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25 Nov
Thread: .@realDonaldTrump I watched the hearing in PA today. I saw numerous people testifying under oath to the massive fraud that took place in that state.
The PA legislators have two issues they need to deal with; how to deal with the current election and how to fix their broken election systems. The latter will take negotiation and the development of a legal framework that ensures that elections are fair and accurate.
The former is up to the legislature. At a minimum, they should refuse to certify the election. I think they will wait until the legal cases play out before deciding what to do, but the will of the people of PA seems quite clear. They voted for Trump.
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24 Nov
Thread: In @LLinWood's GA case, there is good news. Normally I would attach a screenshot, but I'm going to copy and paste the order so you can see exactly what it says.
"ORDER. Plaintiff's Amended Motion to Supplement Motion for Temporary Restraining Order [ECF 20] is GRANTED. Proposed Intervenors' Motion to Supplement Motion to Intervene [ECF 28] is GRANTED. Plaintiff is ORDERED to respond to Intervenors' Democratic Party of Georgia, Inc., et
al.'s Motion to Dismiss [ECF 8-1] and Defendants' Motion to Dismiss [ECF 57] on or before November 25, 2020. Defendants and Intervenors are ORDERED to respond to Plaintiff's Motion for Appeal [ECF 63] on or before November 25, 2020. Pursuant to the Court's Standing Order [ECF 4],
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23 Nov
Thread: There's a story making the rounds that the Supreme Court "suddenly" assigned conservative justices to all the battleground states. The implication is that SCOTUS is positioning themselves to take control of the elections.
This is all based on one document:… Alex Jones has picked up on this and is calling it a massive bombshell.…
It's NOT a bombshell. It's not even unusual. In fact, it's boringly routine. Read the document. "It is ordered that the following allotment be made of The Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of this Court among the circuits, pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section
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23 Nov
Thread: Look at this crap.
Trump legal team shuns Sidney Powell as insiders and national security officials see no evidence supporting her voting machine claims
There are only two possibilities given this headline. Either the Washington Examiner is lying, or the people they spoke to are idiots. We have seen PROOF of electronic manipulation of the vote.
I posted the proof eleven days ago.
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has posted statistical evidence of fraud. Matt Braynard has posted proof of fraud. We’ve seen vote shifting and the use of “fraction magic in PA.…
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22 Nov
Saturday evening Bible thread. I know a lot of people are watching the news channels and are feeling disheartened. Let this be your wakeup call. You become what you surround yourself with. Or, to put it in farming terms, you can't get in the pig sty without getting some on you.
We are clearly in a mammoth spiritual battle. The forces of darkness are screaming loudly, trying to drown out any thoughts of God and get you to surrender. Whether you do or not is entirely up to you.
I don't watch ABC. I don't watch NBC. I don't watch CBS. I don't watch Fox. I don't watch CNN. I don't watch ANY of the cable news programs. Not Hannity. Not Carlson. Not Ingraham. Not Maddow. Not that crazy-ass whats-his-name that's always screaming obscenities.
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21 Nov
Thread: Attached is an electoral map that shows the results of the election based solely on the electronic election fraud that I know about. This does not include voter fraud in the form of illegal mail-in ballots, dead voters, out-of-state voters, etc.
This does not include any of the electronic election fraud that the Trump team uncovered. By my count, Trump had 3,378,033 votes stolen from him. According to @SidneyPowell1, Trump had over 7,000,000 votes stolen, ad Biden had 10,000,000 votes added to his total.
Obviously, the Trump teams knows things that I don't know, but anyone who would be surprised by that is a fool. In addition to the electronic election fraud, there was a TON of "garden variety" fraud. Here's what we know now.
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20 Nov
@JakeTexas99 OK. I can't answer you without writing a thread. So, here it is. The controlling law is 3 US Code § 15 - Counting electoral votes in Congress. You can find it here:…
@JakeTexas99 It's important that you read this law carefully and keep all its parts in context. Because the Constitution very clearly states that each state gets one vote. Read the 12th Amendment.…
@JakeTexas99 If there is an objection, the Senate and the House have to meet separately to resolve it. If they agree, the objection is upheld. But the vote is by state, not be the 435 members of Congress.
