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12 Aug 19
@JunksRadio A couple of things for you to consider:
1. With regard to the Nats, why is Matt Grace is still in professional baseball?
@JunksRadio … and why not use Hudson as a closer. Beyond the Grace issue, the biggest problem with Davey managing the bullpen is that he pulls starters too soon and burns good bullpen arms by doing matchups.
2. With regard to the Redskins, people rave about how great players look in practice and in camp, but they are puzzled when they don’t show in games.
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10 May 19
1. Ihave been patiently waiting for heads to start to roll, but I did not want to sit on this one thought:

Q. WHY are the corrupt Democrats pushing so hard for the full reduction of the Mueller Report…including the revelation of grand jury testimony, which would be illegal?
2. Most who are informed (that is, not relying on the #LSM) understand that this effort is purely political…and not a search for the truth…intended to damage #AGBarr. The #DeepState knows that he is going after the truth of the #SpyGate coup.
3. Nobody is discussing this aspect of the grand jury reductions. If #QAnon provides valid intel, and I am 100% convinced that the Q team is legit, the Demonrats asking for full redactions know it contains something they would point to as evidence of Barr”s coverup.
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12 Oct 18
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10 Oct 18
@ThinkUrselfFree @williamcraddick 1/ Here's an easy proof. The White House website showed a large "Q" on page 2 of ANY printout from the WH site, for a period from late March 26 through late April 13. When I discovered this, I made sure to look at WHEN this Q displayed in printouts, which is why I know the dates.
@ThinkUrselfFree @williamcraddick 2/ To see for yourself, just follow these steps.
Step 1: Visit the live White House web site (whitehouse.gov) and try to print ANY page on the site. In PrintPreview mode, go to page 2, and it will look normal (nothing unusual).
@ThinkUrselfFree @williamcraddick 3/
Step 2: Now visit the Wayback Machine (archive.org) to see historical snapshots of this same whitehouse.gov page. To make it easy for you, I am providing the link to take you there: web.archive.org/web/*/https://…
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8 Oct 18

#JudgeKavanaugh #TRUTH

Given the spin in the media and by leftist Hollywood/celebs + skewed (or fabricated) polls , it can sometimes be hard to know where the public stands on an issue. People tend to live in their "bubble" and get affirmed w/in their own echo chamber.

While this is not a scientific method, I thought I would analyze data available on Twitter, which is open to all people but is known to skew things to the left, to see what the numbers tell us about support for or opposition to #JudgeKavanaugh.

My method was simple. To avoid being "served" input from within my bubble, I did this analysis anonymously while logged out of Twitter. I pulled the 15 top results served by Twitter on a search of "Kavanaugh" and compiled these results, which are VERY interesting.
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5 Oct 18
#QAnon Update

I wanted to post this update to give a quick interpretation to #Q's latest posts this evening.

In 2017, Q had posted about "The Hunt for Red October."
Those who have read Tom Clancy know this is a reference to the great novel about a cat-and-mouse game involving a Russian nuclear sub that is looking to defect to the US.

So what did Q mean in this and the many other references to Red October?
When the phrase included "The Hunt for"...Q was giving a clue that it was a reference to a rogue nuclear sub, likely the one that went missing from North Korea in 2017. It was being controlled by the #DeepState.

Recall the "false" [not false] Hawaiian Jan 2018 missile alert.
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5 Oct 18
#QCLock Theory

#Q's posts are monitored by both #Patriots & the #DeepState, so Q cannot telegraph every move. However, there's seems to be a clock in place, w/post numbers essentially acting as a countdown to 2400...midnight for the #cabal...w/a planned #RedOctober take down.
#RedOctober has clearly referenced a timeline where the coordinated arrests will occur this month, prior to the 2018 election.

"Red October" was first referenced on 11/20/17 as "The Hunt for Red October."
"Red October" has appeared 20 times in #Q's posts.

The reference to "The Hunt for Red October" was thought to have many meanings:
- Dealing w/a rogue nuclear sub (think Hawaii)
- Cyberespionage malware
- The plan culmination in the plan in October 2018 (#RedOctober)
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5 Oct 18


There are many inconsistencies, or even outright lies, when it comes to the "story" outlined by #ChristineBlaseyFord. Here are a few:
# people at party
# timing/year of party
# location of party
# never mentioned Kavanaugh by name until July 2018
# layout of party
# your self-identified "witnesses" all refute that they attended any such party
# your long-time friend #LelandKeyser further states she has never met #JudgeKavanaugh
# you never mentioned this assault to anyone prior to 2012 therapy session...including during long-term relationship
# you claimed the revelation of abuse came from a therapy session in 2012 w/your husband, prompted by an argument over wanting 2 front doors to your home...
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5 Oct 18

Happy Anniversary to #TheStorm! One year ago today, #POTUS announced to a confused press corps: “This is the calm before the storm!“

Those who have done their own research, or who are lucky enough to have discovered #QAnon, know what was meant by the reference to “The Storm.” It is now upon us, and the Deep State is in full panic mode.

