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22 Jan
1/ <breaking character >
Earlier today , @RealBootyEater ,@parlertakes , and I ( @ParlerYoda ) took a few posts to level with our audience and discourage our base NOT to dive into the message boards and dark recesses of alternative
2/ social media. We post the funny and the absurd crap we see, we interact with some people and yes, we troll sometimes. In this aspect, I would say we provide a voice of dissent inside and echo chamber.
3/ personally, I have engaged in civil discussions with many people who’s views I consider extreme. I have managed to talk a few people into listening to voices on the other side.
When it’s an echo chamber the echoes get louder and louder and exponentially angrier...
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19 Jan
<breaking character>
We are now under 24 hours left with the current administration.
More than 1/2 the country couldn't be happier.
I think the rest is split between "I hate democrats" and "I am in a cult"

We need to heal as a nation. We cannot begin this process ...
... with the specter of him overshadowing our media.
For years now we have watched everything, and talked about it, because it could affect us.

#ignorehim needs to be a motto.

he is impotent now, and the only ones who are going to really care what he has to say are those...
...who will never stop listening.

When I say #ignorehim, I don't mean turn a blind eye to the threat he and his cult following represent. I mean don't do his work for him. Don't tweet and discuss everything he does.

he will rage into echo chambers- of this I am certain.
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14 Jan
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Now that trump has been impeached a second time, but McConnell has decided not to hear it until June(?) we need to move forward.

The Biden Administration (BA) is walking into a huge mess handicapped. With little aid in the transfer of power, BA has to...
... get a raging pandemic under control, reinstate environmental regulations to ensure that our children will have a planet to grow up on, and try to bring together a nation divided.

Many trump supporters will never leave his side, but many of them still fly the last symbol...
..of a wasted four years that costed 618,222 American lives.
So, do they really count? They definitely need to be monitored by law enforcement, but how much influence do they really have if they’re shouting to each other in a field.

The specter of the trump Administration...
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13 Jan
<breaking character>

First of all, I just passed 6k followers and I’m floored. I am absolutely amazed that so many people find why I say interesting enough that they might wasn’t to here more.

Or the memes make you crack up.

Either way, I thank you all
Recently I posted a ridiculous painting of trump portrayed as a hero... I absolutely suggested that, by portraying him as a hero, the artist should bear some responsibility for inciting violence.

By this I did not mean legal responsibility, but rather a personal responsibility.
It probably will not surprise many of you, but I am an artist.

Art is definitely protected by the first amendment.

I have said
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