Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) emblems?
@annanews_info 2. At the 9:58 mark we see a door with two posters on it. The poster on the left looks very familiar.

Q: What is a White Helmets (@SyriaCivilDef) poster doing in a governerate described by Brett McGurk as the “largest Al Qaeda safe heaven since 9/11”?
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19 Aug 19
THREAD on western self-proclaimed "human rights defenders”.

*Note: I work with an actual human rights organisation based in Kiev whose aim is to mop up the mess (or try to) that the Western "human rights defenders" created when they implemented the 2014 coup*
1. "Human rights organisation"; "Human rights defender”; etc - sounds nice, doesn't it? It paints this image of helping people and being generally righteous. It gives the impression that a "human rights" employee saves lives and seeks to mitigate the consequences of war.
2. However, much like with the tooth fairy, disappointment awaits the believer. In reality, these organisations and employees are paid to exploit human emotions to enable the work of subversive West-funded NGOs - aka intelligence agency operations.
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15 Jul 19
Thread: conclusions from Bastille Day in France.

1. No spin doctor in the @Elysee is able to convince everyone that on July 14th everyone cheered and clapped Macron. Every stage of the day had an anti-Macron character, even if the MSM pretends otherwise.
2. The MSM was predictably silent as the #GiletsJaunes made their way to the Champs-Élysées. If the first attempt at 9am was negated by the cops, the post-parade offensive couldn’t be stopped since distinguishing tourists from vestless protestors was mission impossible.
3. The police were gassing literally everyone around the Arc d’Triomphe. If the Gilets Jaunes chanted something anti-Macron, they were gassed, along with the passersby around them. The police were clueless and preferred to damage the image of France for tourists.
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11 Jul 19
Thread on understanding why Russia is giving the S-400 to Ankara.

1. Emotions don’t drive international relations. The only way to disrupt and put a definitive end to a cycle of international laws violations is…. to not violate international law yourself.
2. When Turkey (through Ahmet Davutoğlu) downed the Russian jet and its proxies killed a pilot, the dumbest thing Moscow could’ve done was to retaliate tit-for-tat. Only countries/nations that have no self-confidence behave in that way (thus projecting the confidence issue).
3. Russia is an adult nation with roots that stem far, far back in time. It has passed through every trial and tribulation imaginable (civil war, world war, revolution, etc), including repelling the Ottoman empire and at the same time sacrificing its own men for others.
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5 Jul 19
THREAD on the #GiletsJaunes (Yellow Vests).

1. As we come closer to Bastille Day (the loose French equivalent of July 4th, or Bonfire Night) I think that it is a good idea to “set the scene” and offer an update on what’s happened since the last time I wrote about this topic.
2. Those who follow events from afar and thus don’t have access to a reliable and consistent flow of information will probably consider that the GJ movement was just a flash in the pan and is now in the past, or that it achieved its aim and that everything is now great in France.
3. Of course, they’d be very much mistaken. It’s important to think of the GJ movement as a stage of a process rather than just a fashionable trend that distinguishes itself by occasionally walking in a column & hurling insults at law enforcement. But what “process”?
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27 Jun 19
THREAD on Russia-USA-Ukraine-Donbass:

1. A lot of people are asking “what happens now?”. Zelensky is in power, Trump will most likely win a 2nd term, and the EU elections resulted in a win for EU-skeptics.
2. Among the “pro-Russia” social media camp there seems to be 2 main narratives:

a) After the presidential election the shelling in Donbass increased, so big war can be expected;

b) Poroshenko has gone, so things will exponentially improve.
3. I will start with narrative “a”. The post-election spike in the shelling in Donbass is part of Poroshenko’s parliamentary electoral campaign, which is based on “Russia’s revenge” - a tale he invented to keep his electorate in the pen he built.
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18 Mar 19
THREAD on what’s happening in France (#GiletsJaunes/#YellowVests):

