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17 Sep
Ok, this @JohnCornyn ad just makes me angry and I mean really angry. Same ole John, promising what he can't and won't even try to deliver. My wife has had 1 raise in the past 8 years. John, @GregAbbott_TX , @DanPatrick , @KenPaxtonTX etc. are liars that don't give a damn
about Texas public school. Hell, @SenTedCruz along w/ @JohnCornyn want to give @BestyDeVos our public school money to enrich her private school buddies. At the moment, Mrs. C is teaching virtual and in-class students at the same time without, the right PPE (or enough)
No testing requirement for anyone in the district, student or staff and no health protocols at all. There aren't enough devices to go around for digital learning which requires teachers to be IT specialists to figure out how to get everyone through the day and still meet
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13 Sep
Hey y'all Texans, "loser and sucker" from Texas here. This is a very short thread. 'Bout as short as my patience for @JohnCornyn's TV commercials. Ya' see; first as a "loser and sucker", he won't stand up to @realDonaldTrump's slander of the troops, dead or alive.
Then, @JohnCornyn who has long sat on the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence, won't push to save our troops with Russian bounties on them. He didn't go to bat for them when Russian troops attacked ours in Syria.
Speaking of Russia, @JohnCornyn hasn't pushed to protect our elections and is silent on the threats. Yes, a Texas politician who won't protect US elections from Russia, a hostile power that has been attacking us since the 2016 election cycle... continulously.
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6 Sep
For my fellow Vets, Texas Vets/ military, families and friends. Like so many, I'm a PTSD/ TBI/ Depression sufferer due more than a handful of combat deployments.
Let's talk about @realDonaldTrump's slander and @JohnCornyn's silence and who funds them like... @USAA
I am a customer and fan of @USAA but yesterday saw that they are one of the biggest donors to @JohnCornyn who has abandoned the military to Trump's vulgar slanders and gone silent on Russian Bounties and attacks on our election, literally every minute of every day.
@USAA made their fortune on Vets and military personnel. I don't expect to tell them who to support or not, in normal times. It's not normal though that our pres, openly works with Russia while he attacks us and puts bounties on our troops. @realDonaldTrump attacks our INTEL
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