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28 Jun 20
This is a #MaskHoax

#SlamDunk Lawsuit!

There should be thousands.

Science will win!!!

Radical Left wants you in FEAR so they can CONTROL you, force mail in ballots.

Lawsuit Challenges Connecticut Governor’s Order for Masks in Public breitbart.com/health/2020/04… via @BreitbartNews
Here is a Mask study below focused for a medical setting and "We found no clear benefit of either medical masks or N95 respirators against pH1N1."

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, just like H1N1, same transferability.

This is a #MaskHoax

"We found no clear benefit of either medical masks or N95 respirators against pH1N1. However, current policies mandating standard and droplet precautions when performing routine care for influenza patients are reasonable."

Dealing directly with an infected patient.

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18 Apr 20
1 "GATES" after Microsoft, India & Africa Vaccine Test Beds, Population control, bioweapons, CIA, Epstein...

As always, research for yourself...I did after watching this telling video below and it lead me to an even deeper dig.

A references thread, come to your own conclusion.
2 Speaking about India:

Indian researchers showed this coronavirus genome contained sequences of the HIV virus (AIDS virus).

2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine Winning Dr Luc Montagnier Says Covid-19 was “manipulated” for HIV Research - thejewishvoice.com/2020/04/2008-n…
3 Enter Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai running for US Senate in Massachusetts providing some further evidence about the lies of the reporting of COVID19.

Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, B... via @YouTube
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6 Apr 20
This tweet from #POTUS has a lot more to say then you think.

I'll start with this.

If I were John or Tony #Podesta, I would be very worried right now.

This took me to dark places.

Please research further on your own, leaving much out due to topic.

Continue at your own risk.
The concept of #POTUS being at #WAR has different meanings.

There is clearly a WAR against COVID19.

One conclusion is that POTUS is fighting on multiple fronts.

One other front is the removal of CABAL fuel, Human Trafficking and Ped0philia, their last supply.
#POTUS tweet supports this conclusion and the #Podesta brothers are a target.

Please research Podesta Brothers & #PizzaGate.

POTUS begins tweet with ..... = American Morse Code = P

P > Podesta > Ped0phile

Not here to debate the Q meaning for P.
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1 Apr 20
I posted this thread below on a proof of a US Navy tweet linking Q and Q+.

It lit right up, the Yellow Vest Operator on the flight deck. "Yellow" signal flag = "Q". #WatchYellow

A greater meaning within?

A complicated mission, stay with me.


To speed this up for seasoned proofers, here is an updated image of my map.

The greater meaning within, I won't make you wait:

A date: 4/3

I have theories on what may\may not happen on that date based on my finds.

I'll step through the process to simplify for others.

I wish Q didn't have to make it so complicated.

It is a Military Operation.

They are communicating using code.

So, it's not going to be easy to uncover and verify it.

I'm not the only one who noticed something special within the Navy Tweet.


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3 Mar 20
Are we in the middle of "10 Days Of Darkness" from Q?

Based on Q's last drop 3890 on Feb 26th 12:12:52 AM and this Navy tweet from #INDOPACOM on Feb 27th at 2:42 AM, that was RT'd (2) times by #USNavyCNO with a (2) minute delta in between, that just may be the case. ImageImage
Let's look at the (2) #USNavyCNO RT's which have a (2) minute delta. The first RT was on Feb 27 at 3:53 PM and the second RT at 3:55 PM. 55 5:5 Loud and Clear. Bravo Zulu is also used which tells us that this is a message we should pay attention to. Image
Let's take a closer look at a picture included within the original tweet from #INDOPACOM. There is a reference to (2) Qdrops that have time stamp connections to both the original Navy tweet and the RT's by the #USNavyCNO.


qmap.pub/read/231 ImageImage
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