Disclaimer: if you think that Soros/Russia/Illuminati is behind the Yellow Vests or some other batsh*t nonsense, then please stop here. This thread isn’t for you. Cat videos on YouTube are maybe more appropriate.
1. While the YV protests actually began on 17.11.18, I think most are aware that frustration with the government has been building for many many years. Sarkozy certainly played a big role in this. Deep-rooted contractions have been left unaddressed; offshore accounts were filled.
2. Without wanting to dedicated a lot of space to the details of each French government since the last massive riots in 1968, I think it is easier to proceed from the fact that France has been essentially occupied by America for decades. For me, this helps to explain a lot.
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23 Jan 19
Food for thought:

At the moment the US, Turkey, and Russia are having a tug of war not just in Syria, but globally. Syria is merely one theatre, albeit the most important one (high risk/high responsibility). Erdogan keeps Idilib as ballast, and US keeps N/E area.
Trump is clearly involved in a sub-battle with the so-called “deep state”, which is basically the Israeli lobby and Lockheed warhawks. They don’t want the US to withdraw from Syria, but the US doesn't exactly have domestic growth. Hence why the Fed Reserve does “QE”.
So we have a situation where Trump’s bloc outlined the framework of a “withdrawal”, but he has to fight to access the “trigger”. Trump rotates his staff regularly to negate “deep state” influence in his cabinet. So in many respects, the "Syrian war" is happening in DC, not Syria.
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11 Jan 19
I will explain in this thread why Russia behaves the way it does in relation to Israeli airstrikes in Syria.

Stay Tuned.
1. I will proceed from what seems to be an established fact (SANA confirmed) that tonight Israel only hit a depot at Damascus international airport. I.e., material damage. 12 projectiles in total. Syrian air defences worked, and by all accounts they were effective.
2. Even if this information is subject to change, and for example another warehouse or a local farm was actually hit too, then it changes absolutely nothing. What the SAA lost can be replaced with little risk; seemingly Iran has supplied the SAA very well and continues to do so.
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8 Dec 18
Thread on the eve of what is being dubbed in France as “Black Saturday”.

1. During this whole week there has been fear in the air. Both in the streets and on the TV. The government tried to appease the populace by cancelling the fuel tax hike, but sadly it wasn’t enough.
2. People learnt that they could have avoided all the prices increases of the past year if they had protested. So now there is a feeling of insult to injury. The truth is that there have been little signals throughout the year that major things would eventually happen.
3. Farmers were tipping manure and hay in the streets of Paris in protest at the low profits being made in the milk industry and the poor crop yields due to dry weather. This is a symptom of the same illness - the EU cancer. At one point there were no milk products in s/markets.
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28 Sep 18
Thread on the Russia-Israel-Syria affair, which has culminated in the downing of a Russian Il-20 on September 17th just off the coast of Latakia.

1. I will first start by saying that I have read, both intentionally and unintentionally, lots and lots of opinions about this.
2. The main bulk of these opinions recycle the usual blaming of Russia and offer suggestions for how things “should” have been done and “should” now be done. The consensus seems to be that it is Israel that is solely to blame, and it should thus be severely punished.
3. However, even though Russia was lambasted by social media “experts” for the fact that the state of Israel still existed on September 18th, the criticism of Moscow’s policy vis-a-vis Israel’s general airstrikes in Syria has been unwavering.
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22 Jul 18
Thread about France’s oh so humanitarian gesture towards the people of Eastern Ghouta, Syria. For those unfamiliar with this “touching” news, read the article below:

1. As is known by all, France’s position in relation to Eastern Ghouta was very similar to the collective’s West’s position in relation to Aleppo. I.e., the blood-thirsty Russian bear was closing in on the "innocent revolutionaries” who were resisting the “tyrant” Assad.
2. French TV broadcasted at least one "SMART News Agency”/White Helmets propaganda piece per day to sell the narrative: Ghouta is some territory that is separate to the Syrian State, and is almost a member of the EU/NATO. Thus, Assad attacking Ghouta = invoke UN Article 51.
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