Many months ago, some smart anons who are very good at seeing patterns discovered that #Q”s posts seem to relate to a clock dial in terms of timing. The dates of posts and the post numbers sometimes contain their own meaning.
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1 Oct 18
"Trust the Plan."
"Trust Wray."
"Sky is Falling Week."

Let's interpret.
Anyone who supports #JudgeKavanaugh should not be concerned w/a one week investigation as long as:
- #POTUS has control over the rogue #FBI.
- #RuleofLaw is restored.
The #WhiteHats are now in contol...including of the #FBI. Witness the ouster and/or referral for prosecution of #Comey, #McCabe, #Strzok, #Page, #JamesBaker, et al (T makes it hard to ID ALL of the traitors).
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27 Sep 18
Quick analysis of smear campaign against #JudgeKavanaugh:
1. #Ford's accusation is LITTERED w/contradictions and lacks a SINGLE PIECE of corroboration. See:
2. #DeborahRamirez' claims were so unsubstantiated, w/o credibility or corroboration, that the #NYT REFUSED to publish an article about them. Ramirez admitted she only recalled that "Kavanaugh had exposed himself" after SIX DAYS of consulting her attorney.
3. Accuser # 3, #JulieSwetnick, incredibly waited until YESTERDAY to release her outrageous claim that Kavanaugh was somehow a ring leader for a HS gang-rape circuit. Her claims were so incredulous and unsupported that the NYT again passed on writing an article about this.
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27 Sep 18
More inconsistencies with #ChristineBlaseyFord!

The problem with a lie, especially when involving other people, is that it's hard to repeat the lie consistently and have various accounts match up. I will do a deeper thread on the overall #DeepState attack on #JudgeKavanaugh...
which is what the smear campaign really is. Let me outline the items in #Fords' accusations that are either SPECIFIC contradictions or don't match with common sense. I will start with her corroborations:
1. Despite the "party," which was really a small get-together, only...
having five people in attendance (as of her most-recent account), including Ford, NOT ONE of those people identified as being at the event recalls the event. This was not a "typical" event as she claims two men tried to rape her, and she fled the scene without telling her one...
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26 Sep 18
I find the timing mentioned by #JulieSwetnick to be troubling. She seems to have buried her social media, but it appears she is now 55. If she graduated HS at a normal age (17-18), she should have graduated in 1981 (born in 1963), making Kavanaugh and Judge Sophomores when she...
was a Senior. The idea of Sophomores in HS getting time with a HS Senior is a bit of a stretch, but let's go there. It gets hard to believe when she says she attended well over 10 house parties where they were present from 1981-1983. If she graduated HS in 1981, how would she...
have had any interactions with them beyond spring of 1981. Graduation from HS is a major break from going to HS parties. Once people graduate, especially if they go to college, they don't go back to HS parties. Big question: When did she graduate HS & where did she go to college?
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26 Sep 18
@ProfMJCleveland @mrsjfbj @FDRLST Even if she never discussed "what happened" with her good friend Keyser, how is it credible that Keyser would not have asked later what happened to her? She disappeared from the party w/o discussion. Any friend would wonder what happened, even if they did not discuss particulars.
@ProfMJCleveland @mrsjfbj @FDRLST Implication: Keyser, at a minimum, would recall being at a party where Ford suddenly left w/o notice. Not only is this not the case, Keyser's statement:
"[she] does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present"...
@ProfMJCleveland @mrsjfbj @FDRLST So Keyser affirmatively says she does not recall ever being at a party with Kavanaugh. This was such a small event (5 people total, with 3 boys, not the 4 indicated in the therapist's notes and in Ford's recent statements). How is any of this at all credible?
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25 Sep 18
@sasha4th @senorrinhatch Do you know how investigations work?
1. Someone is victimized.
2. That person files an official, on-the-record police report.
3. Police investigate the alleged crime.
4. The FBI gets pulled into it if w/in its jurisdiction.

Ford claims #1 but has not even bothered w/step #2.
@sasha4th @senorrinhatch FYI, someone claiming a "crime" does not automatically warrant an investigation. In order for even the local police to launch an investigation, they need to establish that the claim is credible. Ford's claim does not pass this first test...
@sasha4th @senorrinhatch ...as Ford lacks a specific date or location on which to center an investigation. Worse yet, her own claims are refuted before an investigation is launched:
- Her therapist's noted indicate that four men were involved in the incident. Ford told the WaPo recently this is wrong...
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22 Sep 18
1/ #QAnon

Ask WHY did #QAnon make more and more visible appearances at rallies for #POTUS...culminating with #Trump pointing directly to the #Q cutout on the July 31st rally...only to virtually disappear at subsequent #Trump rallies?

