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20 May 20
What's behind the Egypt-Ethiopia Nile Dam dispute?

Will Ethiopia/Egypt dam lead to war?

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7 May 20
What’s next for small business in America? They’re going to go out of business -forever, as the 1% loots the treasury in the biggest expansion of corporate socialism for the rich in all of American history with no way to follow the money.
And as Trump & the GOP scam & signal to #openAmerica, what they’re doing to sending small businesses faster off the cliff to an unsustainable effort as they don’t assist owners with #EmergencyUBI freezing rent & mortgages
- while bailing out the the biggest corporations with 4.5 trillion plus
- which just clears the board of competition for the biggest corporations.

Get it yet?

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27 Apr 20
.@CillizzaCNN, @MSNBC, @CNN and the @DNC ran a 24/7 negative influence campaign against @SenSanders and millions of Americans. Full stop.
& @BarackObama ran a coup on Bernie. We all saw it.

When we get Trump they’re responsible.

@humanistreport 🌹
You got a mention. @GeoffMiami
Also #receipts if the media and online trolls.

I made this thread because I knew the fascists would try to revise and deny history.

Because that’s what they always do.

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16 Apr 20
This is a #PsyOp. Republicans think they have the right to put you and your family in danger of #COVID19 for their LARP political agenda driven QANON #OperationGridlock stunt which will send Congress back to vote on more trillions for the 1% on the backs of Americans.
Second Wave
Fox News is a 1% propaganda “operation.”
The #GOP fairy land fuck town.

The 1% is triggering the #MAGAchuds with a #fascist program.

☝️ beware when they use terms like “operation.”

The “hero’s and victims” scenario.
They are playing imaginary “Them Vs Us” games.

How long will Americans be led around by the 1% to do their bidding, like chumps?
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1 Apr 20
“Second verse, same as the first.”

The Establishment Democrats and their corporate shills on TV and all over social media are already signaling that they want Bernie to drop out of the race, even though half of America hasn’t voted yet.

This was always their main objective.
They sent almost 30 candidates at him.
They spent easy over a billion collectively.
Even now every state has disturbingly inaccurate exit polling that in any other country the OAS would deem as a fraudulent election. And yet here we are.

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25 Mar 20
Fuck the thread out of me.

Dont talk to me about candidates records anymore. Democrat’s want people to look at Bernie’s record on everything so as to say “he’s done nothing” which is another total lie.
Then they get offended at everything about Bernie as they pull up nothing legitimate to attack him with as they say “forget about Joe’s record on everything.” And If you do bring up Joe’s terrible record they’ll smear, harass and abuse you. Nothing matters.
Dont talk to me about racism anymore. Democrats call “Bernie a racist” based on nothing but lies as they deny that the architect of the Crime Bill Joe Biden’s policies locked up Blacks at huge numbers for decades.
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18 Mar 20
The News today should read:

Trump wins re-election as @SenSanders was defeated by @JoeBiden, the @DNC and their Super PAC’s @CNN & @MSNBC as the 1% dispel a large collective sigh of relief while turning to the government for more socialist bail outs for the 1%.

Life in #Plague
A day in the life.


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9 Mar 20

“Worth the Price?”

New Documentary Shows How #JoeBiden Played Leading Role in Push for U.S. to Invade Iraq


☝️ Wow! Remember when Joe Biden could speak clearly?

Shows his decline over the years.
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6 Mar 20
“Will you fight for those you don’t know?”

Dear @SenSanders
@briebriejoy @shaunking @davidsirota @fshakir @GunnelsWarren @ninaturner

The question is: Will you fight for those you do know?

#Berners are taking abuse from MSNBC, CNN, Warren etc and you’re doing what about it?
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20 Feb 20
Everyday millions of #Berners go on social media and tell the 1% EXACTLY what they have problems with,
but instead of addressing these Americans, the 1% decides to single out some bad apple tweets and erase every valid concern that millions of Americans have.
The “#RadicalLeft.”
They’re “#TooFarLeft.”
They’re “socialists!”
They're “communists.”
They're “abusers,” that are “violent.”
They’re the “#BernieBros.”

“They” = “Them.”
As in “they’re not us” =is what they’re saying.

Dehumanize them.
Go racist on them.
Go sexist on them.
“They” are LESS THAN and don’t deserve any dignity, respect or humanity.

They are beneath us.
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18 Feb 20
🍩: “I am very smart. Vote for Bloomberg! We have to defeat Trump!!!”

🌹: “...so you’re saying we have to defeat the right wing, racist, authoritarian, sexist, billionaire oligarch?”

🍩: “Exactly!”

🌹: “..but with another one?”

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18 Feb 20
🌹’s: “Bernie is fighting for us. He fights for #M4A, #MoneyOutOfPolitics, #GND and #StudentLoanForgiveness.”

🍩’s: “Bernie has a hateful army who are always attacking online!”

🌹’s: “We’re just telling the truth.”

🍩’s: “Racist! Sexist! #BernieBros!”

🌹’s: 😔🖕🙄
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10 Feb 20
James Carville is upset are Bernie.

James represents the “#NewDemocrats.”
The conservative Democrats that shove the #FDRDemocrats under the rug for #oligarchy, #plutocracy, the benefits of the 1% and capitalism above everything and everyone...
...including the tens of thousands of Americans who die with no healthcare or the hundreds of thousands that go bankrupt from medical costs or half of America living paycheck to paycheck.
Climate change?
Go incremental.
It’s good for business.
More wars? Why not?
It’s good for business.
More ACA over M4A?
Of course.
It’s good for business.
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13 Jan 20
Warren ATTACKS Bernie.

This shows that Warren has poor judgement. She says “Bernie is my friend” yet didn’t give Bernie the benefit of the doubt before learning the facts first.

Warren has a strange way of treating her “friends.”

With “friends” like Warren and Tulsi it’s no wonder that so many Berners I know no longer trust either Warren or Tulsi anymore. All they do is work against Bernie now.
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