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Australian writer, political theorist & international relations professor :: Co-lead, UNSW Grand Challenge on Thriving in the Anthropocene
16 Oct
I am going to #tellmynewscorpstory. In 2008 Quadrant published a vicious attack on me & three colleagues for being critical of US counterterrorism policy, which libelled us as pro-terrorist & included numerous other falsehoods. The Australian got excited.…
They called up for an interview, where I had to defend myself against these scurrilous lies. They demanded I sit for a photo threatening to take one off the internet if I didn’t. & got me with an ADFA cadet walking past in a slouch hat. Front page Saturday edition iconography.
Monday, another story in the Oz & the Herald Sun publishes that we support the Bali terrorists in UNSW classrooms and gets a quote from Jim Molan. They spoke to me and my head for an hour, to no students. It’s all fiction, none of our quotes appear. Molan calls me up to apologise
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16 Oct
Writers in @ConversationEDU and @renew_economy may be comfortable asserting that China committed to net zero emissions by ten years too late, but according to President Xi and the IPCC glossary they did not. But don’t try to point it out.…
IPCC Glossary
Net zero emissions are achieved when anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere are balanced by anthropogenic removals over a specified period. Where multiple greenhouse gases are involved, the quantification of net zero emissions depends...
Net zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are achieved when anthropogenic CO2 emissions are balanced globally by anthropogenic CO2 removals over a specified period. Net zero CO2 emissions are also referred to as carbon neutrality.
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