2/ What happened within 24 hours of #Q making such a visible appearance, on national TV (at least #FoxNews) at the July 31 rally?

The #LyingSycophantMedia responded in force, LIKE CLOCKWORK, w/a massive, coordinated assault, as if the #LSM had all read the same 4 am narrative.
3/ To give a sense of how much our #MockingBirdMedia is controlled and coordinated, look at this...all the stories, and all the same, posted within 24 hours of #Q being prominently shown at a #TrumpRally.

Q predicted the #MSM push to come the next day:
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22 Sep 18
1/ Ask WHY.

#Q: WHY are they (left/cabal) so opposed to #JudgeKavanaugh?

Most will focus on his being viewed as a conservative, opposed to abortion, threat to Roe v. Wade.

Real answer is much deeper and more meaningful.

Kavanaugh is an existential threat to the #DeepState...
2/ Supreme Court is currently split 4-4. THIS is the most important justice to be appointed in generations. #JudgeKennedy was forced out b/c he was controlled in matters that I am outlining below:

We are on the verge of a true takedown of the #DeepState, which involves #Treason.
3/ Most did not notice, but the MOST IMPORTANT questions asked of #JudgeKavanaugh
...seemed out of the blue
...are never asked
...were asked by LindsayGraham.

Use my link and not #Q's (now blocked - surprise):

The questions involved #MilitaryTribunals.
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21 Sep 18
Use logic. Credibility Test. Is someone credible if:
1. They WAIT 36 years to levy an accusation...until moments before a final SC vote?
2. After this long delay in coming forth with their story, they DEMAND a federal investigation. [This begins to look like a parody.]
3. They LACK a single piece of supporting/corroborating evidence, yet a former classmate comes forward with an absolute fabrication that is easily shredded.
4. They say they want to be heard...then go into hiding when given the chance to testify, with flexible scheduling options.
5. The INSIST that they only be questioned by old, white men in the Senate and OPPOSE being questioned by an attorney, who is trained in the logical pursuit of the truth?
6. They DEMAND the accused testify BEFORE they testify? How can a target refute the claim before hearing it?
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21 Sep 18
1/ #LiberalHypocrisy
#Q: What evidence is there that #ChristineBlaseyFord's accusations against #JudgeKavanaugh are purely political in nature? Let me start the list:
1. She claimed not to be politically motivated, yet she only provided her letter to #Democrats.
2. #DianeFeinstein, who received the original letter with the claims by #ChristineBlaseyFord, has refused to release the complete, unredacted letter.
3. #ChristineBlaseyFord claimed to want to desire anonymity..so how did a story (given only to the #Left) get leaked to the press?
4. #ChristineBlaseyFord claimed to want to remain anonymous...so why did she pay for a polygraph test long before this went public?
5. #ChristineBlaseyFord claims that there were two men in the room during the attack...so why did earlier versions have four men in the room?
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4 Aug 18

Recent themes:
- #ElectoralFraud
- #OperationMockingBird: Media (#LSM) under Dem/state control
- #HRC crimes & #DeepState comms: We have the server[S]. #StateDepartment in the kill box.

Put it together...
BIG DROP will be the DHS Report on massive #ElectoralFraud!
#POTUS is proponent of #SunTzu and the #ArtofWar.

The above scenario perfectly demonstrates:
- #RussiaHoax of them "hacking" our election lays groundwork.
- #StateDepartment docs will show involvement in election fraud. We know of involvement in dossier, but there was more.
Many wondered WHY the promised DHS Study did not drop earlier. Reread the timeline carefully (highlighted below, emphasis in CAPS).

#Q posted: "The DHS will be submitting a final report [on electoral fraud] AS EARLY AS March [ ], 2018."

Message/timeline was for the #DeepState.
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17 Jul 18
1) #QAnon #SaveTheKids

I have been Twitter-silent of late, waiting for the next shoe to drop…and there are a closet full of shoes. It was a needed break as it has been a struggle watching the cabal continue to walk the streets.
2) The breathless screams about yesterday's #TreasonSummit warrant an immediate reply. The best place to start is to ask WHY? Why are the political left and the #MSM/#LSM claiming the Trump-Putin meeting to be treasonous? What is the basis?
3) Did you hear concerns of #Treason when #Traitor44 went around the world on his apology tour, disparaging the United States? They PRAISED #Obama for bowing to leaders of foreign nations & ridicule #POTUS for NOT BOWING in submission, as if we are subject to their kingdoms.
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