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22 Jun
Thorns II
a thread by Pinky / Janika Banks
first published 2018
A confession about karma and power… Image
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22 Oct 20
Time to start wondering who else in this list is complicit.…
I keep wondering what Biden has to do with Walmart, since they contributed to his campaign. Well, they market a lot of Biden 'fan' merch, including an adult coloring book.…
Wait, who created this coloring book??? I can't tell what the crap 🤣…
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2 Oct 20
In case some of you haven't been keeping up with the mil op intel drops for the last 3 years- POTUS is in the final stage of the Plan now. Covid is a cover. MSM is a cover. We won't be seeing marines carrying out arrests for treason. Why? Real time #flightrisks are real #badguys
I think you might still be able to see the entire history of these intel drops at kew alerts dot app If you think it's crazy in there, yes, 'learn the comms'. Quite a lot of that is precision intelligence designed to mask (get it? haha) the op while sharing the op.
And what is the op? Drain the swamp. What is the swamp? Bad guys using your taxes to do very bad things, like literally ship tiny humans all over the world for a very important drug making process. How do they drain the swamp? Legally indict and arrest the bad guys.
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30 Sep 20
Illuminati historical information preserved in entertainment venues? You decide.
From the DC database at
The Illuminati is a secret society of powerful men whose origins date back several hundred years. Through subtlety, the Illuminati attempts to
...dominate the world by controlling present day governments, corporations, organized religion, and even the global economy. The Illuminati was started in 11th century Persia by Hasan Y. Sabah. Sabah erected a mountain fortress where he trained a private guild of assassins that..
...he called the Hashishin. At the time of the Crusades, Sabah's occult lore came into the hands of European soldiers, particularly the Knights Templar. What they learned from Sabah and the Hashishin is unknown, but it was at this time that the Templar Knights became obsessed...
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30 Sep 20
#TheGreatAwaking From…
First Great Awakening
In the 1700s, a European philosophical movement known as the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, was making its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the American colonies. Enlightenment thinkers emphasized a...
...scientific and logical view of the world, while downplaying religion. In many ways, religion was becoming more formal and less personal during this time, which led to lower church attendance. Christians were feeling complacent with their methods of worship, and some were...
...disillusioned with how wealth and rationalism were dominating culture. Many began to crave a return to religious piety.

Around this time, the 13 colonies were religiously divided. Most of New England belonged to congregational churches.
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30 Sep 20
#tendaysofdarkness From…
This event happened 8 years before the start of the Medabots anime, during a World Robattle Championships match. Hikaru Agata (A.K.A Henry) was Robattling with a Medabot named Metabee.
Back then, Hikaru's Metabee consisted of the current Arcbeetle's Medal in a Metabee body.

Hikaru's Metabee eventually Robattled so fiercely that its Rare Medal energy caused the whole world's Medabots to riot, having their memories of being rulers of the earth and warmongers...
...awakened by the energy. They rioted for 10 days before Hikaru made the painful decision of ending his Metabee's functions to stop the transmission of the energy, thus calming the world's Medabots down.
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3 Sep 20
"back to my Tom watch" at @syfydesigns
This is a start of what looks like might be a very challenging project. How many movies and TV shows has Tom Cavanagh shaved and/or brushed his teeth in? Guess we'll find out.… Image
Creepy Tom, Part 1 by Pinky @syfydesigns
#HappyHalloween! Continuing my Tom Cavanagh watch thread with #400Days (2015) scifi mystery thriller & why you don't wanna meet Zell in a dark alley 😬 #majorcreepfactor… Image
Creepy Tom, Part 2 (400 Days) by Pinky at @syfydesigns
If you feel intrigued by filming but never took classes and don't have the time for online researching other people's film studies, you can play with this on your own tech while you watch TV.… Image
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2 Sep 20
QFS (Quantum Financial System)
Why doesn't FB want you to see this? If you are wondering wtf is up with the banks, THIS. This is worldwide news & proof that we are in WW3 info wars & that the [DS] WANTS YOUR MONEY.… Image
It goes without saying that we are virtually unaware of ongoing worldwide bank closures and that some countries are dealing with runs on banks. Our news in the U.S. is NOT reporting these things. What should be frontline breaking headlines aren't even blips on mainstream radar.
That our entire global banking industry has flipped to the QFS asset backed digital currency and that the U.S. will be switching from FIAT USD to rainbow USN currency with new silver and gold coins, ALL with their own individual trackable embedded barcodes so the QFS can track..
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19 Nov 18
So the stuff I retweeted tonight looks big and scary. Surely that can't ALL be true. Like, all at once. Those of you who have missed the #GreatAwakeningWorldwide and the #disclosure discussions and the #qanon movement- they're saying we might get ETs out of this. REAL ETs, guys.
And why is that? Why haven't they shown up already? Well, they have. And guess what, some really bad guys on our planet coopted that and turned it into a humongous profit. Behind our backs. They made fiction out of it so they could laugh at us wishing for it.
A few years ago, some of the very bad people did a very bad thing- they turned the military on our own so they could hide something from us. And that didn't sit well with some of them. They swore an oath, and they had to break their oaths for rich assholes who could hurt them.
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10 Nov 18
Twitter finally caught on and the shadow banning started. Color me Q.
A week ago I broke the all time scare records. Yesterday was crickets. I laughed. Only means they noticed I was playing with the big kids.
Anyway, for those who've never been shadowbanned, it means there is a special algorithm to purposely not make you show up in feeds and this is what it looks like. I have proof right here how much actual interaction I was getting, and you can see the severe drops on busy days. Image
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6 Nov 18
#WhoisQ? #DoitQ! Learn everything you need about the #QArmy in one easy place while #TheResistance #RedWave washes the beach clean. Image
The Plan to Save the World
What is the Great Awakening?
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29 Oct 18
Finding it interesting that ppl get brave and openly enforce the narrative after they make money on saying how depressing the narrative is.
Takes more bravery standing against the narrative and talking about the depressed ppl still being raped by ppl being paid by other ppl running the narrative.
That might be a little deep tho, and I'm sure that person wouldn't ever dream of not being more famous now. Because that's too depressing.
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24 Oct 18
How does a whole throng of suffering ppl walk 20 miles a day? How do they handle living like that? Oh wait. They're getting rides, food, and all kinds of high dollar clothing and child care gifts in between camera shots. We never see them in sleeping bags.
All that daily up early walking thru all the hard is making us look bad with our fitbits. I wonder what happens if they refuse to walk. What if they wanna stay on the truck. Do they get threatened or beat up?
I think they should hand them all phones so they can get Twitter accounts and talk to us. Like go Facebook live and stuff. Wonder if we'd see some insider human rights violations going on. A cameraman somewhere is going to leak something.
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4 Oct 18
Snip from my FB. We have been warned. #childabuse #sexualabuse Stop before anons take down the internet. Video at Image
Everyone distracted by 'news' is missing this. Image
Everyone arguing over a man's innocence or guilt this week is missing that once he's in, he'll help clean up the real sexual crimes going on. #wakeup Image
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