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17 Sep
Hello Twitter Family - Read all the Way and very interesting Story.

A man was travelling in a boat with his pig.

There was also a philosopher with other passengers in that boat. The pig had never traveled in a boat before, so it was not feeling comfortable.
It was going up and down, not letting anyone sit in peace. The boatman was troubled by this and was concerned that the boat would sink due to the panic of the passengers.

If the pig doesn't calm down it will drown the boat.
The man was upset about the situation, but could not find any way to calm the pig. The philosopher watched all this and decided to help.

He said: " If you allow, I can make this pig as quiet as a house cat." The man immediately agreed.
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13 Sep

The Param Vir Chakra was designed by Savitri Khanolkar, a Swiss national whose real name was Eve Yvonne Maday de Maros, married to an Indian Army officer, Vikram Ramji Khanolkar.
She was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland to a Hungarian father & Russian mother. Her father, André de Maday, was a professor of sociology at Geneva University, while her mother, Marthe Hentzelt, taught at the Rosseau Institute. In 1929, she met Vikram Khanolkar
A young Indian Army cadet undergoing training at Sandhurst, who had come to Switzerland for a break. She was still a teenager then; however, both fell in love although Vikram was much older than her.

She came to India in 1932 - though her father was not too keen on it.
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20 Aug
Shaheed Udham Singh - Does anyone remember or know him.

"He is a mad man" - said Mahatma Gandhi !

"His act was a senseless deed" - said coward Nehru !

"We condemn his act of terror and apologize and hope we are not punished for it" said a resolution passed by Congress !
2/5- He was Shaheed Udham Singh & his senseless act was that he killed Michael Dwyer. He was the monster who massacred 1526 innocent unarmed peaceful Indians in Jalianwala Bagh in 1919.

Udham Singh was 19 year old volunteer who was serving water to the 20,000 people.
3/5 - gathered in the garden on festival of Baisakhi. They were brutally massacred by Gen Dwyer & Udham Singh was a witness to it.

He wanted to avenge the brutality & get some sense of justice to these martyrs. British GOVT didn’t take any action.
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