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20 Nov
Thread: I know a lot of people are getting anxious. They read that GA is going to certify their vote, and they see the Trump victory slowly slipping away as other states also certify. That's because you don't understand how elections for the President and Vice President work.
The American people do not elect the President. The House of Representatives does. It's always been this way, but so few people are taught anything at all about the Constitution, that they don't understand the process at all.
Here's how it works. Americans vote for the President. The states then have their electors vote for the winner for that state. So, if the Dem wins the state, all the electors go to the Dem. And vice versa. BUT. And this is a big but.
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19 Nov
Thread: What have we learned in the past few days? We’ve always known there was voter fraud in the big Democrat-controlled cities. That dates back to 1960 at least, when JFK won the Presidency due to fraud in Chicago.
But this fiasco of an election has opened Pandora’s box. I can’t help but think that Trump not only knew this was going to happen but actually planned for it. Watching Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s videos has opened an entirely new can of worms. In 2018 he ran for the Senate in MA.
He has proven fraud in his PRIMARY. Statistically impossible vote totals (hundreds more votes than the number of people who actually voted) in his PRIMARY. The implications of this are not only terrifying but massively infuriating.
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18 Nov
Thread: Russell Ramsland has filed an affidavit in the GA case that L Lin Wood filed. I highly recommend you read it from beginning to end. The affidavit provides concrete proof of vote fraud in MI.…
Now, for all those wise-ass media types who love to state there is no proof of widespread voter fraud, I challenge you to answer this one question. How can the voting system record votes like this: 1925865.66. If you can explain how an American votes 2/3rds of a vote, I'll listen
So, @CBSNews, @CNNPolitics, @MSNBC, @FoxNews, @maggieNYT, @jaketapper, and all you other lying bastards, explain this:
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17 Nov
For those who are not familiar, the article may be found here: Electronic Election Fraud Robbed Trump The source is linked, so you can do the math yourself to see if I am telling the truth.
For this discussion, I want to talk about the states that had no electronic election fraud. You can find the systems that they use here:…
AK - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted.
DC - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
DE - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted.
HI - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
ID - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
IN - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
NV - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
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16 Nov
Thread: My followers know that I try to be as honest with you as I can. That's why I think it's important that you understand that Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai's scatter plot graph of election results is bogus. It's not proof of election fraud at all.
The tell is that he doesn't show you Biden's graph. If he did, you would see that it's precisely the same as the one for Trump. He does some very neat slight of hand to convince you that his math is correct and he's found proof.
But any mathematician worth his degree will destroy it, as this mathematician did.
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15 Nov
Saturday evening Bible thread. These are trying times. If you look at what's going on around you, pay attention to the news, or listen to liberals on Twitter, it's easy to get discouraged. But God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7
God tells us not to fear because he is with us. "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isa 41:10 We should head his word.
What should we do when we're fearful? Seek the Lord. "I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears." Ps 34:4 David was in real-life situations that threatened his life. But he sought the Lord and the Lord answered him. Are we less than David?
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14 Nov
Thread: I've been thinking a lot lately about elections. For example, why did Texas reject Dominion voting systems but so many other Republican states accepted them? I understand why Democrat states use them - it facilitates their cheating. But why do GOP states use them?
The only conclusion I can draw is that either the state officials are derelict in their duties, they're incredibly naive, or they're complicit in the fraud. I think naivete is the least likely possibility. That leaves two troubling possibilities.
Since I was a teenager, I have thought and said that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties. The only difference between them is who they enrich. A lot of you may not be aware but the GOP is responsible for much of the growth in the federal government.
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14 Nov
Thread: I know a lot of people are anxious right now, not sure what the future holds. I’m just an average Joe. I don’t have any great insights or magic wands to see the future. All I can tell you is that I’ve very calm and unconcerned right now.
The reason I’m calm is because I trust God but also because I’ve seen the numbers. The fraud was obvious and blatant to me. And if it was obvious and blatant to me, you may rest assured that Trump and his team knows about it.
Let’s face it. The POTUS has access to information that very few people have. He has no mandate to share what he knows with the public until the time of his choosing. What you are seeing is the physical manifestation of a strategy, the end goal of which none of us is aware of.
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13 Nov
GA switched 17,407 votes from Trump to Biden and erased another 33,754 Trump votes. When the hand count is done, Trump will win GA by 54,512 votes. Splain that!
Largest Hand Re-tally of Ballots in US History Gets Underway in Georgia… via @epochtimes
@EpochTimes I want to make sure people understand what I’m saying. I’m NOT saying that GA did this. It was done by someone who accessed SCYTL and committed electronic election fraud. So, the paper ballots will reflect the actual vote, and that won’t match the electronic total.
@EpochTimes When they audit PA, they will find that 220,883 votes for Trump were switched to Biden and 941,248 votes for Trump disappeared. When that audit is done, Trump will win PA by 1,332,390 votes. The local fraud that’s the focus of all the lawsuits will not matter.
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13 Nov
Thread: Do you morons in the mainstream media and leftist America actually believe there will be peace if Biden is installed? Half the nation would view him as a corrupt leader elected through voter fraud and illegitimate.
They will fight tooth and nail to obstruct his every move and refuse to obey his orders. Republican states will sue him into oblivion while the world laughs at America. You can’t possibly think this is a good thing. If you do, you’re anti-American.
It could even get to the point that an actual shooting war will break out as people rebel against the shoving of an illegitimate leader down their throats. These people aren’t stupid. They see what you did. You’d better pray it gets fixed and fast.
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10 Nov
Thread: I looked at undervotes in every state that had a Senatorial race. An undervote is when someone votes for one office but does not vote for another. I found some interesting stuff. I think undervote percentages are a good indicator of where to look for problems in the vote.
The average undervote across all 34 states was 1.5%, right around the average that’s cited in papers routinely. (E.g. in 2016, one paper cited 1.4%.)
However, there were some interesting outliers. RI was 2.76 times higher than the average. MS was a NEGATIVE undervote of -2.56%.
Were votes removed from the Presidential race? Those overvote ballots (28,836) need to be looked at by authorities in MS to see what’s going on. NE has a 9.04% undervote. Definitely something screwy going on there. NE authorities need to look into those 84,834 ballots.
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10 Nov
Thread: What this entire mess is all about. It’s not about GOP vs Dem. Look around you. There’s plenty of people who claim to be GOP that side with the Dems. It’s about a Constitutional Republic vs. the tyranny of the majority.
Look at what the Dems say. We got the most votes. We should win. THAT is the tyranny of the majority. Our system was deliberately set up to suppress the tyranny of the majority. That’s the purpose of the Electoral College.
Without the electoral college, New York and Los Angeles would set policy for the entire nation. This may come as a surprise to some, but there are lots of people in America who don’t want to be like New Yorkers or Los Angelans.
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10 Nov
Thread: I’m working my way through the complaint in the PA case.…
it’s pretty stunning. Unless I don’t understand the law or the court sees it differently, there are 682,479 ballots in PA that will be thrown out. If that’s true, Trump will win PA by several hundred thousand votes. The violations of law that were committed are incredible.
“Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties alone received and processed 682,479 mail-in and absentee ballots without review by the political parties and candidates.” This is a clear violation of PA law. Under the law, those ballots must be disqualified.
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10 Nov
@Mr_Teekay I'll try to answer you the best that I can. Democrats opposed Voter ID because they see it as racist voter suppression. If it is, then why do the following countries require an ID to vote? Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India,
@Mr_Teekay Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Part of the complaint is that poor people can’t afford an ID or they don’t have the means to get one (can’t travel to the location where they’re issued, etc.) but those arguments are often
@Mr_Teekay nothing more than political smokescreens. The reality is, Democrats don’t like anything that makes voting more secure or less prone to manipulation. Voter ID is just part of it. They also want same day registration, no requirement for a signature to attest legally that you
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